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A handy reference list for the current folders.

Update 1-19-15 -  Quality control: nothing drawn on lined or graph paper will be accepted. Photos and scans of traditional art should be reasonably cropped and rotated correctly; they should not include the drawing tools and surroundings (such as the desk). Digital art, even in the WIP folder, should not be a screenshot that includes the program used to work on it.

Small update 7-19-14 - I was personally bothered a little by the blurry line for sorting, so now all people with muzzles instead of human faces should now going into the beast / anthro folder. Please take note if you normally submit dragons or kemonomimi, as they might now no longer belong in that folder.

Anthro characters who also fit other criteria (undead, vampires, etc) should still go into the beast / anthro folder.

Featured - The only folder that should be closed to submissions (if you find others, it's a mistake and you should note or comment the group). The Featured folder is for the best submissions from the other folders, and is updated only once in a blue moon. Art in the fanart, text and lit, memes and misc, adoptables, sketches, WIPs and lineart, and ref sheets folders are ineligible for the Featured folder.

Unsorted - A catchall folder. Please submit here if you don't know where your person should go. Things submitted here won't be rejected with an instruction to resubmit, because it is better than willfully submitting them wrongly, but it may become annoying if people submit here constantly rather than looking at the list.

Aliens - Catchall folder for aliens who don't fit any other category (but other folders should be used first;  if the alien, say, looks like a catperson, they should go in kemonomimi instead).

Angels - People with feathered wings who aren't harpies.

Beast/Anthro - More animal than human. Anyone covered with fur, with a muzzle, or with paw-feet probably fits here, unless they belong in a more specific folder like dragons and reptiles. All anthro characters should be in one of these characters unless they are ghosts or zombies.
Update - all people with muzzles now belong in this folder, regardless of more specific folder, including ghosts and zombies.

-taurs - Person torso and head on an animal body, if they don't fit into spiders and bugs, naga, or merpeople.

Cyclopes - People who naturally have only 1 eye (naturally, not because one is missing).

Demons, Oni, Succubi - People with horns, tails, strange eyes, and odd skin colors who aren't part animal, or characters who are intended to be succubus / incubus characters. [This is the most subjective folder, and a lot of time the only indication that a character belongs here is that they were submitted here. Such submissions will normally be taken at face value unless they clearly fit another folder better - so if your character is a succubus but it's not mentioned in the author comments or obvious from the picture, please make sure and put it here.]

Djinn, Genies, Kami, Manifestations - Characters who are some sort of magical, supernatural, or nature spirit, including gods, assuming they don't fit into another category. Can include nature-youkai. For any spirit who was once human (e.g., a ghost or poltergeist) please see the ghosts and spirits folder instead.

Dragons and Reptiles - People mixed with dragons and reptiles (although they may fit into centaurs or naga instead depending). If they have muzzles instead of human faces, please submit them to the beast / anthro folder instead.

Elves, Fantasy Species, Mutants - near human - Catchall for non-humans who don't fit anywhere else. They must be visibly different from humans.

Extra Limbs, Conjoined - People with extra arms, legs, heads, or bodies.

Fairies - People with (usually insect) wings, usually small. A brownie or otherwise unwinged-fae should go into elves and fantasy species.

Fauns and Satyrs - People with two furred legs with hooves.

Gargoyles - People, often with horns and wings, who are made of stone.

Gorgons - People with snakes for hair.

Ghosts and Spirits - People who are or can be incorporeal and were once alive. Includes Dullahan. Can include ghost-youkai.

Harpies - People with feathered wings instead of arms and, usually, bird feet/legs/lower halves. If they have both arms and wings with no other bird features, they should probably go into the angels folder (even if they only look like angels).

Kemonomimi - People with animal attributes, such as ears and tails, who are not mostly animal. Can include animal-youkai. May belong in dragons and reptiles instead, depending. Use only after they don't fit into the other animal folders.

Merpeople - People with sea-creature tails instead of legs. If they have tentacles (mixed with octopus/squid/jellyfish) they go in tentacles instead. If they have legs they go into nymphs / sirens / fishpeople. Icthy-taur characters (sea creature tail, land creature legs, human torso and head) go into -taurs.

Naga - Person on top, snake on bottom. No one with legs goes here.

Nymphs / Sirens / Fishpeople - Catchall for water-based people who have legs.

Objectheads and Other Anthro Objects - People with a thing instead of a head, or any anthropomorphised objects - almost any inanimate object turned into a person goes here. Includes object-youkai and races such as mimics. Animals belong in beast, kemonomimi, dragons and reptiles, spiders and bugs, etc. Exceptions: robots and dolls have their own folder, any anything that ends up looking gelatinous goes in slimes.

Plants - People mixed with plants.

Robots & Dolls - Human-shaped but animated robots, dolls, marionettes, etc.

Slimes - People who are made of liquid or goo.

Spiders & Bugs - People mixed with spiders, bugs, scorpions, or creepy-crawlies.

Tentacles - People with tentacles for any reason (octomaid, tentacle hair, ectoplasmic control, etc).

True Monsters - Catchall for obviously monstrous but not otherwise definable people. Includes tailmouths/hairmouths/stomachmouths/basically anyone who has mouths or eyes where they shouldn't be.

Vampires - Vampires who don't fit in other categories. Must be visibly different from humans, even if it is only in the ears/eyes/teeth.

Zombies, Skeletons, & Undead - People who are dead or undead but solid (and not vampires).
Updated - Kemonomimi undead should also be place in this folder. Anthro undead should remain in the beast / anthro folder.

Sets or Multiple Species - More than one monster person species, which makes it hard to categorize in the other folders, or multiple images on the same page (even of the same monster type) that are not part of the same picture (making it a "set" of images, just for clarification). Humans + monster people don't need to go here.

Adoptables - Characters who can be bought or adopted. Must still be humanoid.

Character or Species Ref Sheets - Reference, height, color, expression, or pose sheets for monster characters or species.

Chibi - Monster person chibi.

Comic pages - Anything with panels, or multiple images on the same page that go together in sequence.

Fanart - Everything pertaining to any series, except for an original character cosplaying. OCs within an established universe, reinterpretations of characters, pictures of canon characters, etc. Includes anything which would normally go into any other folder, including fanfiction, fancomics, chibi fanart, and fanart memes.

Memes & Misc - Memes, asks, screenmocks, etc.

Sketches WIPs and Linearts - Any unfinished work. Adding a little color is enough to move it to a different folder. Almost all graphite-only work will be moved here, unless it looks particularly polished.

Text and Lit - Must prominently include monster people, not only mentioned in passing.

It isn't necessary to go through this with every picture, but if you're curious this is the basic mental process that is used for sorting out submissions (and yes, it does mean that some submissions get silently moved to a different folder):

- Are they anthro? If yes, Beast.
- Are they incorporeal? If yes, Ghosts & Spirits.
- Are they solid but dead/undead? If yes, Zombies & Undead.
- Do they have tentacles? If yes, Tentacles.
- Are they a mix of human and animal? If yes, Fauns & Satyrs, Merpeople, Nymphs/Sirens/Fishpeople, Dragons & Reptiles, Spiders & Bugs, Naga, Harpies, Centaurs, or, if they don't fits any of those, Kemonomimi.
- Do they fit in any other obvious folder? If yes, Conjoined, Robots & Dolls, Anthro Objects, Fairies, Slimes, Plants, Gorgons, Gargoyles, or Cyclopes.
- Do they fit in with demons (or were they submitted to that folder)? If yes, Demons, Oni, Succubi.
- If they don't fit anywhere else, True Monsters, Aliens, or Elves & Mutants.
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CannibalHarpy's avatar
What if the adoptable was a custom design for someone and therefore was already sold? Would it still go in the adoptable folder or would it go in the folder matching the species?
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It would go into the matching folder or - more likely - into the "Character and Species Ref" folder. Anything with a color palette or several views of the character should go into Refs. Thank you for asking. :)
CannibalHarpy's avatar
Ah, ok, thank you! :)
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Saved this in the rules for your group, thank you!
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Ops! I submitted a work called 'Parenthood' in the digital folder, do I have to withdraw it and re-submit it in another one?
Ankh-Ascendant's avatar
Nope, I moved it. The digital folder doesn't actually exist anymore since I got everything in it sorted into the others. :)
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Oh, thank you!
I just submitted two more works, I'll try to be more careful about the folders.
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