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F-Yeah - Rules!


:bulletblack: All join requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletblack: Submissions per day: 3, to avoid gallery dumping. All submissions require approval to avoid getting spammed with unrelated pictures, but approval happens at least once a day.

:bulletblack: This club is for Monster people. Slime, Harpies, Nagas, Demons, Merpeople, Aliens, Cyclops, Zombies, etc.
-As long as they are recognizably based on humans (no animal characters, please).
-They have to be visibly both monster and person, so monsters who just look like people don't count, and monsters who don't look like people at all don't count.
-Kemonomimi are accepted.
-It is okay if there are humans in the picture with your monster person.

:bulletblack: Literature and visual art submissions both welcome, however, we do not accept crafts, photos, photomanipulations, cosplay, or stock images. We also do not have a place for commission sheets and promotional material. 3D pictures will be allowed if submitted, but we don't seek them out and there are probably other groups more suited to it.

:bulletblack: Adoptables are welcome (in the "Adoptables" folder) but they should be finished pictures of monster people. Egg adopts are not accepted, but monster people who hatched from eggs are. "Your Character Here" adoptables are not pictures, they are essentially advertisements for a very specific commission, and will not be accepted.

:bulletblack: All art must be drawn by the person whose gallery it is in. No bases, no tracing, and no art theft*. Please do not submit commissions drawn for you from your gallery; they should be submitted from the gallery of the artist. (There is no problem with third-party submissions however.)
*Art theft includes "I found this background photo on Google". If you can't link to a photo you used and prove you're allowed to use it, it won't be accepted.

:bulletblack: Quality control: nothing drawn on lined or graph paper will be accepted. Photos and scans of traditional art should be reasonably cropped and rotated correctly; they should not include the drawing tools and surroundings (such as the desk). Digital art, even in the WIP folder, should not be a screenshot that includes the program used to work on it.

:bulletblack: Nudity and Mature themes are allowed, as long as it follows DA's rules.
*Obvious censoring of prohibited content is in a grey area in the rules, so it won't be accepted.

:bulletblack: No anatomical close-ups. Pictures of butts, chests, back, etc. will be declined or removed; headshots will be sorted into the folder based on what we can see, regardless of what the character actually is. So if you have a mermaid but we can't see the tail, the picture will probably end up in the Elves & Fantasy Species folder. (Pointed ears will go to Elves & Fantasy Species; animal ears will go to Kemonomimi; horns will probably go to Demons, Oni, & Succubi.)

A guide to the gallery folders.

So your picture was requested...

Yeah, I do that sometimes... Or, like, all the time. ^^; When I find something through browsing or another group that I like and think fits, I will request it to this group. I try to be considerate and not spam people by requesting more than one from them, but sometimes I'm not paying attention to the artist, or sometimes I love things too much and think it would be a shame for me to forget about them, so people will get multiple requests. If I have bothered you, I apologize very deeply.

I almost never send group invites, because I generally consider them in-your-face spam and begging for attention unless they have a detailed and personalized comment with them. An art request is perhaps like a more subtle invite, which you should feel perfectly free to ignore. I have found that about 1 in 50 people whose art I request joins a group, and that is perfectly all right. Rest assured that your art was requested because I liked it very much and I am glad just to have it. Thank you very much for accepting.

(It's also possible a member is submitting your work because they like it. If you're getting repeated requests, especially if it's almost everything you draw as soon as you do, it's likely one of your watchers who thinks your art belongs here. :) )

Random from Featured

characo 090: Raj'Khan by fydbac
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characo 090: Raj'Khan :iconfydbac:fydbac 66 2
Monster Challenge - Day 24: Multiple Limbs by TehArtMonkey Monster Challenge - Day 24: Multiple Limbs :icontehartmonkey:TehArtMonkey 17 7 Slime Girl by Gothcutie
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Slime Girl :icongothcutie:Gothcutie 357 22
characo 095: Krokodil by fydbac
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characo 095: Krokodil :iconfydbac:fydbac 48 3
Human Cteno by AggroArt
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Human Cteno :iconaggroart:AggroArt 24 14
Day 24- Multiple Limbs by DeerestHammy Day 24- Multiple Limbs :icondeeresthammy:DeerestHammy 24 7 Characo 098: Araighla by fydbac
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Characo 098: Araighla :iconfydbac:fydbac 182 5
characo 097: Stilts by fydbac
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characo 097: Stilts :iconfydbac:fydbac 383 6
Day 6- Spider Girl by drawitout Day 6- Spider Girl :icondrawitout:drawitout 154 43 characo 101: Tzhaar by fydbac
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characo 101: Tzhaar :iconfydbac:fydbac 123 5
monsterBOY 08: octoman by fydbac monsterBOY 08: octoman :iconfydbac:fydbac 708 47 characo 052: Balaren Katos by fydbac characo 052: Balaren Katos :iconfydbac:fydbac 280 5 characo 050: Ioann by fydbac characo 050: Ioann :iconfydbac:fydbac 146 4 characo 051: Anosov by fydbac characo 051: Anosov :iconfydbac:fydbac 135 1 characo 048: Xeyeva by fydbac characo 048: Xeyeva :iconfydbac:fydbac 326 4 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Day 24 by RErrede 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge - Day 24 :iconrerrede:RErrede 139 5



Gallery Folders

ADOPT AUCTION [open] Cherrywine by mihanvaleron
ADOPT AUCTION [open] HEARTBREAK by mihanvaleron
ADOPT AUCTION [open] NIGHT HEART by mihanvaleron
Unsorted - if unsure, PLEASE submit here
Oc Rough Concept by ScooterSkates

Mature Content

Saimin-no-Psitche - Zombietwink62 by IncredibleIntruder
(1-2) Lengthened! by gigajule5
(2-2) Multiply! by gigajule5
OC Galilea with short hair uwu by Balandis-Meow
Let's Put Weird and Weird Together by NickyVendetta
Green by gigajule5
Emperken - The Mutant Alien Cephalopod by Unialien

Mature Content

Angel Rina by CommanderNiko
Radiant Soul by CheshireGhoul
Fairy Air: Sky-Chef Alexia by Daiyoukai-sama
Palutenas one winged crush pt3 by TLW216
Beast - more animal than human incl Athro
Obscura [Commission] by Santeza
chillin by Seraeva

Mature Content

Suzi breathing by ZinZoa
Cute kitsune in sweater and miniskirt by IndigoMystiere
Commission: @GriffonGrizzly by frankly-art
[OPEN] Arachne adopt! by PrinceCorvus
Buttercup by WierR
Cornflower by WierR
Ava's Early Halloween Spirit by NickyVendetta
Chibi Ethel by SaiSuta

Mature Content

Adopt #59 - Cain The Slayer (CLOSED) by Phanp
Hazbin Hotel OC: Sai Chou (Full bio) by SaiSuta
Demons, Oni, Succubi

Mature Content

Shadow Demon, Sarah commission by limbros

Mature Content

Lipstick by Vlankt

Mature Content

Spooky Tentacle time by micoafterdark
Eternal Horizons Corruption [2/5] by gigajule5
Djinn, Genie, Kami, Manifestation, Elemental

Mature Content

Nefertapsitche - Zombietwink62 by IncredibleIntruder

Mature Content

Hitched on Psitche - Zombietwink62 by IncredibleIntruder
Goddess Naylee - Bumi by IncredibleIntruder
Warrior Naylee - Bumi by IncredibleIntruder
Dragons and Reptiles

Mature Content

Big Roko booty animated by ZinZoa
Dragontaur by Jamiragon
Ebisu by WierR
Dullahan - headless spirit
Laurant in the city by artofdroth
Elves, Fantasy Species, Mutants - near human
Mira Valgorie the Icecreme Elf by Mattmankoga
Extra Limbs, Conjoined
divine presence by xCastra
Fairies~ by Mellorine91
Fauns and Satyrs
Werewolf in a Pumpkin by Jamiragon
Tyrrin by artofdroth
Memento by The13thBlackCat
Bystrik the Gorgon by Moe-Machine
Dread Samus aran by KukuruyoArt
Kemonomimi - animal people
Comfort~ by Mellorine91
Merpeople - No Legs Allowed
Dabberlocks by KaiMacTrash
He big~ by SkadefroDane
Nymphs, Sirens, and Fish-people - Not Mermaids

Mature Content

Thicc sea monster gal by ZinZoa
Object-heads and Other Anthro Objects
Kastor and Pollux by xTheSpirex
Plants, Fungi, and Dryads
A - Pumpkin - do - TF/TG into Pumpkin GirlAnton was a 15-year-old boy and one of his tastes was cakes, most of all, eating them. His favorite cake, or rather cupcake, was the pumpkin cupcake, which his mother made.- "Mom ... I'm going to school ..."- "Ok honey ... don't forget your lunch box."- "Of course? They are my favorite desserts."Amusingly, Anton ate them in the middle of class and behind the backs of his teachers, for that very reason he would run out of lunchbox for recess. , And it goes without saying about Halloween, Anton's favorite time, apart from the sweets that caused toothaches and the costumes that scare the fearful to death, they were cakes and pumpkin cupcakes, he cared little about the parties if they did not come desserts made from pumpkin.Although it was not until, in the middle of the Halloween party, a colleague of his had given him a pumpkin cupcake, something that despite his immense taste, he doubted whether to accept it or not ... he still accepted it and barely bit the cupcake, he He felt weird ... even with that, Anton continued eating the cupcake and started to feel nauseous, which caused him to run to his room.-"W-what was that ...? maybe it was a joke because of my taste for pumpkin cupcakes ... " He felt an excruciating pain in his stomach, as if it had filled with gas and he just fell from a stomach ache, making it impossible to move. He saw his hand that looked orange, something Anton was too concerned about; Consequently, he began to climb his arm, inviting his hand to a female one that curiously had a design similar to the bark of pumpkins.-"WH-what is the-what is happening to me ?!"The orange cloak slowly expanded, while in its wake it thinned Anton's arm, making him feminine. As soon as he touched her shoulder, it seemed that her arm and the rest of the body did not match ... it extended to her legs and the transformation sprouted there again, the orange cape advanced covering her feet and reaching her legs, making them also feminine. The more it went up her legs, the more it made Anton uncomfortable; until he touched her glutes and hips ... swelling and growing to look juicy and tight, her hips cracked and matched her hot new ass, added to her manhood slowly and even pleasantly transforming into a tight pussy.- "Why is this happening to me?"The orange bark continued to advance and as it reached its chest, two small mounds grew, which grew into a D cup.In turn, her back arched, making her breasts and ass more striking.- "No ... no ... stop there!"The pumpkin rind kept advancing until it completely covered his entire other arm.Coming to her neck, her Adam's apple was reduced to nothing, giving her a perfect and sweet feminine voice, the bark continued to rise until it touched her face, fattening her cheeks a bit mainly, while her eyes ... became part of the pumpkin skin to the iugal than his mouth ... shortly after as if they had decorated a pumpkin for Halloween ... his eyes looked more like an oval with a hanging piece which simulated his pupil, on the side of his mouth, it was only a mere bow-shaped cut, meanwhile his nose and ears were kept as is.Her brown hair grew and form into a ponytail ... as a final touch, her stomach grew to such an extent that it looked like she had never exercised; upon waking up from her, she lit a flame, also from Halloween pumpkins, so Anton or rather Antonella regained her status.- "What happened to me? ... because I look like a human pumpkin?"When Antonella trying to go down and look for who gave him the cupcake, he was gone ... in fact, the party was over.- "Oh ... Just what I was missing today ...", OVERNIGHT, He spent researching his condition and why ... the problem eradicated that many people ended up transformed like it ... although it seemed more like a curse than a spell ... unfortunate, it was only left to mourn over his condition ..., ALREADY RETURNING TO CLASSES, Back in class, Antonella was the laughingstock of the school, because she was a pumpkin girl ... something that provoked many destructive criticisms and various nicknames and insults ...At least Antonella got a good friend who would take care of her and protect her ... and it seemed that she Antonella fell in love with him.To this day she is just curious to know that if Antonella plants her pumpkin seeds, she will either reproduce and create clones of her or just average pumpkins will come out.
Robots and Dolls
Raging Ultron by dead82

Mature Content

Candy Store Window by TheLiquidBoy
Spiders and Bugs
Crabatha by KaiMacTrash
Tentacles incl. Octomaids
Captain Jade All Tied Up (Comm) by CecaeliaFanatic
True Monsters - Tailmouth, Gruesome, etc
.::CLOSED/AUCTION::. by Ziipery
REF - Kenji The Nukekubi by sofia-1989
Zombies, Skeletons, and Undead
Lee the Jiangshi Doc by Moe-Machine
Sets or Multiple Species
Just a Sip by Connan-Bell
Halloween Adopts! (8/8 OPEN OTA) by Emptyproxy
Character and Species Ref Sheets
Christopher Varcer [Reference Sheet -2021-] by Brzozan
Wich one? xD by UNtamedFriend
Comics - no fancomics
Spike bein Spike by micoafterdark
Fanart - EVERYTHING related to any series

Mature Content

Hisuian Zoroark booty by ZinZoa
Memes, blank and filled, and Misc, incl. Asks
He's back Redraw - comparison by SkadefroDane
Sketches WIP and Linearts - ALL unfinished work

Mature Content

Wolf Boy by Jamiragon


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