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Someone is using your art and not crediting you... 
Do you have anything like this with pisces?
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Just tattooed it on my back yesterday loved it your an awsome designer love ya <3 13cmX15cm... pretty big
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I am Librian. Thanks for beautiful pic, hope to see your full collection of 12 Zodiac <3
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You're a Librian? It is beautiful :thumbsup:
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thank you) I'm half Gemini, half Cancer
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Ah, I know someone like that. I am Librian myself, I really love your artwork it is beautiful.
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I just loooove the atmosphere on this one!! :love:
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Very beautiful! I love everything about this piece :love:
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Gorgeous. The thumb attracted the eye straight away! I kind of expected the human figure to be... less sexualised, perhaps, since the whole lotos pose and levitation, the serene colors of light blue and yellow imply harmony and balance. Whereas a nude sexy body has a completely different connotation. :) Well done anyhow. :clap:
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Thank you for your opinion
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This is incredible! Just a great piece all around, Nice work :)
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Keep up the good work! :D
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