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Chun Li

By FabianMonk
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So turns out that Udon Entertainment has it's own DA page: . Recently they uploaded this sketch of Chun Li by Alvin Lee in higher res, so that people may try and color it. It's been a while since I did something for the fun of it, so I did this inbetween working on projects. It's not super-refined, but it was cool to do, just throwing a bunch of colors together and cutting loose.

Pencils: Alvin Lee
Colors: Me (Monk)

Software: Photoshop CS

/EDIT: fixed some little lighting issues and did some subtle color changes. Not a whole, but worth it.
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That is so pretty <3
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This artwork has been circling the Internet for some time, I'm glad to have found the artist who drew this!! Amazing perspective, makes you feel like you are her defeated opponent :XD:
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The more I look at this, the more at a complete loss I become at how you colored this in photoshop. There's a graininess, brush like feel that makes this look and feel traditional, I hope it's alright if I ask what technique you used to create this feel?
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Generally the "brush" feel comes from the painting itsself, i.e. trying to just mimic brush strokes.
But the grain is a noise filter. Head over to nibbledpencil.com and browse through the dude's personal projects (I think). He's got a couple tutorials in there and they cover the noise aspect as well.
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Thunder thighs and the baddest of asses. This rocks.
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She So Beautiful, :heart: Love her. :)
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I just love that look on Chun-Li's face. Determination.
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Cool colourinf of a cool version of Chun Li
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Beautiful design! Marvelous!
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I feel like this is the opponent's point of view after they've been kicked and kicked and are on the floor :D Beautiful, deadly Chun-li :D
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awesome! always loved playing as her
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She looks badass. Great job!
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awesome artwork! :)
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Whoa, this looks incredible! Great job.
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I'm glad you like it!
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