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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes everyone!! ;-; I've read them all but I just couldn't think of more creative reply than thank you but I appreciate all of them!! I've received a lot of gifts and bday wishes from people over the world and it's such a special thing that I'll treasure forever ;-;

Life Updates
The reason why I've become inactive again is because I've been occupied with summer school work, which I totally underestimated, because I had to work on behalf of a few people and get fewer sleeps every night (unwillingly, of course...) while still working on commissions every chance I have some free time! If any commissioners are reading this, I'm sorry for being late but I'm close to finishing all of them! ><;
I've finally got some free time since I've done my part of the project! It's time to toss all the work to some people who have been avoiding it, hehe :3
Long time no see deviantART! Hope you guys are all enjoying the holiday!! I'm sorry for going on hiatus without any announcement since things got extremely busy this past semester. Now that I've got the holiday I've been waiting for (I just got my holiday this saturday....) I can finally start writing a journal again.

People who follow my tumblr will know that I've finished a few CGs during my hiatus break but I didn't post them on deviantART because of my lack of motivation (dA is kinda...pressuring and I don't really know why) I'm going to post all of those on dA soon!

Commissions issues:
I planned to reopen commissions during holidays since back in August but seems like I might have to cancel that plan because I am forced to go on a vacation overseas from December 22nd to January 4th and second semester starts just a week after that so I'm not very confident I'll be able to take them. 
I actually wanted to do so this week but I don't want to make anyone wait for 2 weeks of no contact so I decided to just keep it closed until next year ;_; I'll try my best to reopen it before second semester starts!

Sorry for such non cheerful journal during holiday season but I hope you guys are enjoying the break!
It might be really hot for some of you or very cold in most places but I hope you all enjoy this year until its end and welcome the new year with joy!! :heart:

I've been dead from the internet for a while now and I just happened to have day-off from uni today and got notified that I got another Daily Deviation!?!? ;-;

Fallen by ezroseven
Oh my gosh thank you so much :iconginryuzaki: for suggesting and :iconvelcake: for the feature!! It really means a lot for me to get featured!! ;-; Thank you everyone so much for the lovely messages! I'm sorry that I'm very slow with replies but I've already read every single one of the comments!!
and hey, anonymous deviant...why are you hiding!! Thank you so much for the premium membership, too! ;v;

I'm sorry for my inactivity lately because all I have been doing is working on a single project....I can't remember the last time I slept on the bed haha...I just pass out working...
The project hasn't ended yet but I had to always show my work progress to the professors so I really can't slack off! December hurry up and give me a break alreadyyyyyy

Another news I never mentioned is that I contributed my art to this charity art book!! Please go check it out!! ^o^/
I will post a preview later when I have more time ;v; day-off of uni is almost ending....
Hello dA, it has been a year since I had taken commissions. Things had been very busy so I couldn't do it last holiday, sorry for those who have been waiting! ><; 

Every commissions will be
- Painted digitally with simple background. I don't do transparent background
- Maximum of 3 characters per picture
- Price can increase depending on the complexity of the design
- You'll receive the commissions in US letter size at 300 dpi with no watermark

Prices are in USD per character
If there are more than one character in a picture, prices can be discussed

Waist up $35
Emerald Soldier by ezroseven  Warm Heart by ezroseven
Thigh up/Half Body $45
  Ringabel by ezroseven
Full Body $55
It's alright by ezroseven Scattered Imaginations by ezroseven

Additional Background to any commission type +$5 to $10
(Simple things like grasses, skies and grounds. I won't draw buildings.)
Heartful by ezroseven Fallen by ezroseven

- OC  / Fanart
- PG13 (e.g. mild kissing, cuddling, slight ecchi)
- Couple/BL/GL
- Young child to young adult
- Animal ears and horns
- Chibi creatures (e.g. chicks, chibi cats)
I WILL NOT DRAW (I'd rather not draw them than do a bad job ;; )
- R15 and R18
- Anthro/Furry
- Mechas, Weapons (negotiable), Armors (If it's just some parts we can discuss)
- Very masculine man, uncles and old people

Refer to my gallery on what I usually draw!

Payment is via PAYPAL ONLY

How to order:

Send me a note or an e-mail with the subject "Commission" to with the form below

   Commission Type: (Waist up, Thigh up or Full Body)
   Paypal Address:
   Contact E-mail (optional):
   Character(s) name(s) & References:  The more detail you have the more accurate my painting will be!
   Additional Comments: Say anything you want here! This is where specific info of your request is too.
   Please let me know if you would like to see a sketch for approval or not.

-     If I accept your request I'll reply your note with the total price and my paypal e-mail
-     I'll only start the commission after I have received at least half the payment
-     I'll finish the commission within a week or two and I'll inform you if I'll be later than that
-     If you really need the commission to be done quickly, please let me know!
-     I'll send you a sketch for your approval of the composition and pose. If you don't need to see the sketch please let me know to save the time
-     Be reminded that this is a painting so the final result could be slightly different from the sketch but it's usually pretty minor,  I'll send you a wip upon request!

*****You'll receive the high resolution file of the final picture with no watermark on it!*****


-     I only accept visual references. I'm not very good at drawing from text description and if it means I have to design the character myself, I can't accept your request sorry! ;;
-     If you're having trouble drawing some part of the references, you can google up some images and show them to me!
-     Don't feel offended if I declined your request, I'll tell you the reason and you may send another request any time!
-     Commissions are for personal uses only. Please do not use commissions for commercial purpose and do not claim that you made it ><;;

Feel free to ask any questions!!

1) Mekasha Finished
2) countercanon Finished
3) arcanium Finished
4) tsunyandere Finished
5) Rinslettuce Finished

My schedule is a mess right now but feel free to reserve a slot!
This is my last semester at university so I'd like to focus on it first, sorry for the wait! ><;
1) lainey-nesu
2) Yullala
3) Kitayame
Hello there guys,
I haven't wrote a journal in a while I'll try to write briefly

first thing first.... OH MY GOD GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SWEET MESSAGES. I was so surprised I decided to check dA like usual and then there are suddenly lots of messages in a day I literally cried in public ;-; Thank you so much!!

I'll be out for a trip for 3 days so I'll reply to everyone properly after I came back which is by Monday, sorry to make you wait for now ;o;

My current art status:


Art Trade Status - Finished all of them!!

:iconglaciesclover: - Done!…
:iconnimie: - Done!
:icontandra-fox: - Done!

My next journal's going to be a commission info!

Thank you very much for your time! Leave comments if you have any question!!
1. I won't be touching my wordpress blog anymore

2. I became a tumblr addict already

3. My holiday lasts until January 22nd...However, don't expect me to update more frequently than usual because I'm still my usual lazy self

4. Enjoy your holiday! (if you already have it)
4.5 Good luck on your finals! xD

ezroseven :dance:

There are only a few works posted but I will try to post as much as I can though
You an talk to me as much as you want and I always read the comments :).
Well, I draw a lot of pictures everyday but they are mostly just sketches or unfinished CGs
Posting them on deviantart is quite...not good
so which blog website should I use? Or should I just stick with deviantart instead?

p.s. I'm still very busy with university projects, if I reply very late please forgive me ;_;
Well, it's been a week since I started first semester(-ish) in university which I was accepted since March.
I am currently studying architecture, a very hard subject with very demanding projects.

I usually get very little sleep because of these projects and I rarely have any free time to actually work on my CGs
I still draw everyday though, it's just that I don't have time to clean or color them.

I hope you all understand me as I'm really busy these days (;w; )
I will try my best to submit something worth posting here while not dropping my projects' quality too!!

ezroseven :love: