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Adopt Design Ideas?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2018, 10:35 AM
Hiya guys!

i'm looking to be a bit more active on DA cause I basically havent been for the past few months/year ;o;

so-! I would love to make some designs/adopts (some will be offer to adopt/draw to adopt/etc.)

just want to ask, if anyone has any ideas, or any adopts themes they like? I have a few in mind such as fusions, elemental, fantasy, holiday, etc.

do you guys prefer adopts with or without story?

looking forward to all the suggestions, thanks everyone! :)

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thanks for joining me and watching!
Hiii everyone! Hope you're all doin' well! :D I'm trying to expand on making a lot of things/art-wise in general.. so please tell me what you would like to see in terms of commissions, etc?

What style are you most interested in exploring?

Enamel pins?? ;u;

and would you guys want something more affordable? If so, what price range? I'd try to match my style/work to the price c:

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I'll slowly get through all these okay! I just need a lil time to look at <3 Thank you guys for helping
i want to express myself really badly thru a personal character (one that i can really connect with for once) but I NEVER HAVE ANY IDEAS CAUSE I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW MYSELF WELL ENOUGH?? :[


i went through a really hard time in life through my first half of college (2 years ago?) and i felt like i didn't know what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, etc. I was going through bad anxiety, depression and stress.
I ended up dropping out, having my bf move in with me and freelancing art. I'm in a much better place now and recovering steadily and happily!

So now I really want to make OCs for myself BUT I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. I really want to express myself through art.


and I think I have some attention problem.. It's literally taken me 2 days to type this out lol
..but it's been awhile since I made a long vent-y journal about it..

Thank you guys for reading ♥
- ezpups
500 points or $5 paypal!

Please don't pay via Paypal until I've confirmed your commission!
Note me or use the widget on my page <3
I made an fA cause it's easier to get work there sadly :'>…
(also follow me on twitter: )

I will still post here tho! :D

Also later today i might be taking traditional sketches on my twitter \o/
Been a while since I got to do another one of these journals!

I hope everyone's been doing well! :> I'm currently just working a lot and looking to do online classes via which is an online art school type of thing! Excited to start that soon ;o; <3

But yeah! Hope everyone is well! Keep your heads up!
You've made it this far- you can keep going <3 Whatever it is!

Love all of you guys, thank you for the constant support and giftart! ♥
Will upload more soon~

- Bani/pups C:
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Looking to start being a bit more active on dA again! :o

So I'd like a Core membership again, so I'd need it to be gifted to me c:

(also thank you to those anons who gifted them to me before ;-; )

I'll draw art equal to the cost of however big the core membership is >v< <3
If I started making merchandise, stickers or prints-

What kind of stuff would you like to see from me as stickers? :O

Trying to draw and post more here! Just no idea what to draw </3
Decided to post my NSFW art on err.. a more appropriate place?

FA is for all NSFW drawings, commissions, etc ^^ ♥…
Follow me on Twitter -->

I post stuff and occasionally may take requests :o
Please link me examples of your work + prices!

I would like these two to be drawn, either the Skitty/Mudkip, or Swampert/Delcatty.

Swampert/Delcatty are more preferred though.
I'll either do an art trade of equal value, or pay you through Paypal, because I do not have points at the moment.

I won't respond to all, sorry D:
Sorry it's been so long that I haven't posted guys :<
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Hey guys, I'm doing these little Pixel Art Commissions for $5.00 each!

Paypal and USD only

Voltaire Pixel by ezpups Umbresvee by ezpups PFQ Cranidos by ezpups Pixel Art Zapdos by ezpups Hallow Leafeon by ezpups

Send me a note if you're interested! ♥
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Hiya guys! I'm looking for art of me and my lovely here!
9 months recently <3 eee
Oceanus and Watercolor ~ Ref Sheet by ezpups

For the first time in like.. what- 2 years? c': I'm open for a few art trades!
It'll be a cute sketchy-ish thing! <3

I'm only going to be picking up a FEW of these only!
If you would like an art trade, please just comment below with a reference!

I'll pick a few that I want to do, but I'll be checking this journal later on since I'm going out right now.
Thanks guys! <3 Hope everyone's week is going well :'D
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The next time I need it, I'll offer the chibi thing again, haha

Could anyone give me a Core membership in exchange for me drawing a chibi for them? c:

Please comment below if you can, thanks! <3
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Hey guys, looking to do some experimental commissions inbetween other, bigger commissions irl ^^ <3

Ranges from $5.00 - $20.00
PAYPAL and USD only!

I do upfront payment only, sorry! Looking to buy a plane ticket really really soon before the price goes up!

If you're interested, please note me! I can do a wide range of commissions etc!
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Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity.

Just haven't wanted to draw much, or I have no motivation/ideas.. but on the bright side, just came back from a week and a half vacation with my boyfriend!

Needless to say, it was nice to relax for once, and hang out and be away from the computer. Sorry for the lack of response over the week! <3

I love you guys, hope summer is going well!
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It's been a while since I updated everything!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be getting medicine for depression/anxiety, all that stuff.
I just got off of school, but I'll be starting a summer class in a few days anyway :/ so well, better enjoy these few days LOL (Overwatch is coming out <33)

BUT anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, I'm going to start animating a bit more, esp since I have more free time now, thankfully!

What do you guys want to see me animate? or revisit, or something? (Specifics?)
I don't think I have time to animate full songs like I used to, but I may do that one day, eventually <3
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