Apophysis Challenge #52
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Congratulations everyone! We have successfully completed a whole year of Apophysis Challenges!!!
You all deserve praise for the hard work and ingenuity put forth over this past year. We've come a long way from the original challenges, and it appears we have a great road ahead of us. We have some incredible entries for this weeks judging.

For our special anniversary challenge, in addition the the normal feature given the winner, we'll have more prizes!!!
I'll be donating a one month premium subscription.
marthig will be giving both a feature to the winner and an animated stamp.
If anyone wishes to provide any other prizes, please note me and I'll add them to our list.

marthig has compiled a wonderful news article on the challenges.

Winners & Features

Sierpinsky Squares by wolfepaw
wolfepaw has come up with an amazing coloring on her piece.
Featured pieces from her gallery:
Loonie Bin by wolfepaw   Waves of Bone by wolfepaw
Almost Stained Glass Spirals by wolfepaw   Some Old Thing by wolfepaw

Watching by YewTree
YewTree tied for wonderful coloring and structure on her entry.
Now Serving Sliced Fruit by YewTree   Sapphire Drop by YewTree
Happy To See You Too by YewTree   Effective Scope - 2 by YewTree

Challenge #51 - Spherical/Disc

Apo Challenge 51 - Hope by Gerda1946   Something In The Pipeline by zweeZwyy
Typhoon by EternalNight11  :thumb185024768:
Be careful with your heart by Astrantia01   ApoChallenge 51 by Prelkia
seven by innac   Paprika by heavenriver
Sunflower by jadenkanan   Challenge 51 by kr0mat1k
Challenge 51 by Lupsiberg   Null and Void by timemit
Orange light by DulcineaWW   Synthetic by grimpotamus
A-twist-of-orange Chal51 by marthig   Pink Inside by baba49
Challenge_51 by Escara40   Ruby - Challenge 51 by Brigitte-Fredensborg
Arachnia's Abode by hyperblade416   Ancient Mosaic Shell Box by YewTree
Yawn by buddhakat9   The Portal by wolfepaw


Voting is simple, and everyone is asked to give your say.
After you have reviewed the entries: choose one that you think held true and exemplified the particular challenge best. Send me a note with that artists name and a link to their fractal. One vote per person, per challenge. Voting ends with the next challenge deadline.

1.) Follow the challenge guidelines.
2.) Entries must be posted here in this journal, before deadline.
3.) Only one entry per artist.
4.) Keep postwork to a minimum (small adjustments/tweaks, watermarks)
5.) Parameters must be made available upon request.
6.) Parameters need to be posted in your entries comments, or in a comment underneath, not on the journal page.
7.) Have fun!!!
Challenge #52

To celebrate this week, we're going to have an "easier" challenge. This one was in my "suggestion box", but I sent it to myself, so I apologize if someone suggested this and I'm not giving credit where it is due.
Our challenge this week is entitled: "Heavy Weights".
Very simple rules, let's see what we can come up with.
  • All transforms must have a weight of "25" or higher
  • Minimum Transforms: 3
  • Final Transform: Allowed
  • Variations: Any

Have fun and enjoy this special week!
Deadline: Sunday, November 14th 11:59pm (EST)

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My entry, late but here.
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EternalNight11Hobbyist General Artist
My entry for #52: [link]
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
I was running out of time, had problems with the renderer I added, will ask for help on that on another thread. Now my submission. I was not part of the "crowd" of Apo Challenges when they started, therefore I missed the first "rings2 and Julia combination" and HAD to try it ... so ... Here is my "Back to the Past" :hug:
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Entry for Challenge 52 - [link]
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zweeZwyyProfessional Digital Artist
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hyperblade416Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to everyone on a wonderful year of fractal challenges! Let's look forward to another great year! :D So here is my entry: [link]
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
:wave: Thank you for yet an other challenge :hug: Here my submission [link] :heart:
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My entry for the Challenge #52 [link]
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My entry in ch.52 [link]
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Escara40 General Artist
My entry for challenge # 52 [link]

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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
This is my entry for Challenge #52 [link]
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Entry for Challenge #52[link]
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This is my entry for challenge #52: [link]
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Congratulations to the winners! :iconcheerplz:
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congrats to both winners, Peggi & Iwona...
congrats to Stan for keeping this going for a whole year!!!
congrats to all participants who also keep this wonderful challenge fun!!!
and thanks, Martha, for the excellent news article, looking back at the year!!!
looking forward to another year...
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heavenriverHobbyist Digital Artist
My entry: [link]

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Escara40 General Artist
Congratulations to both winners :clap: :iconcheerplz: :clap:
your flames are really beautiful :nod:
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to the winners and to all who submitted their great work :clap:
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Actually, you deserve congratulations for a whole year of Apo challenges - bravo and thanks for doing such a great job with this!

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f--l--A--r--kProfessional Digital Artist
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Wooh!! :w00t: Thanks everyone for your support. It is the first time I won anything and I am honoured to be in winner's row with Wolfepaw.

So big congrats to Peggi :winner: whose entry I was blown away by the moment I saw it.
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Gerda1946Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my entry for challenge 52 [link]

Have fun all!!
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Gerda1946Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used 3 transforms with weights of 25, 50 and 75.
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:winner: Congratulations, Wolfepaw and YewTree! :winner:
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