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[arch] [bspwm] Desktop Feb 2015

So after nearly a month with BSPWM I have become more comfortable with it.  Bar-Aint-Recursive was the most challenging and took a lot of screwing around to get it how I wanted it.  In the end I forked earspl1t's bar and modified the conky file quite extensively.  Also altered my ever lasting wallpaper to suit the terminal colours a bit more and I also went back to ZSH again .. it's just too good.  As for programs displayed above they include inxi, dfc, htop, screenfetch, ncmpcpp, mutt and weechat.

The above screenshot shows two seperate screenshots.  The top is the clean desktop, the bottom is a fake busy desktop.  If you want to scrounge around my configs you can visit

PS.  Last week I also purchased a GTX 970, truly enjoying playing games on Linux with that card :)
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Sorry M8, i really need to understand how to set up this in my Arch xfce....
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Hello, as you put those colorful designs in inxi?
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Inxi does it by default depending on your .Xresources file
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Great :D
Just Amazing Love 
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Thank you sir :)
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amazing shot. love the font and the colors. bar is minimal and looks great, tried bar with herbstluftwm 2-3 weeks, but never got it how i wanted it. could you share four info scripts? cant find it on github.
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Thanks for the compliments, you can find the panel configs nested in the bspwm directory.…
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thank, but i think i keep on using awesome ;)

could you share your info script? shown on the bottom left of your screen ;)
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Just install in inxi from the repos :)
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really nice - very pleasing colour scheme >> that's a beast of a monitor, i could only fit like a quarter of your screen on my shitty laptop at a time
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Thanks fullfrontal.  The one problem with the monitor though is not all games like to behave at such a resolution - but I've come to terms with that.
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That a really wide monitor haha! The bar is just really really good!! The colors are easy on the eyes.
I don't know how people do it, Using titling WMs on such a big screen haha, I can never do it!!
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Thanks ObliviousGmn, truly appreciated.  Regarding my monitor - it is still 1080p so it isn't too bad.  But 4K with a tiling maanager might give me a headache ;)
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I have an 1080p as well. Yours must be a pretty sweet monitor though!

I always felt tiling is more for laptops than desktops. But it really depends on the user.
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