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How Convenient (Animation)

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First time working on animations from the ground up so I must warn you it's not perfect. However, I really enjoyed the process and I'm eager to read your thoughts 😊
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Well, it really looks nice. The future can be good.

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Much appreciated, thanks ^0^

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Glad you like it, thanks 🤗

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback :meow:

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Awesome! Very well done!

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her heel sink in his mouth just the weight of going deeper and deeper her own foot stool

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Thank you Mike, I’m glad you like this animation ^~^
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I think the animations look just a little bit stiff somethings, but for a first try, it looks really really good, like this is impressive! I can see you have a very bright future in animations if you keep going!

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Thank you for your honest feedback, I'm looking forward to making more fetish animations 😇

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This is amazing, please do more, maybe even a part 2?

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Yup, more animations coming to Pareon (because adult content and DevitantArt don’t mix well)
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Wow the first animation I've seen and it looks amazing!

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Thanks Doctor, I appreciate the feedback 😋
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This looks AMAZING! CANNOT Wait to see more

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Thank you! More animations will be posted on Patreon, so If you’re interested in checking out my content and supporting animation development, feel free to stop by 😉
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Quite smooth for something you did from scratch. I'm looking forward to more ^^

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Thanks Sonic, you and other VIP Members are my biggest supporters and I’m always gonna make sure you get the best content possible 😊
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