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I was in the United States and Mexico this summer, not really doing much but having a blast. One of the many highlights included visiting Sideshow Collectibles again. It had been a few years, but they're all still cool people. While I was there, Matt and Stephen taped an interview they made with me, and by that I mean they're wizards:

There are some pieces shown in this video that I never uploaded, but will get around to real soon!

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Alright, the cat is now officially out of the bag: I'm the dude providing the colors for :iconleseanthomas: LeSean Thomas's epic and upcoming graphic novel "Cannon Busters"! It wasn't exactly the best kept secret, but that's cool! In addition to the graphic novel, I also had the pleasure of working with LeSean and Moi Animation Studios, to produce a trailer for said graphic novel.

Seoul Sessions is a series of documentary-style video journals that chronicle LeSean's stay in South Korea, at Moi Animation. In each video he gives a peek behind the scenes of animation production, talking about all the aspects that go into making such a trailer. In this particular episode the focus shifts towards the color process and I get to pretend like I know some things. Check it out on YouTube:…

Also be sure to head over to Creative Control TV for the previous 3 episodes:…

Let me know what you think!
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The title pretty much says it.
Just in case anyone decides to leave me a note or something, I might not be able to get back to you before the 17th of April.

See you then!
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I get questions about what brushes I use every now and then, and since Mega is giving away so much free space I thought I might as well throw them online. I'm not sure if the texture file is embedded correctly, so if these brushes are missing texture, please let me know and I'll upload that as well. For comparison, this is what a sample stroke from the third to fifth brush ought to look like (the first two brushes don't have a texture, one is the default hard edge round, the other is similarly standard) :

ANWAY, YOU NEED PHOTOSHOP CS 5, or higher, in order to use these brushes. Any version below won't have the 3D brush feature and I have no idea what will happen if you load these brushes into CS 4 or lower, but I'm assuming they just won't work. Sorry.

If you DO have CS 5 or higher:

BRUSHES-19-02-13_b.abr (282.5 MB)!YMZmXRoL!dug29C85…

If there any issues, please let me know.
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(it's all the same link)

Affectionately known as "DDF", or "temporary hell".

So it's that time of the year again. The SatelliteSoda forums are gearing up again, with the terrific help of the Cog Noman. Last year was intense, there is absolutely no reason for this year to be any different.

So if you feel like you really haven't committed to enough shit already, or just wanna kick yourself in the proverbial balls, head on over to the forums and place your name and time zone.

There is no reward. Just pain. And relief when it's all over. COME JOIN THE FUN:… !
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So another late entry to the debate, but it seems to me that I totally missed any kind of talk about Killer Joe when it came out. Did that happen? Were people talking? It seems like they should have been. I only just recently stumbled across this, it's been approximately a week since I saw it and my mind keeps going back to it and how completely fucked up it was. Uncomfortable to watch, or disturbing, one might say. But really good. The transition to the final arc of the movie especially. One might say it was a punch in the face...

Change of topic, but how can Disney afford all this shit? Didn't they just buy Marvel? Did the Avengers do so much? If Star Wars Episode 7 drops in 2015 and it's a hit, who is Disney buying next?
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Okay so thanks for the daily deviation. Not like I've ever been great with keeping up with messages, but now I certainly got my work cut out for me.

That being said, just got back from seeing Prometheus. That's late, I know, but to my defense the movie only came out in Germany a little over a week ago I think? So just in case anyone here isn't tired of talking about it yet... hi there!
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though most of the characters were pretty dumb and their scientific approaches left me thinking none of them were ever scientists to begin with (and I don't know shit about being a scientist), the movie had what I was hoping for most: gorgeous design. All of the visuals actually. I was just happy to be seing what I was seeing. Fucking finally another high budget action sci fi that my eyes could really feast on.
It also left enough room for speculation that all I really wanna do is watch Alien again and play all variations of the "what if" game in my mind that I can think of.

The Dark Knight Rises on the other hand... well the only "what if" going on here is wishful thinking, cause it's over. And I really can't put it any other way than I was disappointed. Maybe it was to be expected. I really wanted to like it, I wanted to like it so badly. But apart from Bane and Catwoman, there was nothing for me to like. Given the universe Nolan had already established for this franchise, given the mostly credible tone of especially the second installment in the series... it's like everything went full retard all of a sudden.
I'm not even saying the other two movies had no plot holes or logical flaws, nor am I trying to put aside the fact that Heath Ledger's Joker alone basically carried the second movie to unforeseen heights. But fuck me, the shit that goes down in The Dark Knight Rises?
I could point out a shitload of individual things that left a sour taste in my mouth, but really the biggest thing that bothered me was how brilliantly the city of gotham was portrayed as a character before, and just how utterly useless it turned out to be in this one. What happened to everything that was built up? Did nobody learn anything? I thought the idea of Batman was a more universally applicable theme, as opposed to just one dude's personal path to inner peace?

Oh well. It was still a finely crafted movie and it certainly had its' merits. Whenever I walk out of a movie unable to think of how much better it could have been, I catch myself wondering if I missed the point. Somehow I don't think I did, though...
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Okay so since being fashionably late to the party isn't cool anymore I decided to go way past that and almost miss the party entirely or something. No idea. What I'm trying to say is I finally got my shit together and made a Tumblr account. Which you can see here:

That would be all.
Good day.
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Alright so the time of the Angouleme Comic Festival is upon us!
In case anyone here is attending, be sure to swing by the booth of Editions Paquet and snag a copy of Ria Volume 2! I might even be behind the booth, helping Sten (the creator of the project) with signing the books!

And on an unrelated but equally awesome note, Daily Draw February is happening again this year too!
In case you missed the madness last year, the title is pretty self explanatory, but for the complete run down visit the Satellite Soda forums:… !!

Take care and keep the pencils sharp / Wacom pens blunt!
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We're currently working very hard to finish the second volume of Ria: The Lightclan Chronicles by the end of the year. In the meantime, other people have been working equally hard to put the finishing touches on the first of I think three animated teaser trailers that are slated to hit the web as progress is made.

Enjoy the first teaser below!…

Unfortunately, Ria is only published in France, Germany and the Netherlands so far. If an english version ever pops up, I will be sure to let you know.
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You bet! Oh boy!
This time it's all about the lines. Head on over to the forums to check it out:…

You know you want to!
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I will be there. Anyone else?
I doubt we'll have the time to be running around the convention, chances are we'll be stuck behind our booth all day, promoting the Ria comic. The french publisher is Editions Paquet and that's the booth we'll be at. So if anyone here is going, why don't you swing by and say hello!

I will be back in one week.
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That's right. The contest has ended. And we received a whopping 71 entries so that completely bowled me over, for one. There are some truly classy pieces of art in the submissions, which can be admired in compact form right here:…

Thanks to everyone that participated! We are currently in the process of settling on a winner and we'll let you guys know next week. Until then!
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That's right. Got back from LA roughly three weeks ago, but last Monday I booked it again. I am currently in New Delhi, but tonight the real fun starts, as I'm off to Vietnam. Two friends of mine from Germany and I booked a flight to Vietnam, and a return flight from Thailand (that sums up all the planning we did for this trip). We have six weeks inbetween, to get from one place to the other, by whichever means necessary. It's going to be great.

So, once again, I'm totally MIA. One day, DeviantArt, we will have our reunion.
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Came back from SDCC to find out that apparently I scored a Daily Deviation in my absence and my inbox was totally shredded to bits. There's no way I can catch up with everything right now, I'm still out here in LA until next Wednesday. But I wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented/added the image to their favorites/didn't give a damn but took a look anyways.

San Diego Comic Con was, once again, a little crazy. One giant blur for me, at least. Saturday night was hands down the best. At least I think so. The truth is I can remember almost nothing, except for the rough geographical locations visited that night. The specifics are ENTIRELY gone, and I know for a fact I must have made a giant ass of myself, since I was so irresponsibly drunk there's no way I didn't do/say something retarded. So, just in case I met any of you that night and insulted your relatives or something along those lines, my apologies. Honestly.

I'll try and get more on top of things once I return.
In the meantime, bottoms up! (read: I have learned nothing)
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Okay I'm straight up copy pasting this shit but it's just truth so I think it's okay!


A wise man once said that there are two given parts to any one year: San Diego Comic-Con and prepping for the next San Diego Comic-Con

It’s hard to believe a whole year’s already passed us by since SDCC 2009, and the birth of SatelliteSoda Artbook 2... and yet here we are, SDCC 2010 right around the corner and us going into labor with two new bouncing baby books.

SatelliteSoda Artbook 3…

SatelliteSoda Anthology…

Some thought we couldn’t out do ourselves after last years Book 2. Others said we’d be mad to undertake anymore than a single 40-page book, and they certainly warned us not to do so in half the time. And yet here we stand on the precipice - our nights of endless turmoil, sacrifice, and debauchery paid off. This year we are proud to announce that we have not ONE, not THREE, but TWO new books!

And they’re both about DOUBLE the length of Book 2...

With SatelliteSoda Artbook 3, we bring you more unfiltered SatelliteSoda original character goodness, provided by 30 super-talented mother f- “SHUT YO’ MOUTH!” – I’m just talkin’ bout the artists:

Abel Samez, Andrew "Gambear1er" Alexander, Ashleigh "Py" Hetrick, Dan Ciurczak, Daniel Alexander, Daniel "PeZ!" Lopez, David Igo, David "The_Boog" Moser, David Murdoch, Dylan Glynn, Dylan McCrae, Elisa Phillips, Enrique Corts, Fabian "Monk" Schlaga, Fazaad Feroze, Gene "Cannon Fist" D'cruze, Geoff Trebs, Ian MacDonald, Jeremy Moore, Kris Anka, Nick Losq, Pascal Brander, Raul Osorio, Sukhbir Purewal, Scott Wade, Shane Hillman, Tien "Rabbling" Hee, Toby Mobbs, Tom "Red Monkey" Jilesen, Vladimir "Novaheaven" Jean, Yuki "Gimmick" Salinas and Zach Cross

Buying this 72-page hard-cover (yes, HARD) for $20 not only bags you one awesome art book, but also snags you 2 free 11”x17” prints of your choice. Maybe we’ll even throw in a free sketch if you’re awesome and compliment how ridiculously good-looking we are...

On the other side of the spectrum, the SatelliteSoda Anthology is a new undertaking for the group. We’ve done art books, but never before have we ventured into the mystical world of story telling . Eight hand picked artisans lent their skills in order to bring the SatelliteSoda universe to life like it’s never been seen before.

Ashleigh "Py" Hetrick, Dan Ciurczak, Fabian "Monk" Schlaga, Kris Anka, Kyle Foster, Pascal "No. 26" Brander, Pedro "The Great LP" Delgado and Shane HIllman

Buying this 80-page soft-cover for $10 will get you a free 11”x17” print, and again, possibly more free drawlings or marker scribblings if you give us a high-fives and tickle Dan...

Also, each and every book purchased will get your name entered into a “drawing” (not to be confused with a raffle, which is apparently illegal in California) to win a HUGE original one-off collab that’ll be worked on live throughout the entirety of the con by all of our artists in attendance. One day this could possibly put your kids through college… we’re kinda big deals. I will do the honors of randomly selecting the winner Sunday at 2pm sharp. If you aren’t there and your name is drawn, then tough, the spoils go to the next lucky person who actually made it back – SO BE THERE!!


Booth #233 baby... BAM!
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Item 1:
The trailer for our comic, Ria: The Lightclan Chronicles Vol.1 is now online!……… !!!

I actually had very little to do with the making of the actual video, I just provided the colors for the comic, the art of which you can see there. Anyway, it's definitely got a sort of old school fantasy vibe going for it, that's totally the point. So if that's your thing, check it out!………

I would have posted this as a deviation, but apparently DA is hosting some sort of quality control on videos being submitted, and not just anyone can post a video. Since "quality control" and "DeviantArt" have never been synonymous in my book I find that to be utterly ridiculous (and even though it sounds like one, that's not meant to be a stab), but whatever. Moving on!

Item 2:
Next week, the 29th of May, I will be in Malaga, Spain, giving a class. On coloring / digital painting, that sort of thing. I posted this in my last journal as well, but figured it would be worth posting again, this time with actual dates and a location. If you're in or around that area, why not show up! Check this… for more information.
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Starting June 3rd, StenArts Studio in Berlin, in collaboration with a bunch of different artists, including myself, will be putting out the first Volume of comic project "Ria", which has been in development for basically a decade and is only now finally coming to a close. I recently put my studies on hold, so to speak (although when you study art in Kassel, it's not like it's ever really off hold...), to travel to Berlin for three weeks and finish coloring the remaining pages of this issue. The book is going to be 47 pages of sequentials, plus another 10 or so pages of concept art and character biographies. June 3rd because that's when the Comic Convention in Erlangen, Germany, kicks off. We're gonna have our booth, our comic, large ass posters, maquettes, augmented reality fliers and a booth babe - which, from what I've been told, is totally exaggerated for an independent publisher, but that's exactly what we're trying to prove here. Personally I think it's going to be kick ass, but of course I wouldn't be saying anything differently because jeez wouldn't I suck if I didn't even believe in this project.
Anyway, that's a heads up! If you're in Germany, or Europe for that matter, keep your eyes peeled! For more information about the project visit this ! And tell your friends! And parents! Alert the coast guard if you can, this thing will eventually be invading international waters!

Once this bad boy is off to the printers I will be making my way back to Kassel for a day or two and then immediately take off to Spain for a couple of days, where I've been invited by ladies man supreme Pedro Delgado :iconthekidkaos:, to take part in some sort of visual art seminar! Basically, from what I've gathered, it's an opportunity to watch multiple artists (including myself) simply paint, while we explain shit, talk trash and try our best to answer questions. I'm not going to lie, this is an excuse to meet up with Pedro again and get senselessly drunk, but with a bit of luck we'll be filming the whole thing, so who knows, a video tutorial might be the end result! For all the necessary information regarding this, visit Pedro's journal:… !

Then it's back to Germany again for one and a half months and in the middle of July I'll be flying out to Los Angeles, just in time to make it south to San Diego Comic Con! Satellite Soda will be present, as always, and bigger than ever! More information on that when the time is right!
Post SDCC I'll be visiting my parents in India, and taking a trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand with two friends of mine from Germany. So if I'm basically non-existant on this website for the coming 5 months or so, now you know why!

On a final note, if you are easy to entertain (like me), I would like to direct your attention to my good friend Eduard Petkun's new blog. A gentleman and a scholar, he is not only a brilliant visual artist but also a master wordsmith. And contrary to whatever primary impression you might get, this is not his first discovery of the internet. But be gentle because he's from White Russia - life is tough over there after all.

Until sometime! :beer:
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Tell your friends!
We secured a booth for ourselves for this year's San Diego Comic Con, so something's gotta give. We're bringing out our third Satellite Soda Art Book, and to further mark the occasion, we're hosting a contest, giving anyone who wants a chance to be a part of this!

Basically all the Satellite Soda Art Books have been so far are artist's individual renditions of one or more of the existing Satellite Soda characters. It's a pretty straight forward affair, and it allows you to do pretty much anything you want. Also there are prizes to be had!!

For any and all information, head here:…

It's a chance to be a big deal... BIG deal! BIG FREAKING DEAL!

Deadline is April 18th @ 11:59 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

SatelliteSoda IS!:
:icondaveigo: David Igo     
:iconjimmyjoejoe-: Dylan McCrae
:iconshanelong: Shane Long
:iconfabianmonk: Fabian "Monk" Schlaga
:iconthespyder: Raul Osorio
:iconanklesnsocks: Kris Anka
:iconsoulkarl: Dan Ciurczak
:iconryudan: Daniel Alexander
:iconbryantheevery: Shane Hillman    
:iconogmouse: Nick Losq
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By about 50%. Seriously, check it out:

Introducing, or welcoming aboard Dan Ciurczak :iconsoulkarl:, Daniel Alexander :iconryudan:, Shane Hillman :iconbryantheevery:, and returning member Nick "Mouse" Losq :iconogmouse:.
Each of these guys bring their very own special brand to the table, and we're excited to finally make it official! Welcome dudes!

In slightly related news: happy new year folks!