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Geektool Screenshot May 2011

By f-tendon
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"It's been a loooooooong time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead."

My screenshot for May 2011, to celebrate the release of Portal 2 I thought I'd go for a Glados theme this month.

Wallpaper: [link]

Most of the Geektool scripts can be found here: [link]

The HDD Space and Battery Capacity diagrams are altered versions of this: [link] And are accurate indicators of what they represent. Go and check the guy out who made them, he's great.

The icons are by David Lanham: [link]

Think that's everything, any questions please ask.

Think I might have to sort my dock out soon

****Do you like Drum & Bass music? [link] have a listen!****

PS The fonts are very small, please click the picture to see full-size version
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I absolutely love this setup but i have a few questions.
1)what do you use for the smaller sections of white lines?
2)how/where did you get the battery icon on the rightmost part of the wallpaper that says 74%
3)what font are you using for this
Any way to take this ad export as a .glet? it would make setting up so much easier.

Thanks so much and LOVE IT!
Awesome desktop how can i make my desktop like it? Great Job!!!
What font are you using for the date ram/HD usage, etc.
And how did you do that battery at the right with the percentage below it?
I really admire your skills !
How did you get the dock to look like that?
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replacement of apple in menubar???
tdogmets's avatar
tdogmets's avatar
Nice! CHeck out my assassin's creed desktop! :P
holy shit this is amazing. do these scripts work in lion?
Really nice desktop. Mind me asking what font you used?
very nice how do i get this on my mac. thank you
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get the wallpaper from the link. download geektool. use the links above to create the geektool setup. the theme (it makes the menubar black) is called sog theme.
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I can't actually remember exactly where I got it but it's called a lambda, (it's the symbol representation of wavelength) and it's a pretty standard symbol. I think maybe I found it in a half life symbols pack here on DA. But it's pretty simple to draw too!
Where can I find the logo you used to replace the apple the menu bar?
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How did you get the Dock bar to turn black? Installed the theme, and that didn't change..
f-tendon's avatar
Use CandyBar to change dock and icons. You can just replace the dock image with any that you want.
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Nicely done. I especially like how the battery geeklet fits in with everything else.
f-tendon's avatar
Thanks, I replaced your PNGs in stages of 10 (I couldn't sit there and make 100 different ones!) And for the HDD one I just used EasyBatchPhoto to rotate and resize the originals.

Have you heard of NerdTool? I just moved over to it, fonts are displayed clearer and the UI is way better plus the memory footprint is so much lower, my Geektool setup was clocking at 330MB and now I have exactly the same setup running at 5.6MB, plus it's the same language so all the Geektool scripts still work :)
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Yeah I actually started with NerdTool and then moved over to Geektool. My setup is running 10MB of real mem and 30 virtual mem. Was the 330MB also virtual? Cause virtual can pretty much be discounted from the consumption.
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It's real mem as far as I can tell. Here's a screen of my Activity Monitor: [link]

It says Real Memory but I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, I'm not as tech savvy as perhaps I should be about this stuff.
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Wow, that's surprising… I haven't any issues like that. Did you see if it was accumulating memory consumption, cause if that is the case, there could have been a memory leak issue.
f-tendon's avatar
Yes it does seem to accumulate over time, so I guess it would be memory leakage like you say. I would have no idea how to fix that though! So as it stands now I have neither GeekTool or NerdTool running as NerdTool was also giving me problems with not starting up properly. Any more suggestions you have are most welcome!
gotteric's avatar
If you send me the scripts you were using, I could take a look and try to find something. The other thing you could do is go back to GeekTool and try taking out one GeekTool script at a time to find which one specifically creates the leak (and then send it to me and I can take a look)
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Haha, nice shot, love the wallpaper :)
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