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The Legend of Link

I promised a collaboration to fellow Sattelite Sodyite Mouse a while back, provided he draw up something Zelda. Well he did! And then I colored it, clearly. Had a blast, let me tell you.

Pencils: Mouse [link]
Colors: Me (Monk)

Software: Photoshop CS
Hardware: Wacom Intuos 2

ALSO! Be sure to check out this weeks Satellite Soda drawing Jam. Topic? Why, Final Fantasy VII of course!
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Skull-the-Kid's avatar
Always been one of my favourite tWW fanarts. Cool redesign. :toocool:
IDCabrera's avatar
O.O :dummy: ...:love: great...
Mikhal-Strange's avatar
Very good. Like the WWness :)
HectorFabu's avatar
this is so badass. i love it.
AitamiIkimo's avatar
Awesome perspective.

I like it how they come out of the frame. Well, that kind of feel. >_>;
Nenilein's avatar
Ah, Forsaken Fortress, Second Visit. Boy, was it satisfing to finally be able to beat those stupid Moblins up!! ><

The coloring is beautiful and the perspective is dynamic and flawless! Great work!^^
IzumiNanaki's avatar
God this is just one of the reasons i love this game soo incredibly much. You have this normal/or pint sized hero who isnt glamored up in any fancy shmancy glitter mess of anything, and then he goes up against these humongous fiends. Its just so classic and breathtaking both the game and your piece =) Anddd her I am rambling, your picture just made me so happy =D.
FabianMonk's avatar
Haha, rambling's cool, no worries. :beer:
IzumiNanaki's avatar
Murasaki-Mary's avatar
The coloring is superb! :dance:
ZedEdge's avatar
That looks great! Really nicely done!
Tha-RIPPER's avatar
$#%^ crazy! you snapped!
squadalah's avatar
im feelin this one
ggabl1's avatar
Makyui's avatar
What beautiful lighting effects.
AndrewRedroad's avatar
:Astonished: that's a REALLY big sword. Bad day for Link, but I suppose he's dealt with worse... a lot worse...
NCloud's avatar
Amazing art of Zelda/Link, really awesome, love it.
BlueLink's avatar
wow, I love the lighting in this!
Chaosty's avatar
Hehe sieht mir nach schlechten Chancen für Link aus x).
Sau gut die fette Ochsen-Sau!
Nocturnal-Link's avatar
briankiller's avatar
hey links eyes are
really awesome man
blackbirdi's avatar
EternalGamer's avatar
Very well done, although it looks like Link is blind or something, lol. Look out Link!
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