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April 15, 2017
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fanart by fabianrensch is a beautiful piece with wonderful atmosphere and bright lighting
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fanart

Been working on this one for a few days on and off. Breath of the Wild looks amazing so I decided to make some fan art : )
Extreme comfort zoning but it was huge fun. I tried some different techniques for the grass and clouds and I'm generally quite satisfied with how it turned out.

Hope you guys like it!

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Can i set this as a wallpaper pls

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your art is being sold on by thief user "jtneon world".
you should file a copyright claim on the website to get it taken down
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Ohh thanks for the info!! It has already been taken down. Have a great day : )
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Great work! Playing this currently, totally obsessed with it!
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This is exactly my kind of Zelda artwork, invoking the passing of time represented by the ruins, an epic scale with Hyrule castle in the distance, the feeling of adventure in the color and tone, and the sense of an open world with our Hero staring off into the horizon. This is exactly the kind if art that I'd love to step in through the frame and visit.
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Thank your for this comment! I'm glad you are feeling that way!!
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Gorgeous! This is my fave game <3
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You did a grwat job here.
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Hey, I saw this in the DAGames Song "Take My Breath Away" and holy hell this is cool!
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Aww, thank you! : )
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I like this, This would totally be my wallpaper if this in a higher resolution
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Would it be possible to get this as a higher resolution wallpaper?
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Hey there,
sorry this is the only res I can offer you.
I do have prints in the description though.
Have a great day!

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Aww :(

Thanks for at least replying, most people don't do that.
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Damn this scene is just perfection! I just LOVE every single detail in this masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all.
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This is exactly how I look at the castle in the game. It's as if no matter where you are in Hyrule, that castle is always watching and waiting until you finally decide to work up the courage to go inside. 
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ooh! I love the view in this one!
Beautiful art Hyrule Castle,Link, the enviroment and the essence of Calamity Ganon.

I just wished that some fans would accept that Botw is another take on the Legend of Zelda instead of always wanting the older concept. I mean i understand that people like the big dungeons of previous Zelda titels but big dungeons in which you can get lost are not really good for the concept of an open-world game. 

The world of Hyrule in Botw is, in some way, a big dungeon itself. I cant really understand of why people complain that the divine beasts are too short or that they dont like the shrines instead of big dungeons like in the older game titels. I love that the divine beasts can be solved much quicker than previous dungeons of the Zelda franchise. The divine beasts are living machines, you cant expect that the interior of these beasts to be as big as older dungeons. In a sense the beasts are as big as most Zelda dungeons they are just more open and fresher.

To be honest i am not a big fan of giant Zelda dungeons, with a few exeptions. I always tend to get lost and for me that is not fun just frustating. I dont like it when the temples or castles are to big not because they are bad but i am simply to impatient to explore them. I dont want to linger in them too long because i want to eventually finally finish the game. And the older dungeons in Zelda where only so big because they where, more or less, big buildings/ruins/temples. And the riddles in these dungeons werent so different, from each other, either. In a sense the riddles in the old Zelda games where more or less always the same old thing just with different appereances. But the riddles in the divine beasts and the shrines in Botw are really fresh and sometimes really hard nuts to crack. My favorite riddles from the shrines are the ones where i must move my Jo-Cons or the WiiU Gamepad. I am so stubborn in those moments that i wont quit till i managed to solve them.

Maybe that is why i cant really understand of why most people consider OoT to be the best Zelda game of all time. I not saying that it isnt brilliant and epic but OoT is far from perfect too. It also has its flaws and negative point, i am not meaning Navi. I actually quite like Navi, Phai, the owl and Co.. I dont find them the slightes annoying, some people tend to overreact. I have the game for my 3Ds but i am still stuck in the fire temple of adult Link and somehow i dont have the patience to play the game till the end, and i am no ne who needs 100% because as i said i am too impatience. For me it just takes to long to reach 100% and i am a person who doesnt play that much games anyway. I may play a game for over two weeks but then i am making a long break that can last up to two years. I hope you can understand what i mean. But back to the topic for me OoT is a great game (i enjoy watching lets plays of the Zelda franchise) but nothing more. Please dont be offended when i say that OoT isnt really my kind of Game. Botw is much more a game for my fingers and head (and it is the first open world game for me). Maybe it would have been different if i played it in my childhood but i never knew, as a child, that the legend of Zelda even existed. I never heard of Zelda back then. I played much more outside in nature and in my kindergarten then playing video games. Back then i only possed my SNES with the games Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and a Space game from which i forgot the name again and my GameboyAdvanceSP with Donkey Kong, Disney the Incredibles and Kim Possible revenge of MonkeyFist. I was born in March 1997. 

Sorry for my long comment but i hope i didnt offend anyone. 

P.S: I love the soundtrack of Botw.Love 
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Wow, what huge comment! I love both concepts, it's never good to be too nostalgic I guess. Have a nice day :)
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Beautiful Work!!! Perfect!!!
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