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Random Sketch

By FabianMonk
Title pretty much says it all. Never gonna get out of that skull phase I guess...
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© 2015 - 2021 FabianMonk
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Very impressive work. Kudos. 
Abetwabe's avatar
Duuuuude. You gotta teach me how you do this stuff. So awesome.
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caseycallenderart's avatar
Absolutely fantastic
chin-IX's avatar that's creative
kadzikhirie's avatar
I thought it was upside down heart, when I saw it on preview. So cool.
And I need sleep :)
lazyartist201's avatar
"sketch"..... i hate you so much, but im going to favorite it even though it pisses me off knowing its a sketch. :)
FabianMonk's avatar
"Sketch" is probably exaggerated since it did take a couple hours. But I call anything a sketch that kinda comes out of nowhere (and then goes back there).

lazyartist201's avatar
ha i know, still though very nice friend :)
ArsonDadko's avatar
Pretty amazing! I love the atmosphere and minimal choice of colors. :)
lenlenlen1's avatar
Oh, just some random sketch, huh? Some work you did in your spare time, eh? No biggie.

...I hate you...
FabianMonk's avatar
Hahaha, well I'm glad you're passionate about it! :beer:
roflcakeVORTEX's avatar
we all know that feeling
xland333's avatar
Nor should you.
FabianMonk's avatar
I'll keep it in mind!
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