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F-Yeah - Rules!


:bulletblack: All join requests are automatically accepted.

:bulletblack: Submissions per day: 3, to avoid gallery dumping. All submissions require approval to avoid getting spammed with unrelated pictures, but approval happens at least once a day.

:bulletblack: This club is for Monster people. Slime, Harpies, Nagas, Demons, Merpeople, Aliens, Cyclops, Zombies, etc.
-As long as they are recognizably based on humans (no animal characters, please).
-They have to be visibly both monster and person, so monsters who just look like people don't count, and monsters who don't look like people at all don't count.
-Kemonomimi are accepted.
-It is okay if there are humans in the picture with your monster person.

:bulletblack: Literature and visual art submissions both welcome, however, we do not accept crafts, photos, photomanipulations, cosplay, or stock images. We also do not have a place for commission sheets and promotional material. 3D pictures will be allowed if submitted, but we don't seek them out and there are probably other groups more suited to it.

:bulletblack: Adoptables are welcome (in the "Adoptables" folder) but they should be finished pictures of monster people. Egg adopts are not accepted, but monster people who hatched from eggs are. "Your Character Here" adoptables are not pictures, they are essentially advertisements for a very specific commission, and will not be accepted.

:bulletblack: All art must be drawn by the person whose gallery it is in. No bases, no tracing, and no art theft*. Please do not submit commissions drawn for you from your gallery; they should be submitted from the gallery of the artist. (There is no problem with third-party submissions however.)
*Art theft includes "I found this background photo on Google". If you can't link to a photo you used and prove you're allowed to use it, it won't be accepted.

:bulletblack: Quality control: nothing drawn on lined or graph paper will be accepted. Photos and scans of traditional art should be reasonably cropped and rotated correctly; they should not include the drawing tools and surroundings (such as the desk). Digital art, even in the WIP folder, should not be a screenshot that includes the program used to work on it.

:bulletblack: Nudity and Mature themes are allowed, as long as it follows DA's rules.
*Obvious censoring of prohibited content is in a grey area in the rules, so it won't be accepted.

:bulletblack: No anatomical close-ups. Pictures of butts, chests, back, etc. will be declined or removed; headshots will be sorted into the folder based on what we can see, regardless of what the character actually is. So if you have a mermaid but we can't see the tail, the picture will probably end up in the Elves & Fantasy Species folder. (Pointed ears will go to Elves & Fantasy Species; animal ears will go to Kemonomimi; horns will probably go to Demons, Oni, & Succubi.)

A guide to the gallery folders.

So your picture was requested...

Yeah, I do that sometimes... Or, like, all the time. ^^; When I find something through browsing or another group that I like and think fits, I will request it to this group. I try to be considerate and not spam people by requesting more than one from them, but sometimes I'm not paying attention to the artist, or sometimes I love things too much and think it would be a shame for me to forget about them, so people will get multiple requests. If I have bothered you, I apologize very deeply.

I almost never send group invites, because I generally consider them in-your-face spam and begging for attention unless they have a detailed and personalized comment with them. An art request is perhaps like a more subtle invite, which you should feel perfectly free to ignore. I have found that about 1 in 50 people whose art I request joins a group, and that is perfectly all right. Rest assured that your art was requested because I liked it very much and I am glad just to have it. Thank you very much for accepting.

(It's also possible a member is submitting your work because they like it. If you're getting repeated requests, especially if it's almost everything you draw as soon as you do, it's likely one of your watchers who thinks your art belongs here. :) )

Random from Featured

monsterBOY 12: zombie by fydbac
Mature content
monsterBOY 12: zombie :iconfydbac:fydbac 99 13
characo 053:Azamund by fydbac
Mature content
characo 053:Azamund :iconfydbac:fydbac 131 1
monsterBOY 25: Favorite monsterboy by fydbac monsterBOY 25: Favorite monsterboy :iconfydbac:fydbac 87 3 Slime girl Morango by shinn3
Mature content
Slime girl Morango :iconshinn3:shinn3 459 124
Plant by doven Plant :icondoven:doven 145 3 Adoptable 08-37 by fydbac
Mature content
Adoptable 08-37 :iconfydbac:fydbac 64 3
monsterBOY 06: spiderboy by fydbac monsterBOY 06: spiderboy :iconfydbac:fydbac 288 3 characo 058: mori by fydbac
Mature content
characo 058: mori :iconfydbac:fydbac 121 2
Monster Ladies by AggroArt
Mature content
Monster Ladies :iconaggroart:AggroArt 15 13
characo 060: fiona by fydbac
Mature content
characo 060: fiona :iconfydbac:fydbac 65 4
monsterBOY 13: insect boy by fydbac
Mature content
monsterBOY 13: insect boy :iconfydbac:fydbac 130 4
Monster Girl Challenge - Slime by Myra-Avalon Monster Girl Challenge - Slime :iconmyra-avalon:Myra-Avalon 412 90 plant girl by raulovsky plant girl :iconraulovsky:raulovsky 141 33 Harpy by bluemallo Harpy :iconbluemallo:bluemallo 1,932 263 characo 064: sabur by fydbac
Mature content
characo 064: sabur :iconfydbac:fydbac 93 1
monsterBOY 19: cyclops by fydbac monsterBOY 19: cyclops :iconfydbac:fydbac 54 3



Gallery Folders

Momo by Oberea
Yoran Khouri by Gatokumn
Ice Comission Color - Redcharge by zahpkiel
Prickles and Nyx #1 by Mamottshuu
Armored Tiamab - June 2018 by Enshohma
Buuu and Miss Blou - July 2018 by Enshohma
something like home by oyamu
[closed] auction adopt| Totome #1 by KanashiiRei
Artfight Attack 8 - A pure bab! by Emptyproxy
Azrael, Angel of Death by ValkyrieVale
Looking through ages by YokaMycelium
a girl moth and an angel dude by RandomShiit
Beast - more animal than human incl Athro
lion man by artofdroth
Long Time, No See. by SlyChibi
''Head in the Clouds'' (AF Custom!) by Emptyproxy
Poketrainer Vic by NemytThorleif
Stella zi Celestia by 7Swords7Lives
Junk Food is my Bae!~ by Retro-Sushi
Centaur In A Pool by shadowblade316
H E by dreameroftheblue
Badass Cyclop by Fiddlesquid
Crush by Orimou
Alien Octo Hero by RandomShiit

Mature Content

Venus flytraps by HEARTZMD
Demons, Oni, Succubi
Cat... You are  ruining the moment.. by UchihaSama224
My Doritooooos... Noooo by UchihaSama224
So thats where my doritos went..... by UchihaSama224
Random Drip Face Demon by FlavorlessMuffin
Djinn, Genie, Kami, Manifestation, Elemental
Moksha Shabrinaga by Redblaze27

Mature Content

None Equinox by Broeckchen
Aurora by Broeckchen
Dragons and Reptiles
Monster boy love (rough) by Jon-Smitten
Snoodle [ART FIGHT] by FrostyFiend
Gay snek [ART FIGHT] by FrostyFiend

Mature Content

Patreon Exclusive Adopt 3 by shaygoyle
Dullahan - headless spirit
Over Here! by Gyzmo-Grim
Elves, Fantasy Species, Mutants - near human
Johnny Cockerel: Running Around by Connan-Bell
Extra Limbs, Conjoined
Drakie's new look (updated bio) by CyanTatsuo
Did I Make This One by Laylabelle97
Fauns and Satyrs
Winsor portrait by artofdroth

Mature Content

Gracie Grants - Gargoyle Girl by RetroInk
Raising Spirits by SaydousArtCorner
Sweet kaleidoscope boi new look~ by Retro-Sushi
Nora the harpy by CreepY-RaveN
Kemonomimi - animal people
Much hair by Joifee
Merpeople - No Legs Allowed
Nixie's bad hair day by CreepY-RaveN
DolranisxShreek by Ethelbutt
Nymphs, Sirens, and Fish-people - Not Mermaids
ocean by RandomShiit
Object-heads and Other Anthro Objects
Icecream! by ninja-inu
Plants, Fungi, and Dryads
Venus by FrostyFiend
Robots and Dolls
Cyborg family by Joifee

Mature Content

Into the Cave of Wondara by PrincessDuni
Spiders and Bugs

Mature Content

Olive By DestinyBetweenWorlds by Redblaze27
Tentacles incl. Octomaids
sharpies space queen by LiquefyTheChimera
True Monsters - Tailmouth, Gruesome, etc
Truth or Dare? by Emptyproxy
Sandra Alucard - June 2018 by Enshohma
Zombies, Skeletons, and Undead
Zombie Beach by Croxot
Sets or Multiple Species
Worlds by RandomShiit
Sumaai Adopt [TEMPORARILY CLOSED] by FrostyFiend
Character and Species Ref Sheets
Boar Warrior- Quadezora by Korhann
So Sad by RainbowFilth
Comics - no fancomics

Mature Content

The Dark Side Of Magical Frog Girl - June 2018 by Enshohma
Fanart - EVERYTHING related to any series
Mollymauk Tealeaf by ValkyrieVale
Memes, blank and filled, and Misc, incl. Asks
Detras de by GabyCoutino
Sketches WIP and Linearts - ALL unfinished work
Game Masters Master Meister - June 2018 by Enshohma
Text and Lit - no fanfiction

Mature Content


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I was wondering if any of the very talented artists here would be interested in joining my contest!

The theme is monster pets

Design a pet and submit it before the 30th of April and you could win a commission by me! =]

First, second, and third place win commissions, and features on my page! =]

Check it out here for more info and rules! I hope to see some of you joining!…

I hope it was okay to post this here, sorry if it isn't, I'm just trying to spread to word!
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