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[Download] Pony body male

So this is it.

This is a male version of :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:'s pony_body model.

It is intended to be used with his stuff.

I unwrapped the UVs in that way, that you are able to use the same textures as the basic female version.

It still needs to be rigged for various uses.

I only altered some vertices and unwrapped the model, that was it.

Link to file: [link]
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could you make a donkey model out of this by stretching the ears and adding a skinny tail?

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You could and feel free to do that. I don't have the time to do that right now.

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Does it include a horn?
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No, you will have to add that yourself.
awesome i like it :)
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Hey there! BlueFlytrap told me you worked on these male pony base meshes...
I thought it would be nice to swing by and say thanks for your work on this.  Its much appreciated. 
Now if you dont mind, i'll go stalk your other works :3 
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No problem! And thanks again for the interest.
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Are there different types of muzzles other than this one?
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I only made this one, and I have honestly no idea if there are other types in the pony packs.
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I see. Can it be edited as well?
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If you mean edit it by yourself, go ahead. If you mean edited by me, most likely not for free.
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Oh I was just asking if it's 'editable', that's all.
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Of course it is. Any modeling tool I know can edit Wavefront Object files.
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Alright, thanks for the info!
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Hi! Thanks for the model - It's awesome :)  
Don't suppose you know of any other modular parts in a clean format (Eg: Non-visible seams) ?  
Whilst KP's ones are awesome, their seams are rather glaringly noticeable from many angles ( VS
Thanks :)  
- Reelix
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I didn't even know KP's models had those seams. That's actually only a question of vertex normals or smoothing groups. However it could be, that the vertices along that edge are not properly welded. That could lead to some more work to do. Anyway, I don't know if there are any other models that fix those issues. I don't even know if what you have there is the latest version. Your best bet is to ask ~Poninnahka about it. He still does ports to Source and made the most recent updates to the base models.
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May i place here question of mine?
If the answer is yes then... i so much want remake my oc due... ehhh... models are broken and i suddenly found your's super model...
I currently made it with GUIstudioMDL and of course, i need .smd files. Maybe this or related to this question already were here so i just want to say - I dont want from you "How to make model", i need how to or where to find the .smd file of this...
Perhaps i should get some programs for that... 
Anyways, thank you for reply...
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I don't have the .smd files. You have to make them yourself or have a look here:
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I'm surprised this model hasn't been rigged for Poser, yet, given the love for the male ponies in the show. Kinda wish it was; I have a friend with a bunch of brony characters that I wanted to render for him, but the female models don't look quite right, sadly.
f1r3w4rr10r's avatar
Yeah well, I absolutely don't have the time to learn even another thing to rig for, sorry.
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That's okay, honestly. I'm just saying that it's unusual that no one, you or someone else, has tried to rig this model so they could, say... have a Big Mac figure for Poser or something. Then again, the Princess models that are also on ShadowSquirrel's site haven't been rigged for Poser, either, and I have no idea why that is, either.
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Well they are all rigged for Source though.
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*nods* That's cool. Poser seems to be really popular, though, so that still confuses me. Would you object to someone else rigging this model for Poser, if someone offers?
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