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Happy New Year guys!
Also thank you so much for all the birthday wishes wahh//
I'm sorry I can't get to answer all of them, but I really am happy THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS GROSS SOB :iconpapcryplz:
2013 ended and 2014 started off great, I had a party with my family (lots of yummy food yes mmm) and did count down together!

So umm I started trying to be more active on dA about a month ago since I haven't been really active here for past...2 years or so?
It's pretty much because I get a major art blocks (that lasts pretty much for a whole year LOL; ) after AX because making merchandises for con really drain my motivation to draw +_+;;
But since I'm not going to have a table at AX this year, hopefully I can draw and post more on dA!
I also hope to do more personal art and draw fanarts of series/character I like, I miss drawing for myself haha ; 7 ;
And I'm so sorry if you are on my waiting list and been waiting forever for your turn;; I will do my best to go through them quicker!
I guess this will be my resolution for this year haha, do more art! :dummy:

Also this is a bit late to mention, but I received my 4th DD back in mid December!
Thank you so much iingo for suggesting and Ry-Spirit for featuring it, I'm really honored! ; - ;
Thank you so much for all the favs, watches, comments, and all the support!

I hope 2014 will be a great year for everyone!
For now let's just chill out until holiday is over yeah--

Anime Expo @ Table D30

Mon Jul 1, 2013, 7:25 PM

Hi guys, I will be having a table at Anime Expo again this year, from July 4th to 7th!

I will be at table D30 with CocaKura, please stop by at our table and say hello if you are coming// *v*

Things I will be selling this year:

11"x17" Prints

Shingeki no Kyojin by f-wd

FFXV: Noctis by f-wd Twilight Princess by f-wd

The Light by f-wd Pokemon BW2 by f-wd

8.5"x11" Prints

PluRin + MiLen by f-wd Black Rock Shooter vs. Dead Master by f-wd

Mysterious Eyes by f-wd

Double sided acrylic casing keychains + 1.5" buttons

2013 Keychains + Buttons List by f-wd Keychains + Pins Masterlist by f-wd

1" cellphone charms

Post Con Sale!

Wed Jun 27, 2012, 2:45 PM

Wahh first of all, I'm very sorry for not being active on dA for such a long time;;
But now I'm back from cons, it was really great *Q*
It was awesome meeting up with cool kids from LoX and hanging out with them for a week//

It was such a nice experience having a table for the first time, and it was surprising since I did far better than I expected haha ;v;
I'd like to say thank you so much for  your support and to everyone who stopped by at my table!

Sooo some people asked me if I will be selling prints and other merchs online, so I decided to sale some left overs!
I only have limited amount on some of them, so please note me right away if you are interested in getting any merchs *-*
Here is the list of what I have:

★ 11" x 17" prints: $10
★ 8.5" x 11" prints: $6
*Low in stock: Lightning (4 left) and Detective Conan (3 left)

Double-Sided Acrylic Casing Keychains

You can choose 1 or 2 characters of your choice (they don't have to be from the same series, pick your favorite characters!) and I will put them together back-to-back in an acrylic casing keychain
Sample and Size comparison:…
★  Keychain: $5 each
*Low in stock: Only 6 keychains left

★  Button: $2 each
*I might give you some discount if you buy them in a set or bulk
** Low in stock: Lightning, Roxas, Rin Okumura, and L

1" Cell Phone Charms:

★  Charm: $3 each
Size Comparison:…
Low in stock: Pikachu (3 left), Okami (5 left)

★ For prints: $5 for the US (If you are ordering print plus other merchandise, I will let you know the final shipping cost; although it will still be $5 I hope; )
★ For other merchs: $3 for the US
*If you live outside of the US please note me for more details (I'm not too sure how the shipping price will be like depending on where you live )

If you are interested in purchasing any merchs, please note me with filled out order form!

Order Form
Paypal e-mail address:
Print: Lightning / Pokemon BW2 / Black Rock Shooter / Detective Conan
Other: Keychain / Button / Charm
Shipping: $?, (if you live outside of the US, please let me know which country you live)
Total Price: $?

Paypal e-mail address: *****@*****.com
Print: 1 Lightning
Other: 1 keychain - Cloud + Tifa / 1 Cloud button / 1 Pikachu charm
Shipping: $5
Home Address: 000 asd;fjwe Street  j;oasif, CA 00000
Total Price: $25

Once I received your note, I will let you know my paypal e-mail address and final price
Once I confirmed your payment, please also let me know your home address so that I know where to ship them!
I will be shipping them out after 1-2 week or so from today so I can send them all out at once

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me!
Thank you so much ♥

Hopefully I will be more active after I take a break for a bit longer ;v;

Commission On Hold

Fri Jan 13, 2012, 8:00 PM

[Edit] Commissions are on hold, I need to prepare for up coming con!
Please note me if you are interested in added on a waiting list ♥

So my laptop crashed around the end of 2011 (hence there was no update from me since then) so I took it to the shop after I tried a recovery disc because that didn't help at all.
After they ran some tests on my laptop, they told me that the harddrive on my laptop is completely dead.
Luckily I made a backup in November, but I lost all the data from December sadly;
And I ended up buying a new laptop... so I'm taking some commissions to help me pay for it haha;; any help will be greatly appreciated! ;v;

I'm offering something new this time since I don't think I will have the time to do the whole lineless CG for a while;
I'm doing a bust up...speed paint? experimental? thing I don't even know what to call them LOL;
Here are some samples how they will look like:

Experimental Lineless

:bulletblack: Bust-up
Happy Birthday Shuryou by f-wd White Cat by f-wd Commission: Laurentin by f-wd
Price: $18
Size: Drawn on 1200px tall canvas
Background will be something simple, like shown in the second sample
Only one character per image

I'm also taking these types of commissions as well!

Animated Blinking Chibi

LoX: Chibi Fynn by f-wd Chibi Saber Lily by f-wd
Price: $10
Size: Drawn on 500px tall canvas
Comes with a transparent background
Additional animation/item: +$1~5 depending on complexity
Max of 4 characters in one image

Mini Chibi

Mini Chibi Commission: Nyxtsuki by f-wd
Price: $5
Size: Drawn on 300px tall canvas
Comes with a transparent background
*Additional blinking animation/item: $1~3 depending on complexity
Max of 4 characters in one image

CG Lines

Max of 2 characters in one image

:bulletblack: Half Body:
Happy Birthday Ramen by f-wd Commission: Ayre by f-wd
Price: $18
Size: Approximately 1000~1200 px by 1000~1200 px depending on a pose

:bulletblack: Full Body:
Ratna by f-wd JK by f-wd
Price: $25
Size: Approximately 1200~1500 px by 1200~1500 px depending on a pose


- Paypal only
- Payment is in USD
- Please include your DA username when you are sending me the payment (this is so it's easier for me to organize the payment)

Please send me a note with a title "Commission" with filled out order form!

Order From

- Paypal e-mail address:
- Primary e-mail address:
(This is where I will send you a original sized 300 dpi  file)
- Type of commission:
- Reference image (s):
(Full body reference is required for animated chibi, mini chibi, and CG lines full body. Provide me a color palette if your reference image isn't colored)
- Brief description/personality about your character:
- Side comment:
(If you have any pose you want me to draw in, facial expression, any suggestions etc)


- For personal use only
- Everything except for animated blinking chibi (because it will be saved in a .gif format) will be saved as 300dpi
- You can order as many as you want!
- Price for additional character: Double the price for 2 characters, x3 the price for 3 characters, and so on
- I will notify you via note once I'm done with your commission and send you the full size image to your primary e-mail

If you have any question, please ask me in this journal or send me a note!

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this ♥


Mon Jan 2, 2012, 4:45 PM

And oh god thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!
I'm just so overwhelmed by the number of the birthday wishes I got haha// ;v;

And ahhh LOOK AT ALL THE GORGEOUS GIFTS I GOT :iconamgtouchplz:
Eeee they are all so beautiful, thank you so much for even taking your time to draw something for me, I'm so flattered and happy ♥ ;v;
Happy Birthday FWDDD by GarnetQuyenDinh HUPPY BORFDAY jan 1 by judaru
Happy Birthday Fwd by Hakiru
HBD fwd by twitchhhhh HBD Fwd by liveit247……

Thank you :icongarnetquyendinh: :iconxibxib: :iconjudaru::iconmiranda-h: :iconraburabbit: :iconhakiru: :iconkimqi: :icontwitchhhhh: :iconliveit247: :icondaenarys: I LOVE YOU GUYS♥
And thank you so much :icontwitchhhhh: for such a lovely Christmas (+Valentine's day HAHA) cards and cute drawings hehe//

Also showing off the gifts I got from the Secret Santa events I participated! *Q*
:thumb275466659: Yulla - Secret Santa for f-wd by Ninamo-chan
This was my best SS gifts!
Since I didn't get anything in return in the previous year ahaha;;

Anddd last but not least, thank you guys for the sweet birthday and New Year wishes!:iconkissingplz:

I had parties with my family on both 12/31 and 1/1 to celebrate New Year and my birthday!
I was pretty much eating all days LMAO
We had osechi and toshikoshi soba (some Japanese tradition food) on New Year's eve and had a BBQ party on 1/1 hehe *Q*

I hope you guys had fun partying and stuff too haha ♥
Oh and in other news, my laptop just crashed suddenly few days ago ahaha;
So right now I'm on my brother's old computer during the day/night and on my dad's laptop during the midnight so I can draw (since pen tablet doesn't work properly on bro's old PC)
I requested a recovery disc kit from HP so hopefully that will fix my laptop;;
So for now I have limited time to draw, so I'm not going to be too active until I get my laptop fixed...sorry ;3;
But at least it happened after I finished all the SS gifts /sob;;

Pro/Con Meme

Sat Sep 24, 2011, 4:34 PM

Ahaha because I've been curious and I want to improve too ;v;
If you could fill out the form below and give me your honest feedback/opinion/critique about my art,  I'd be really appreciate it <3
Be harsh on me please :iconimseriousplz:

I changed the form a bit because I can lmao
Added questions that I was wondering for a while

01. I like when you draw: ___.
02. I wish you drew more: ___.
03. I wish you drew more fanart of: ___.
04. I wish you drew more original art of: ___.
05. I wish you made a tutorial about: ___.
06. My favorite part of your work is: ___.

07. I dislike when you draw: ___.
08. I wish you drew less: ___.
09. Your art style is similar to:___.
10. My least favorite part of your work is: ___.

11. If I had to describe your work I'd say: ___.
12. If I had a question to ask about your work it'd be: ___?
13. Do you think my art is recognizable/unique?:___.
14. Does it bother you when I draw too many fanarts?:___.
15. The main strength & weakness of your work is: ___ & ___
16. Anything else?

Thank you very much for your time <3
If you don't have the time to/are uncomfortable answering everything, just answer the ones that you want ;v;
You guys must be tired of seeing this meme ahaha /joins the bandwagon always late

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Law of X Artbook

Tue Aug 2, 2011, 9:49 PM

Yes it is true, Law of X's very first artbook is currently underway! We have over 60 of our talented members participating, and an estimated 100+ pages of illustrations in this compilation.

In Law of X: Fashion Quarterly (LoX:FQ), you can see our characters modeling various fashion styles ranging from seasonal wear, to cultural wear, and just about all other types of styles you can think of.

But in order to make this a reality, we will need your help!

We will be using a website called Kickstarter to fund this project. By pre-ordering, you can earn limited edition rewards such as a set of LoX themed postcards drawn by the lovely yooani, and original LoX pins by group founder WikiME that won't be available at any other time. You will need an Amazon account in order to donate. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing program which will only fund us if we reach our goal. Therefore, if we don't reach our goal, your money will be fully refunded to you.

Unfortunately we don't have samples of the book yet because we have just launched this project. We intend to have the book done and printed in January if funding goes as planned, so you'll be able to see previews by December. Unfortunately, Kickstarter only allows us a funding period of 60 days, so pre-ordering ends on October 1 (and you won't be able to order any more of the special limited edition items after that). But if you advertise LoX:FQ on dA (during this pre-order period) and let us know with a link, we'll put your name into a raffle drawing for a free set of all the limited edition postcards and pins. Just send a note to toypanda and she'll put your name on the list.

We hope you're as excited as we are to get this project going!

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::star:✖LINK TO PRE-ORDERS & DONATIONS✖::star::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

Main Artists

Guest Artists

yeah :iconlaw-of-x: is going to publish an artbook!
a lot of you might have already seen this already but I'm spreading the love too <3
I'm so excited for the LoX artbook!

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Commission Price List

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2011, 2:24 PM

Hold Comms by Enjoumou
Commissions are ON HOLD
Please note me if you wish to be added on the waiting list!


:bulletgreen: CAN DO
- Original Characters
- Fanarts
- Furries/anthro
- Gore/violent/horror
- Armor/mecha (talk to me about it)

:bulletred: CANNOT DO
- Pornography/yuri/yaoi
- Realism
- Vehicles
- Detailed backgrounds


:pointr: Mini Chibi:

Price: $5
Size: 300 px tall
*Additional $1 for blinking animation (like in the sample)
**Addtional $1~3 for extra item (pet, weapon, plushie etc)
***Comes with a transparent background

:pointr: Animated Blinking Chibi:

Price: $10
Size: About the same size as sample (might be smaller/bigger depending on the pose/number of characters)
*Additional animation/simple item: +$1~3 depends on complexity
**Item that are more detailed or large pet will be a little more extra depending on complexity/size
***Comes with a transparent background
More samples are here:…

:pointr:Experimental Portrait
Happy Birthday Shuryou by f-wd White Cat by f-wd Commission: Laurentin by f-wd
Price: $18 (background included)
Size: Drawn on 1200px tall canvas
Background will be something simple, like shown in the second and third samples
Only one character per image

:pointr: CG Lines:

:bulletblack: Half Body
VolSa: Yullala by f-wd  Commission: syusaki by f-wd
Price: $20
Size: Approximately 1500px tall

:bulletblack: Full Body:
Commission: Laurel and Lorence by f-wd Commission: Shinome 2 by f-wd
Price: $30
Size: Approximately 2000px tall

Background: Comes with a transparent background (+$0) or simple background (+$1-3)

:pointr: CG Lineless:

:bulletblack: Headshot:
Red Rose by f-wd Commission: Amalia by f-wd
Price: $20
Size: Approx. 1200 px by 1200 px

:bulletblack: Bust Up:
TB: Origami Senpai by f-wd Commish: Ilquinis and Vharen by f-wd
Price: $30
Size: Approx. 1300 px by 1800 px

:bulletblack: Half Body:
Commission: Dionys by f-wd Commission: Domino by f-wd Commission: Mianne by f-wd
Price: $45
Size: Approx. 1500 px by 2000 px

CLOSED:bulletblack: Full Body:
Commission: Divine-Illuminance by f-wd
Price: $60
Size: Approx. 2000px by 3000px

*Background: No background (+$0) or a simple background ($3~5)

**More samples can be found in my gallery


PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
- Payment will be in USD
- Please pay me upfront; I will not start on yours until I receive your payment
- When you are sending me a payment through paypal, please include your DA name so I know who you are on paypal
- I don't do point commissions, sorry


Please send me a note if you are interested!
Please include the order form in your note

Order form:

- Paypal e-mail address:

- Primary e-mail address:
(I will send you the full size image there. If you don't provide it, I will send it to your paypal email)

- Reference images:
(At least one COLORED FULL BODY reference picture)

- Brief description/personality about your character(s):

- Type of commission:
(Mini Chibi / Animated Chibi / CG Lines (Half Body or Full Body) / CG Lineless (Headshot or Bust-Up or Half Body or Full Body)

- Side comments:
(if you have any pose you want me to draw in, facial expression, any suggestions etc)


- For personal use only

- Everything will be in 300 dpi (except for animated chibi because it will be saved as a gif file)

- Additional character: Double the price for 2 characters, x3 the price for 3 characters, and so on

- Maximum number of characters in the image: Max of 4 characters in mini chibi and animated blinking chibis, and max of 2 characters in CG lines and CG lineless

- I might charge you extra for a detailed design characters, such as armors/mechas

- If you want to have it done by certain date, let me know the due date so I can make it on time

- Keep an eye on the commission list on my front page because I always update it every time I start/finish commissions

- Please don't rush me; I have school and work so sometimes it's hard to find myself a time to draw

- Estimate time: For CGs I might take up to 1-2 months to finish, for mini chibis and animated blinking chibis I try to finish them within 3 weeks from the day I received your payment

- I will notify you via note once I'm done with your commission and send the full size image to your email


If you have any questions, ask me in this journal <3
Thank you very much!


Also, thank you so so much for all the comments, favs, and watches ;v;
I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply back to comments and thank you individually, but I always read and appreciate each and every one of them :heart:

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Tumblr + Tag

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 11:55 PM
GallerySketch AccountJournalNote meTumblr

yeah, I decided to make a tumblr too :la:
*joins the bandwagon a little late*

I'm thinking about using it as an art/sketch blog so you will see a lot of wip, sketches etc
this is actually my first time making a blog so idk how things work so I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some tips and what not ;v;
and if you guys have one, tell meeeeee <3


I was tagged by this awesome person :iconinsaneandroid:
lmao I did this tag like twice in the past but I will do it again because it makes me happy when someone tags me haha 8D

The Rules:
+ You must post these rules.
+ Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
+You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.

:bulletblack: I'm shy both in real life and online
:bulletblack: It makes me very sad when I see artists who are way younger than me but SO good orz
:bulletblack: I have this phase sometimes where I just want to stay away from people but feel very lonely afterward
:bulletblack: I tend to be an onlooker and listener (so unsocial rofl)
:bulletblack: I love to sleep. I sleep about 10 hours a day when I'm not busy
:bulletblack: I'm a night owl
:bulletblack:  I like "gap moe." it's like, my favorite character is Zidane, he looks girly but has very manly personality...yeah like that...baw idk how to explain it well D;
:bulletblack: I prefer reading mangas than watching animes
:bulletblack: I dog sit my friend's dog quite often, she is super cute *petsss*
:bulletblack: I decided to do one sketch per 1-2 day (hopefully with color). let's see how long I can do it

ahh idk who to tag so feel free to do this if you have time <3

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Dissidia Aces

Thu Feb 24, 2011, 1:15 AM
hey guys. my friends CocaKura, Rueme and I are hosting this awesome Final Fantasy themed art tournament so go check this out! :la:

I am a boss there as Noctis haha
CocaKura is Tidus and Rueme is Zidane (they took my fav FF characters *SOB*)
it's a tournament where you pick your favorite FF characters and compete other cool people!
the memebership is now open and the application is available for you to start before the tournament opens on March 3rd
if you are interseted, join this group and have fun with us! :la:


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and thank you very much for all the birthday wishes! :heart:
special thanks to GarnetQuyenDinh, PuiMei, WikiME, and Dima-Chan for wonderful gifts I am so happyyyy ;v;

also thank you so much for all the favs, comments, watches (I realized that I have +2k watchers omg) and all the support I really appreciate each and every one of them ;v;<3
I want to be more active and post more art on dA this year :la:

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Secret Valentine 2014

Thu Nov 18, 2010, 5:25 PM
My wishlist for :iconboys-exchange:
Thank you so much for inviting me!

Dear Secret Valentine
I'd be really happy if you could draw me any of characters below *v*


LoX: Fynn by f-wd

Blue Rose by f-wd
Feel free to come up with any clothe design for him!
Anything elegant, with blue roses, black and blue scheme

Shikina and Ruca by f-wd Pink Killer by f-wd……

:bulletwhite:More boysss
Purple Rose by f-wd Ratna by f-wd
Pokimono: Kamui by f-wd PokePalace: Zaine by f-wd


VolSa: Yulla by f-wd  VolSa: Yullala by f-wd
*Second image is revamped version, first image is for shoes reference

AMP: Kohaku by f-wd  Kohaku by f-wd

Same as Noir, I don't have a clothe ref of her so feel free to design your own clothing for her!
Anything elegant, with red roses, red/white/black color scheme

:bulletred: Azalei
She is my new OC,, she is still in development so she doesn't have a proper clothe reference yet;; So feel free to make new clothing for her! Color scheme: light blue, light purple, white, black
Some clothings I came up with, still not finalized +_+

:bulletred:Other girlsss


If you are comfortable drawing couples!

:bulletwhite: Noir and Aurora
Blue Rose by f-wd  Red Rose by f-wd
Again, have artistic freedom with their clothes *-*
Here are some SS gifts I've received of them to help you get some ideas!
SV: Aurora Noir by tooaya  Secret ILY_Noir and Aurora XD by Leirix
SS2013: To f-wd by ZenithOmocha

:bulletwhite: Fynn and Kelvin
LoX: Fynn by f-wd LoX-Kelvin Kingston by GarnetQuyenDinh
If you are okay with bromance//

I hope you can find a character you are comfortable drawing ;v;
Also please feel free to alter their outfits!

Thank you so much for taking your time, and Happy Valentine's Day :heart:

free requests are now closeddd
thank you everyone for taking your time to drop by to comment on my journal ;v;
it's great to see you guys again, I missed you a lot ;A;

here are 10 requests I chose:

1):iconhimichu:N (Pokemon BW)
2):iconkururu-pon: Yukito (OC)
3):iconpurple-prose: Lucrezia Benedetta (OC)…
4):iconpiece5113: Younger Adrian (OC)…
5):iconchristbellsisters: Kiri (OC) christbellsisters.deviantart.c…
6):iconfortranica:Kai (OC)…
7):iconretrozero: Augustus Nero Vivace (OC)……
8):iconcutebunnyyt: Midori (OC)…
9):iconhippys1n2: Calista (OC)…

10):iconmoemacaron: Uyu (OC)

all the requests were so interesting to draw bawww *sob*
I'm sorry I can't draw everything ;_;
I picked 10, which took me forever to pick, I was surprised I got this many requests
thank you guys, I'm sorry if I was unable to pick yours orz
that doesn't mean I didn't like your request, I hope you understand...;A;

GarnetQuyenDinh, Prowler19, HappehCakes, chiyoppoi, Sarsie, KOKORO-KISEKI, and Kimqi you awesome people are special
because you guys requested characters that are on my list of must-draw characters ;D
so I will defnitely going to draw those characters in the future :la:
(I've been meaning to draw them but I'm so slow haha orz)

those were:
:bulletblue:Kusuriuri in other form (Mononoke)
:bulletblue:Silverwing (OC)
:bulletblue:Ai Haibara (Detective Conan I'mnotaloliconIswear)
:bulletblue:Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion)
:bulletblue:Shiva (FFX)
:bulletblue:Ramza (FFT)
:bulletblue:Spice (OC)

thank you again :love:
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[Edit]I've tried what I could do, and things that you guys suggested me...but unfortunately, nothing really worked out
so I just called Office Depot and see if they could help me with it
and they told me that the only way to fix this problem is to use a Windows XP OS CD-ROM to recover it
(since yeah, I think I deleted some files in System32 folder, so smart right *sob*)
I am trying to look up on amazon and ebay for the CD, and hopefully it will work out

thank you so much you guys for all of your help ;v;<3
...but huh, does it mean I will lose all of my files when I reinstall Windows XP? D;


I'm very sorry for being not active again, I've been busy these days D;
...and on top of that, I have a problem on my PC right now*sob*

so, I was trying to clean up my PC to make some space in my C drive
I restarted my PC after that, and this message showed up on a black screen

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>/system32/hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

huh...I had to idea what hal.dll is, so I googled it using my bro's PC
and it seems like this error occurs when you are trying to install/upgrade to Windows XP
to fix this problem, you need to have a WIndows XP CD-Rom
...but I don't have that CD
so I tried to find a way to fix this hal.dll error thing, but I couldn't really find anything

all I can do on my PC right now is:
1)Hit ESC to change boot order and
2)Hit [f10] to enter Setup (PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility)
I can't even go to Safe Mode by hitting f8, and even when I try it will automatically shows up that system32/hal.dll message
some site told me to install an application but I can't even go to my desktop :/

...does anyone know how to fix this problem? ;__;
I'm like, have no knowledge of these types of thing and suck at PC setups and whatnot
I will really really appreciate it if you could help me, I am so desperate right now ;_;

I wish I could just use my brother's PC to draw, but his PC hates my tablet so much that it gets all weird even if I have the driver installed
so um, I won't be able to upload anything until I get my PC fixed
if not...idk what I would do, get a new PC?
but that means that I will lose all of my psd and jpeg files...

ahhh I'm so sorry for not being able to check everyone's deviations/journals and everything orz
and happy belated birthday to those of you who had your birthday while I was gone...I'm a terrible person *sob in the corner*
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I'm sort of scared but I will give it a try haha;
come and join me if you have time ;A; <3
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:iconrueme: just bought me a 1 year sub *SOB*
THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG :iconcryforeverplz:


I am opening a commission for a premium membership subscription

Please help me, I need a sub to join this group as a mod ;A;
Apparently, you can't be a mod of 3 or more groups when you don't have a sub
Which is...pretty lame orz

I hope some of you would be interested in commissioning me ;v;

Sub Commission

:bulletblue:A 3 month premium membership subsciption ($7.95 USD/636 points)
- A chibi with soft cell shading with lineart
- I can draw a small object with chibi, like a plushie (example:…)
- size: you will get 500px by 500px, 300dpi

You will get something like these

:bulletgreen:CAN DO
- Original character
- Fanart
- Animal/Pokemon
- Furry/Anthro
- Mecha

:bulletred: CANNOT DO
- Porn/naked
- Realism
can't do these on chibis, sorry

:bulletblue:Please send me a note if you are interested!
Please include the following in your note with a title "sub commission"

- At least one FULL BODY reference picture (no sketch, it must be colored)
- Brief description of the character
- Any comment/suggestion for pose, etc

for those of you who commissioned me earlier, I'm very sorry for the delay
I am working on them and trying to finish them as soon as I can
thank you very much for your patience ;_;

OH BTW, does anyone know if I would get kicked out from the group if my sub expires when I am a mod for 4 groups?


Hey guys, I’ve decided to open a chibi commission!

Chibi Commission

:bulletgreen:CAN do
-Original character  
-Mecha (but ask me/show me a reference pic first)

:bulletred: CANNOT do
-Realism (not on chibis, sorry)

:bulletblue:Prices + Samples
-15 USD per chibi (each additional chibis in one image will be 12 USD)
Size: 500px by 500 px, 300dpi jpeg for 1 chibi
Size vary by number of chibis in one image

-10 USD with less detailed non-human character like this…
*Ask me + show me your reference picture about this

-Full size of one chibi is: 800px by 800 px, 300 dpi

-Up to 3 chibis in one image, for now
-You can order as many chibis as you want~
-I will draw a background, please check my samples!

:bulletblue: Payments
-PAYPAL only
-I will give you my paypal email via note when I accept your order

:bulletblue: Ordering
Please send me a note if you are interested!

In your note with a title “chibi commission” please include the following:

-At least one FULL BODY reference picture
It would be nice if you can give me a large picture where I can see the details

-Brief description/info about character

-Background: any suggestion that you want me to do for a background
I might charge you an additional fee for a detailed background
If you don’t have any suggestion, I will draw it accordingly to your character’s design

-Anything else you would like me to know!

-For personal use only!
-Full payment first before I start working on your order
-You are always welcome to ask me for progress
-But please don’t rush me ;v;
-I will send you the finished jpeg picture when I’m done with your chibi
-You can ask me for a full size jpeg picture
-I will upload a smaller sized chibi pic on my DA gallery with a proper credit given


That’s about it!
This will be my first commission so I’m a bit nervous, but I will do my best *A*

If you are not sure about something, please feel free to ask me any questions on this journal or send me a note :la:
But please read my journal carefully before asking me a question!

Thank you so much! :love:
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:iconlastchildren: Chloe's formspring:
:iconpokimono: Kamui's formspring:…

I made a formspring for Chloe too, feel free to ask her any questions and RP with her!
I also RP via note and msn, so feel free to start RPing by note and/or ask me for msn address if you are interested in RPing with my OCs ;v;
I'd really really appreciate it if you would start it for me, because I'm a total noob at RPing so I'm not vert good at starting it off XD;

thank you for those of you who has been RPing with my OCs so far, I'm really happy that you guys are actually RPing with my OCs Kamui and Chloe
I was a bit worried if they don't make any friends, like my OC in AoH
(well that's because I never RPed in that group I guess, I'm very sorry Ratna D; )
Kamui has made a lot of friends so far, thank you guys! :love:
and I hope Chloe can make some friends too

so, Pokimono opens on 9/10 yay!
I'm very exciteddd
...I just hope my net doesn't die on that day ;__;

okayyy yeah, livestream

I was a bit interested having my own livestream and stream sometime?
I don't know if anyone will be interested, but I guess I will give it a try hopefully soon
probably sometime this week, whenever I feel ready haha

in other news, I will be a little less active on DA since my school has started
I still do check deviations but I don't have much time to fav+comment on everything, I'm sorry ;A;
(andd I'm sorry if I just fav and run orz)
but I do check everything and read all comments I receive even when I can't reply back to everything

thank you so much you guys for your surrport!
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sorry my net was dead for like 2 days ;A;
so if I disappear like this again, it usually means my net is dead so don't worry haha
(and this happens quite often ;_; )
I feel like I missed a lot of things...

btw I made a formspring for Kamui:…
feel free to ask him any questions, doesn't have to be for RPing :la:

okay tag time! yayyyy!
I love doing tags and makes me happy when someone tags me XD

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.

1. he looks unfriendly, but he cares and likes to help others

2. he likes sweets, but he doesn't want to let people know about it
so he would always make an excuse saying his sister likes them

3. he always have hard time starting a conversation, but he likes to talk (though he is shy and not very talkative)and meet new people.

4. If I could RP in Japanese with someone, I think I would make him talk with Kyoto accent.
(he talks in Japanese in my head since he is a Japanese lol)

5. he likes something soft and cute. If he happens to stare at someone's ears or tail, he wants to pet them lol

6. Sugar and tobacco addicted. He has an habit of licking and touching his lips when he doesn't have any of those

7. he is bisexual; he would love anyone regardless of their gender, race(pokemon?), religion, etc

8. he is pure, he doesn't even realize if he has a crush on someone or not

I tag:
:iconrueme: Flaren
:icongarnetquyendinh: your sexy Pokimono OC when you are done making it *v*
:iconxibanana: Saiko
...ehh I feel like most of people from Pokimono have done this meme already, so I tag anyone who hasn't done it yet

I don't even know if I'm allowed to do Pokimono memes since I'm not in the group yet lol but I want to do the heart chart thingie
so yeah here are pokimonos that Kamui has met so far

:bulletred:Umbre (c)Sadbloom: a first pokimono he encountered, he is getting along with Umbre well. it surprised him when Umbre pulled his cheek to make him smile, but he was happy that he made a new friend
:bulletred:Yuuhi (c)YujuSiblings: she makes him blush a lot, he starts to think that she is teasing him lol he started to have a little feeling toward her, but he is unaware
:bulletred:Dia (c)Inx9119: Kamui met her in the forest when she was lost in the forest sprinkled her ankle.
He took her to the trail so she can get back to her village.
:bulletred:Flaren (c)Rueme: a beautiful Flareon who Kamui bumped into accidently (yeah by me, I pushed himlol).
Kamui would like to meet him again, having a little crush but Kamui is unaware (Rue, we have to RP moreee)
:bulletred:Miyako (c)MisChibiOus: they just met *A*
:bulletred:Sora (c)Saawaa: a cheerful ninja he met in the forest.
Kamui likes talking with her, and every actions she does amuses him
:bulletred:Nono (c)twitchhhhh: Kamui found her when she was suffering from the heat in Firefield.
they are now eating some shaved ice together
:bulletred:Rio (c)TheMangaWitch: another cheerful ninja, reminds him of his younger sister somehow
:bulletred:Yuumei (c)hippys1n2: met at the Firefield, Kamui is showing where the inn is.
:bulletred:Houdin (c)RoMiNeItOr: they met at the forest, found her when she is being chased by her family?
now they are going to eat BBQ *A*
:bulletred:Alcyone (c)hyamei: he offered her some tobacco when she ran out of hers

so excited to join this group *A*
okay thanks for reading guysss *runs to reply back to comments/notes/formspring*
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Edit: requests are now closed, thank you everyone!
and here is the listttt

75)AniGami I hope I listed right ;_;
if you did write me a comment but you don't see your name, let me know!

I will do either 7 or 8, so that would be about 1/10 chance

and if there is a :bulletred: next to your name, that means I haven't received your request yet
please write a request here by tomorrow or I will have to remove your name from the list, sorry :/
because I haven't still decided if I'm going to do this secretly or not (like secret Santa, sort of)
if you are chosen and I don't have a request, I can't do yours that would ruin the fun XD

I was just checking my stats and realized that I have a little over 1k watchers I never imagined I would get this many watchers ;A;
thank you so much you guys! :happycry:

also thank you everyone for favs, comments and all the support, they mean a lot to me :love:
I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply back to all the comments like I used to
and sorry I might be slow at replying back;
but I read each and every comments I get, thank you so much! ;v;

so as a gift, I will be taking free requests! :la:
I will take about...5 or so
well depends on how many requests I get XD;
they will be done in oekaki so it's not that pretty, but that way I can draw more and much faster
you will get something like these:…
if you have specific request on how you want yours done, let me know
but I can't do something like full body CG because that would take me forever and can only do 1

:la:okay so here is the rules
:bulletblue:comment on this journal with what character you want me to draw
:bulletblue:only 1 character and only 1 request
:bulletblue:please include a reference picture if possible
:bulletblue:both fanart and OC are welcome

:la:how this works:
:bulletblue:everyone gets a number when you comment on this journal
:bulletblue:so let's say you were the 3rd person who commented here, you are #3
:bulletblue:I will make a list of numbers with your name and update this journal when I close so you know what your number is
:bulletblue:I will randomly pick 5 ( more/less, depends on how many requests I get)numbers using Random Number Generator
:bulletblue:I will announce who the lucky winners are!
(...or I might start drawing and post them in my gallery as a surprise gifts?
what do you guys think is better?)

anddd that's how it goes!
I hope that's clear?
sorry I suck at explaining haha XD

I think it's more fair for everyone to randomly pick number by using random number generator online I guess?
so I don't end up picking my close friends lolol

also thank you so much for those of you who commissioned me!
I have finished some and I'm glad you guys liked it ;v;
still working on the rest, thank you for your patience <3

special thanks to my friends CocaKura, Rueme, Miranda-H, and Kimqi for advertising for me!
I love you allllll
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I am back from Anime Expo!
wow my inbox is overflowing, I'm sorry if I missed anything ;A;
(well, I did miss signing up for classes for AoH orz)
thank you so much for all the comments, favs, and watches I really appreciate all of them!

it was the first time I've been to AX, it was SO fun!
I will write about it on next journal, I need to organize photos and such haha
but I can't make it look pretty because I don't have a sub sorry *sob* orz


in other news, I've finally made a sketch account!
I had been feeling so sorry for keep uploading my sketches and such on this account ;A;
I don't want to spam you guys, so I've decided to make a sketch account

so here it isss :iconfwdie:
come check it out if you are interested ;v;
I will be posting my doodles, sketches and stuff there
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