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Lucia Render

By fabiolagarza
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This is the final piece for the "Lucia Series"

For detail shots please visit my blog [link]
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Woah *O* She looks so pretty ;W;
and your style is just gorgeous <3
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She looks so beautiful.. If I didn't know better, I would have thought this was an extremely well rendered 3-D model. It looks great! <3
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You have such a gorgeous style.
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I aboslutely love your style!!!
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love your style keep up
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The textures! Holy moly! Please show us how you meld the fabric textures so beautifully!
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i simply love her face features! interesting how you chose black for the background - people generally leave it white for this kind of renders.
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wonderful work!
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I really like what you've done with this character. I feel like she was in a story I read over and over as a child until I memorized it out of sheer repetition. She just feels friendly and familiar. Also, great pattern on the dress.
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Wonderful job! I love her eyes and this is painted so splendidly!
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AAAAAhhhh, the perfect finale for all the Lucia pictures we've seen up until now. It's beautiful! Though to be honest, I couldn't tell it was a render when I just looked at her head and shoulders ~ but from there onwards it was all magnificent 3D gloryyyy! What impresses me most is the flowers! They look so real (as well as lovely).
It's a beautiful picture (and I think it conveys a lot of Lucia's personality). It's got a wonderful subject, soft rendering, gorgeous lighting, amazing depth and is wonderfully rich in texture and colour.

:iconilavplz: this is definitely a piece I'll be coming back to!
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LOL I hope people aren't confused. It's a painting that's meant to look like a 3D model :) But I guess that was the point to trick people a little bit!
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This is just amazing. You have captured the 3d feel to this so well that I thought this was a 3d model at first. I really like her outfit here and her confident pose. And snowdrops!! Such amazing detail...
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Yay! That was the whole idea! I figured it be the best way to end the series after all the 2D concepts.
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Oooh, this is really beautiful. I feel as if I could almost touch her dress, hair, scarf and shoes ... the textures are well done.
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I adore how soft the rendering looks, and the warm colors are gorgeous. She's beautiful.
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Trying to get the right balance between too- flat and too - rendered was a challenge!
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great perspective, i love her face its so warm ;) great work
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Lovely character. I also like how you've designed her outfit.
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Look at some of my earlier drawings of her and you can see her other outfits.
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This makes me anrgy how beautiful this is<3 You are one of my all time favorite artist, and i hope you continue posting, GOD BLESS: )
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