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The Pharoah's Hunting Dog

By f0xyme
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This was a picture for my digital painting class and the assignment was "How fly is your ride?". It's basically just draw something riding on something else lol.

I did three pics and this is the 2nd.

I called this the Pharaoh's hunting dog. I imagined it was a rare deity-esque species found in Egypt where only the pharaoh had the privilege of capturing, taming, and riding him. He's a fast and graceful runner and his jaws are left without reins so he can use all his bite power on elephants or lions or camels or whatever.

Based on Anubis (:

this might be my fav of this little rider series...

P.S. textures from: Cgtextures.com.

Enjoy (:
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Goddamn fsckn cool wicked awesome and I love the Pharaoh because we hate the same shit and the best of all is, we listen to NILE which, ofcouse nothing bad to say about certain talmudic people  ofcourse.
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that dog is awesome^^
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Excellent! I love the dog's "expression", it seems to have an evil look! Great job!
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The skull is a nice touch.
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OMG That would e!xDbe a good pet to hav
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It looks scary...
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Wow I simply love it, it may be based off Anubis but it truly has the wickedness of his father Set! =)
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This is a seriously beautiful creature. The legs are amazingly long and lithe, especially the hind legs, and I love how small the torso is in comparison. The skull for a head, with fiery eyes, is just the icing on the cake:heart:
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lol i cant think of how to explain why but i am in love with the anatomy of this thing!!
Not sure how i feel about the neck and head being sort of beefy compared to the rest of the body, but the face and ears make me not really care ^.^
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Very, very fly indeed....
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oh man, so badass.
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Wow this is so cool!!!
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This is a great concept. And I love how long the dog body is. Very awesome.
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y u gotta be so awesome? :l
ughhh the musculature in your pharaoh-man is SO GOOD I HATE YOU in the most admiring way possible.
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I like the tauk reins.
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"How fly is your ride?"

Now that's an assignment I like!
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I want the puppy especially since Anubis is my fav. XD this is the awesome
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i want a dog like this one hahah this is cool
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