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Cirno's Day

I heard that September 9th is Cirno's day, so I decided to doodle her *Q*

Cirno from Touhou Project (c) ZUN
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So there is cirno day and byakuren day (dont know when THAT is). Are there any other character days?
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I know there were characters in One Piece where their code name were taken from holidays
Dissidia Aces characters were referred by numbers, like say 9/9 is a day for Zidane and Kuja since they were both from Final Fantasy IX

I'm sure there are a lot of character days, just that we don't know them all haha
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Yeah probably ^^ (9) day is obvious but everything else... Not so much except possibly reimu day which should be the touhou 1 release date
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My birthday is seriously the 9th of September. Talk about awesome coincidences.

Wait, does that mean I'm an idiot too?
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So. Cute!! ;o;
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she looks very cute :love:
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This is a doodle? D8 <3 *jealous of your skills* Cirno looks so pretty. <333
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Really cute! ^^
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the coloring is amazing :oooo
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I love the way you color! It looks amazing :wow:
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Youre really good at drawing eyes
safira94's avatar cute ^^
really love the blue color/colour (don`t know what`s right -.-) of her hair and eyes ^^
really beautiful :heart:
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Love it! Hardly a 'doodle' by my standards :D
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Yay more Cirno art! :D Wonderful work!
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this is so ethereal

too pretty
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Cirno ! Baka, baka, baka, baka ! ^^
Very nice picture !
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I like it its so cute ! ^^
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