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Street Fighter 13

Well Mad's back, and that calls for celebration! On my behalf at least, since I love the man's work, no matter how stylized. This picture here is my take on the cover of Street Fighter #13 (I believe). The image is a little bit older, but I thought it would be fun to take a shot at. The actual colors on the actual cover were done by Arnold Tsang.

Pencils: Joe MAD!
Colors: Me (Monk)

Also, I got the pencils for this from joemadfan (but I took out the watermark, so here's me giving credit to the source).

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I love it!:) btw whats the name of the girl with the blonde hair and blue clothes?
I played street fighter a long time i forgot!
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that's rainbow mika. (:
Kitty-Marshmellow's avatar
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I have absolutely no idea, I never really played the games.
Thanks though.
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Excellent Color Work, I make an ink Version of this cover, Joe Mad Rules.

Visit my gallery if you want to see my work.
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Nice Really Cool Stuff I Love it.
UltimateTattts's avatar
You did a great work here on Joe Mad's pic!
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Great job very nice
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Very very cool colors! I love how some parts are "far" just by skillfully using unsaturated gradients!
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Saucy with a dash of awsome! Now if only the bastard would make more drawings for you to color >:O
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awesome colors bro....
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I actually own this piece (the original, I mean). You did an awesome job coloring it. And because a few people have asked, Cammy's hat was changed to the Delta Red beret before the final image went to press. As to why Joe drew her wearing her Shadowloo cap... the world may never know.
still... great colouring then!
Wooooooooow! Your Girls are Beautiful! Sexy, hot, just fuckin' hot stuff man!
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Read the description.
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precious babes!!!
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theres like three people in the picture that I don't know, but wow nice pic :clap:
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Wow, the colouring is awesome! The tone, the contrast, smoothness ... I can't think of anything bad to say about it. As for the line art ... I'm probably going to be crucified for saying this, but I have a rather strong distaste for his art. His old work on X-Men was phenomal but his new stuff is just ... no.
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Mad rules. great work
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Wow, looks pretty amazing~!! Great colours:D.
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