Apophysis Challenge #64
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It's been a very busy week, so I apologize that I haven't been able to review and comment on all the entries as much as I would have like to have done. As I stated last week, please remember to read all of the rules both for the challenges in general, as well as for the particular challenge that we are on. This will save you a lot of time in asking questions that are already answered. Also, please look through the journal before asking your question, as it may have already been answered. This does not mean that I'm not encouraging questions, but in the past two weeks I have been overwhelmed with questions where the answers are already plainly in view.

Our runner up for this week is SjerZ.

Winner & Feature

Cheshire Cat's Eye by FracFx
Congratulations to FracFx for the fine win!
Here are a few features from his gallery.
Sign Of The Minotaur by FracFx   Welcome To The Machine by FracFx
Clean Up Your Mess by FracFx   Megaman by FracFx <-- I love this one!!! :heart:

Challenge #63: Doubles

My Starry Night by jadenkanan   Magnify by Tibodo
Simple Doubles by allthenightlong   Dots by chibiamy
Chart by leguen   Apo Challenge 63-2 by Gerda1946
:thumb195214572:   Capillaries by EternalNight11
Challenge 63 by Lupsiberg   The New Zodiac Chart-ApoChal63 by marthig
63 by Astrantia01   Corniche by Prelkia
For Christian by FracFx   Inner city tensions by IDeviant
Tiling Stars by baba49   Chall 63 by DulcineaWW
Gyro by Zombie-Killer   Abstract-Callenge 63 by terforpova
God of Gates by Will3Style   Linear Spheres by wolfepaw


Voting is simple, and everyone is asked to give your say.
After you have reviewed the entries: choose one that you think held true and exemplified the particular challenge best. Send me a note with that artists name and a link to their fractal. One vote per person, per challenge. Voting ends with the next challenge deadline.


1.) Follow the challenge guidelines.
2.) Entries must be posted here in this journal, before deadline.
3.) Only one entry per artist.
4.) Keep postwork to a minimum (small adjustments/tweaks, watermarks)
5.) Parameters must be made available upon request.
6.) Parameters need to be posted in your entries comments, or in a comment underneath, not on the journal page.
7.) Have fun!!!

Challenge #64


It's been quite some time since we've had a theme challenge. (At least as far as I can recall! ;))
This week's theme is Sand. It's up to you how you're going to interpret this, and there are absolutely no restrictions. We want to see some sandy fractals! I wish you the best.

As always, have fun, and stay thirsty my friends!
Deadline: Sunday, February 6th 11:59pm (EST)

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My submission: Glint

The glint of the sun off a grain of sand.
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my sandy contribution :D [link] sand as far as you can see :D
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
I am dying to see the rest of the submissions, (*) I laughed when I saw the title of Jean-Marc's submission, my "dunes" are from Mars :rofl: :giggle:
So here is my Martian Sand Storm
(*) I almost never look at the submissions before finishing my own work, because I know I will feel very ashamed at my "newbieish" results :D and might end up not submitting anything :blushes:
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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
This is my entry for Challenge #64 [link]
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leguenProfessional Digital Artist
Another sandy entry :lol:
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My entry for Challenge #64[link]
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piethein21Hobbyist Digital Artist
wohoe im on time this time :D
and IN :D

here is my entry :
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f--l--A--r--kProfessional Digital Artist
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:party:Congratulations :iconfracfx: :spotlight-left::trophy::spotlight-right::winner::#1:
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Congratulations to :iconfracfx: and :iconrubberbiscuit: :clap::clap::clap:

My sand entry [link]
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Entry for Challenge #64: [link]
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muzucyaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is my entry for Apophysis Challenge #64 [link] :wave:
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Gerda1946Hobbyist Digital Artist
After a lot of struggling here is some dirty sandy beach [link]
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Congratulations to :winner: :iconfracfx: :winner: and :iconrubberbiscuit:! :clap:
I live in the high mountains and sand is hard to find for me ;) so no entry from me this week! :D
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
Hmm Sine :no: that sounds like "fibbing" to me :D :giggle:
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:lol: There you have me, dear Martha! :lol:
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
Oops, sorry for that :hug: But it's OK we will all still love you :D :blowkiss:
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allthenightlongHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to the winner and runner up :clap::clap:

My entry for challenge#64 .... ... i must finish now, because i became sand between my teeth :D

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My entry for challenge #64, and congrats to the winner and runner up too.

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Congratulations to the winner :clap:
my entry: [link]
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KaraOhkiHobbyist General Artist
Hi, this is the first fractal I've made in at least a month, if not more: [link] , but this challenge sounded like fun and I needed to get out of the doldrums.
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