Apophysis Challenge #150
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We've made it! 150 Challenges!!! :party:
Congratulations everyone. What a huge milestone to reach. :w00t:

Before we get to this week's challenge, lets take a look at our winner from #148 and the newest entries from last week's challenge.

The runners up in challenge #148 are baba49 & allthenightlong.

Winner of Challenge #148 & Feature

Propulsion by apomaker
Check out this fun piece by apomaker. Congratulations on the win!
Random Play #3 by apomaker    Center Reflection by apomaker    Laced Chocolate by apomaker    Juliascope_Crackled 138 challenge by apomaker

Challenge #149: Find the Sweet Spot

harvest by kimsmile    ApoChallenge 149 Sweet by GraphicLia    Almost Ideal by allthenightlong
Infinty by Dawgit    Matisse Whorl_149 by auntDevi    Meteors by snupi988
sweet spot by rsidwell    Lemon Burst by apomaker    Sunny day by thargor6
Apo Challenge 149-1 by Gerda1946    Marina a fractal woodwork - ApoChallenge 149 by marthig    Surchauffe by Prelkia
Challenge 149 by Lupsiberg    Bubble Chamber by deepbluerenegade    Polestar Cerise by Loren-MacGregor
Separate ways by innac    Chaos Hive by Ddsp11


Voting is simple, and everyone is asked to give your say.
After you have reviewed the entries: choose one that you think held true and exemplified the particular challenge best. Send me a note with that artists name and a link to their fractal. One vote per person, per challenge. Voting ends with the next challenge deadline.


1.) Follow the challenge guidelines.
2.) Entries must be posted here in this journal, before deadline.
3.) Only one entry per artist.
4.) Focus on Apophysis, keep postwork to a minimum (small adjustments/tweaks, watermarks, no frames)
5.) Parameters need to be posted in your entries comments, or in a comment underneath, not on the journal page.
6.) Entries must be new works for the specific challenge and not previously designed or uploaded.
7.) Usage of dc_image plugin is not allowed unless expressly called for in the specific challenge guidelines.
8.) Have fun!!!

Challenge #150

Way Back

This week's challenge is going to feature just a few variations. The trick here is that you must choose the direction you will take. Your fractal must include the linear variation, and only one of the three options to follow: bubble, hyperbolic, or eyefish. You have free reign over the transforms this week, but are limited to using only the linear variation and the other of your choice. Some amazing fractals have been created over the years with just two variations, and now I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

Quick recap:
  • Only two variations allowed.
  • Linear is required.
  • Choose one from: bubble, hyperbolic, eyefish.
  • No other restrictions on transforms or limits.
  • Final FX is allowed, within the limits laid out above.

As always, have fun and stay thirsty my friends!
Deadline: Monday, October 1 11:59pm (EST)

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Portador-de-TormentaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hope I'm still on time, didn't want to miss Challenge 150!! congrats. Entry: [link] now back to bed
Loren-MacGregor's avatar
Phew. Sneaking in just in time with my Way Back entry: [link]
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marthigHobbyist General Artist
Yeahh! We are finally here :iconyeeplz: !
So, here is my Wisteria (o Wysteria) couldn't get it to have that beautiful perfume of the original flower but I guess we'll have to do without it :shrug: :icongigglesplz:
All the best to all of us participants and good luck to the winner :iconthumbsup2plz:
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My entry for Challenge#150 [link]
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MortemXIIIHobbyist General Artist
My entry: [link]
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Was really fun and using bubble seemed to be the most challenging way, so here is my entry: [link] :-)
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snupi988 Digital Artist
My entry:D [link]
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SaTaNiAHobbyist Digital Artist
This news is feature in my last article : This week in my MC
:hug: :hug:
f--l--A--r--k's avatar
f--l--A--r--kProfessional Digital Artist

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My entry for #150 [link]
Dawgit's avatar
My Entry for Challege 150 [link] So many options. It was fun. I went with minimal 2 Transforms Linear Hyperbolic
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apomakerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you all for all of your amazing support and well wishes. I am very touched! Here's my contribution for the 150th challenge! [link]
GraphicLia's avatar
Congratulations :iconapomaker: On the win and :iconbaba49: & :iconallthenightlong: On runners-up!

My entry for the 150th! :) [link]
GraphicLia's avatar
No wonder I was having a hard time! I thought it was two transforms and an optional final. :D Doubly challenged.
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:iconcongratssignplz: to :iconapomaker: for the win :winner: and also to each runner up.

My entry for this week [link]
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allthenightlongHobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to :iconapomaker: for her win :winner: and to :iconbaba49: and thank you all for voting mine and your kind words!
my entry [link]
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LupsibergHobbyist General Artist
Congratulations to :iconapomaker: :winner: and the runners up :iconbaba49: :clap: and :iconallthenightlong: :clap:

This is my entry for Challenge #150 [link]
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deepbluerenegadeHobbyist Digital Artist
Here is mine [link]

Molly : )
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Gratz to Apomaker and her nice piece of Art :winner:

And here comes my entry for #150

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Gerda1946Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my #150 entry [link]
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jemgirlHobbyist Writer
:party: Congrats to all the winners and all of us for sticking by :iconf--l--a--r--k: to make it to number 150! :party:
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Lupus-deus-estProfessional Artist
Ohmy! Something to do when i get home from work... an excellent distraction!
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grebnedlogHobbyist Digital Artist
Now, why did nobody tell me about this?

I'd better get started!
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