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Tardis cover for disposable coffee cups

By F-A
I'm not sure it fits any coffee cup, but I share the template anyway.

Check out my gallery for more DW-related printables.
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I'm a Barista for a well-known coffee company... I'm totally going to print this out on card-stock, mod-podge it to water-proof it and then glue it onto a sheet of felt... This will be my permanent, re-useable coffee sleeve! I'll let you know what sizes it fits and if you want, I can get the dimensions for all our cup sizes for you!
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I like your idea! Will you share a picture?
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Absolutely! Also, I have one of the double-walled, insulated cold-cup tumblers we sell, and you can take it apart to add whatever pictures and such you'd like. So I may be resizing the image to fit that!
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Thank you so much for this! Problem is, if I use one I wouldn't want to throw away the cup. :)
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Well, you could print more than one. ;)
Or you could buy a reusable cup and use this template:

But I know what you mean. The one on the pic above is still in my cupboard.
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That's just cool. I want to try it out.
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Thanks everyone! You are so very nice.

I'll try to get hold of cups in different sizes and expand the template.
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Well, you can. Just download and print. ;)
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I knew that. I promise. =D
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Such a cool idea and lovely design :) And it has a nice advertising point - bigger on the inside, more coffee than it seems :D
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OMG... Some freakish awesomeness has been bestowed upon us...
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That'll be great for the customer since it will be bigger on the inside for all of their coffee.
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Waiting for it. /slow-clap of approve
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