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Cadillacs And Dinosaurs

Lines: Pedro Delgado :icongreatlp:
Colors by me.

Apparently, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was once a comic that got turned into a game, which in turn got turned into an animated series. I missed all of that when it happened though, so I'm not too well informed.
Either way, this is for a print for :iconburninflamezcrew: . Another fun collaboration with Pedro. Hope you're not tiring of us collaborating, because we're not. :]
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Bleachfan3423's avatar
love this it my most favorite cartoon
TheEnIgMa27's avatar
Wahoon!!!!! I love it looks anazing
JGDeadpool91's avatar
Looks awesome!!!
DamageDam's avatar
This is amazing! I loved this cartoon as a kid and I found it all again recently. They only ever made 14 episodes though :(
I vaguely remember the cartoon and toyline.
FabianMonk's avatar
Don't really remember, but it must not have left much of an impression.
sacred-kustoms's avatar
nice - cool style
BaronKastigrOBeefdip's avatar
Loved the Toon that was based on the comic! It was awesome!
FabianMonk's avatar
I never saw it, to be honest. But the subject matter is good enough haha. 
BaronKastigrOBeefdip's avatar
Hmm, probably on youtube! I'd like to see it again myself!
stevep12's avatar
very nice work !!!
Chickfighter's avatar
Xenozoic Tales was a fine fine comic. Nice tribute here.
FabianMonk's avatar
Glad you like it! Good to hear from someone who knows the original!
Mystuffsucks's avatar
Holy shit. Just so damn much awesome... I can't even... I love this
FabianMonk's avatar
Well thanks man! Glad to read it!
PsykoHilly's avatar
Excellent work! :thumbsup:
PsykoHilly's avatar
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