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This was a picture for my digital painting class and the assignment was "How fly is your ride?". It's basically just draw something riding on something else lol.

I did three pics and this is the 3rd.

I lied about the Pharaoh dog, this one might actually be my fav...I dunno, I can't make up my mind... lol. Anyway, this one I imagined this girl was escaping from something (maybe from a prison because she was a super awesome spy or assasin or something...) and she hitched a ride from a crazy giant hyena running by, or maybe it's her loyal pet, make it what you want! and by the looks of it, she's really good at riding bare-back...

Went crazy with lines and textures lol
close-up on face: [link]
Textures from: Cgtextures.com and from ~berthjan

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I love this.  Must have!
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thats so cool like holy hyena...
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oh my gosh i love this so much because I love hyenas with a flaming passion and my character spirit animal is a hyena an dthis is just amazing XD
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Wow really cool and I like the idea of her being a spy/assasin with a hyena companion. :D awesome
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Love the hyena's expression! Can't get enough of this picture!
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man i love these kinda pics. great work!
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We all need giant hyena pets.
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yes. yes we do.
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This is awesome! Nice work!
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holy shit thats cool you diserve a award or something
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The look on the mount's face definitely makes me think there's more up with this pic. Also, reminds me of Dobermon for some reason.
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Im so sorry, I cant stop stalking this pic... Its .. I dont even know, propably the best thing Ive seen so far.

Naw, Im not trying to get something, just sayin.
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haha well thanks (: <3
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Awesome shading an art style you have!
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doude this would make an awesome shirt! X3
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The Hyena's smile looks so devilish, the woman riding him/her has gain the intimedation factor, what a giant hyena who looks ready to kill and/or defend its master, EPIC!
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this is fantastic xD
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i love the girls hair and the way you drew them both is amazing!
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Looooooooooooooooove it <3 Good to see some decent hyena artwork on DA.
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haha thanks (:
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