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Metro File Type Icons

Inspired by the official Metro Incons presented on Windows 8, I made these Icons Pack to customize your system. Works with alll version of Windows.

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PACK FILE. Avoid guys xeroxing works from others ;)

* 256px icon size
*Contains elements from…
*See the black edition…
*For a full Metro visual experience please visit…


People with Windows 7 and 8 can use "Default Program" to edit the icons files.


Please see my other icons set…
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This is beautiful.

how to downdload
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wah...looks good...

will great if you provide the stratch document or psd file of it so we can do the rest :D
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Love it~!.
Although the Neon Green for the image files make my eyes and head hurt... would you also be doing other formats (mp4, ogg, etc.)?
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could you tell what font you used? I'd like to create some for other formats
great work btw
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If you want I can do it for you. Just give me the extesions ^^
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oh sorry for the late response I don't come regularly to deviantart :P
I have a lots of extensions to make so I didn't want to pester you with requests
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C'mon, you're not freaking me out, you will help me to create new extensions because I don't have any idea but I want to create more. ^^
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great & thanks.
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Do you have these type of icons for applications instead of files?
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Here you can find more: [link]
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thanks so much
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Hello, your icons are very nice meter, and I would like to add some of these icons to my package Windows 8 Icon [link] !
Nice icons, tried windows 8, however not liking the whole new ui. The icons are cool though
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Over 100? I count 66... Or is this a wrongly uploaded .RAR ? (They are nice though!)
great work. plz release an inverted set!
how do you install these beautiful things? D=, i see drive icons, library icons all kinds.. how do I change all those? =D
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You can download this program [link] and change it =D
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are these the same icons that can be found in the package by dakirby309?
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