Apophysis Challenge #51
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What an exciting week! Who would have guessed that the Oakland Raiders would win 2 in a row!?! And such big wins at that. I can't wait for KC next week. :D

We have had a lot of positive feedback on the recent Pushing the Envelope challenge. I'm glad that you are all enjoying the extra challenge. Please keep in mind that next week marks the 1 year anniversary of Apophysis Challenges! If you have any suggestions, ideas, donations, etc... please let me know asap. It really is a big thing...it's huge!, and every one of you who have been participating deserve to be celebrated for the strong effort you've been putting in. I'd really like to provide some prizes for the winner of the challenge next week, so any donations or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Just drop me a note.

I have some more exciting news coming in just a while. Things need to be solidified first, then I'll share with all of you. ;)

The judging will be fierce this week with all of the great entries for Pushing The Envelope 2. Take your time in making your decision. Make sure that the entry held up to all the criteria and did a good job of coloring. I must commend all of you who have been voting too, we're seeing record numbers in the amount of votes for each challenge!

Our runners up for Challenge #49 tied: zweeZwyy & DulcineaWW.

Winner & Feature

Mandelbrot Homage by Brigitte-Fredensborg
:iconbrigitte-fredensborg: has a wonderful winning entry. Amidst some very fun emoticons you'll find incredible fractals housed within her gallery. Give Brigitte-Fredensborg's gallery a browse, and you'll be sure to have your fractal buds tickled.
WP Bubble Spiral by Brigitte-Fredensborg   WP Blue Moon by Brigitte-Fredensborg
Mehdi Flower by Brigitte-Fredensborg   Mandelbrot Heart by Brigitte-Fredensborg
Challenge #50: PTE 2

:thumb183900385:   Sierpinsky - Challenge - I by baba49
Baba 49 Challenge 50 by Prelkia   Apo Challenge50 by timemit
Twain Couples of Dyad Duos by mario837   Cross Mosaic by EternalNight11
Sumatran Ikat by zweeZwyy   Challenge 50 by Astrantia01
House On Fire by fractal2cry   Soggy Fall by grimpotamus
Apo Challenge 50 by Gerda1946   Magic Carpet Ride by heavenriver
Neque by zephyrtronium   Coffee by DulcineaWW
Sierpinski Carpet II by terforpova   Challenge 50 by Lupsiberg  
Challenge_50 by Escara40   Not So White Wall's by jadenkanan
Watching by YewTree   Sierpinsky Squares by wolfepaw


Voting is simple, and everyone is asked to give your say.
After you have reviewed the entries: choose one that you think held true and exemplified the particular challenge best. Send me a note with that artists name and a link to their fractal. One vote per person, per challenge. Voting ends with the next challenge deadline.

1.) Follow the challenge guidelines.
2.) Entries must be posted here in this journal, before deadline.
3.) Only one entry per artist.
4.) Keep postwork to a minimum (small adjustments/tweaks, watermarks)
5.) Parameters must be made available upon request.
6.) Parameters need to be posted in your entries comments, or in a comment underneath, not on the journal page.
7.) Have fun!!!
Challenge #51

Spherical/Disc Challenge
This weeks challenge is brought to us by heavenriver. It is her first tutorial, and a very versatile one at that.
As usual, our tutorial challenges have a very small list of rules.
  • Learn the style and technique of the tutorial
  • Make it your own

I see a ton of potential available in this technique. Have fun with it!
Apophysis Spherical-Disc Tut by heavenriver
Deadline: Sunday, November 7th 11:59pm (EST)

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congrats to :icondragonfly113: on your challenge 50 win!!!

after too much Apo playing, I've finally decided to enter [link] ...

best of luck to all - hope everyone had as much fun with this tute as I did!!!

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My Entry for Challenge #51: [link]
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hyperblade416Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes! I made it in time! :D Here we go! [link]
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My entry in the Challenge '51 [link]
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Escara40 General Artist
My entry for challenge 51 [link]

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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the new challenge :bow: [link]
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
My Orange twist in case anyone cares or need one for a cocktail :D :dance:
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timemitStudent Digital Artist
here we go :D
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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
This is my entry for Challenge #51 [link]
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My entry for the challenge #51 [link]
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my entry here [link] .
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heavenriverHobbyist Digital Artist
My entry: [link]
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My entry in Challenge 51 [link]
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My Entry for 51 Challenge[link]
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This is my entry for challenge #51: [link]
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iuliasanHobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my entry for #51: [link]
Thank you, good luck to all!:wave:
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EternalNight11Hobbyist General Artist
My entry: [link]
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heavenriverHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh yeah! A feature for my tutorial and a challenge based on it! Great. I was looking forward to it. Thank you Stan! Uhm, can I still enter the challenge even though I'm the author of the tut? :D
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f--l--A--r--kProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, your entry will still count. :)
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heavenriverHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! Thanks. I'll get working then!
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zweeZwyyProfessional Digital Artist
:ahoy: Here's Something in the Pipeline [link]

:w00t: :iconcongratssignplz: :icondragonfly113: :iconcongratssignplz: :w00t:

:iconthank-youplz::iconglompsomethingplz: :iconmarthig::iconlemmeglompyou2plz: :iconthank-youplz:
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Gerda1946Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here is my entry for challenge 51 [link]
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