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Love it!!! So detailed. Keep up the good work! Clap 
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:D Thank you very much!
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Your very much welcome. :D (Big Grin) 
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hi - i am thinking of talking to you about a book cover and asking you how it may be possible to use this. do you have this at a higher resolution? please reply to
Anyone got any info on why my stash isn't working?
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Still no higher resolution wallpaper?
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I've made a larger version + a widescreen version available here: [link]
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Unfortunately no. I've got to find a way to keep the image from being used in print and online while not destroying it's beauty. I was going to go with a small watermark in the corner, but people are in the habit of just clipping those out. Just yesterday, another artist had uploaded a fractal the day before, and while searching Google, he saw that a student at Stanford had already stolen his image, and used it in a promotional poster for the college. This type of theft is all too common.

While I completely enjoy my artwork and the process, it's also my main source of income to care for my family. It puts me in a very difficult position. :( I've even had my artwork stolen and used as companies logos and in their websites! Just think if they would have paid a small licensing fee, how much easier it would be on both sides (no lawyers fees, more time to create artwork, food on my table, no hassle for the company, etc).

I don't really even mind if the pieces I make available for wallpapers end up on other wallpaper sites, but they rarely if ever give credit or link back to the original. And more often I've seen that other people steal the work and claim it as their own. I have documentation of this particular image being claimed by 4 other "artists" as their own and being sold for more than I'm asking for it on my own website. I also have seen this very image being sold as cell phone wallpaper, which I never gave approval for. Again someone else stole it and presents it as their "art". It's incredibly discouraging.

Please check back at the first of the year as I may have a solution then.
For those of you using as a wallpaper, did you get a version without the watermark?
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You can now download this wallpaper here: [link]
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Watermarked version is all that's available for the moment. I'm working on a solution to this problem right now. People keep stealing this image and then selling it. I'm trying to prevent that. I apologize for the inconvenience...
isn't the version larger than 800x600 available for download?
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Larger version + widescreen version available here: [link]
f--l--A--r--k's avatar
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any chance of this in 1680x1050?
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High res and widescreen versions are now available here: [link]
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beautiful, though a higher resolution would be nice
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Higher resolution of this piece is now available here: [link]
reminds me of electric sheep. However, this is much more detailed and cleaner. love it.
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