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AKUMA - EDIT: alt. version



EDIT: Yeah, he's a bit pink in this one. I was trying something out, and while I was working on it I liked it, so I stuck with it. But now that it's been pointed out and I've taken a second, more detached look, I have to agree. So here's a slightly different version, with a slightly different skin tone: [link] !!!

Been a minute since the last update, but when I saw this sketch by LeSean, I just couldn't resist. I've always been a fan of Akuma's design (actually pretty much all Capcom designs...), he looks straight up like the devil beast and I've been itching for something like this. So this afternoon I just put homework to the side for a bit, this had to be done. I hope I pulled the whole evil-and-energetic-as-fuck vibe off with this, because that's what I was going for.
Anyway, school's been keeping me pretty busy over here, but in the good kind of way. Everything I've been doing lately is traditional, and I don't have a scanner here, so I don't know how soon you'll be seeing any of that. I'll have to see if I can access a scanner at school somehow.

And that's it!

Pencils: LeSean Thomas :iconlesean:
Colors by me.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS.

And I guess Akuma is a property of Capcom!
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