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Advertising my 900 followers on twitter raffle here:…

come join!! :>
I feel awful and sick to my stomach lately, there will be commission delays but thank you for being understanding ;;

it really sucks cause it also skyrockets my anxiety and those are def not-fun-times.

and just in case some people may not know-
my twitter where im a bit more active (esp with posting doodles):

and my ko-fi in case anyone wants to support me ;u;

Adopt Design Ideas?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 6, 2018, 10:35 AM
Hiya guys!

i'm looking to be a bit more active on DA cause I basically havent been for the past few months/year ;o;

so-! I would love to make some designs/adopts (some will be offer to adopt/draw to adopt/etc.)

just want to ask, if anyone has any ideas, or any adopts themes they like? I have a few in mind such as fusions, elemental, fantasy, holiday, etc.

do you guys prefer adopts with or without story?

looking forward to all the suggestions, thanks everyone! :)

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thanks for joining me and watching!
Hiii everyone! Hope you're all doin' well! :D I'm trying to expand on making a lot of things/art-wise in general.. so please tell me what you would like to see in terms of commissions, etc?

What style are you most interested in exploring?

Enamel pins?? ;u;

and would you guys want something more affordable? If so, what price range? I'd try to match my style/work to the price c:

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I'll slowly get through all these okay! I just need a lil time to look at <3 Thank you guys for helping
i want to express myself really badly thru a personal character (one that i can really connect with for once) but I NEVER HAVE ANY IDEAS CAUSE I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW MYSELF WELL ENOUGH?? :[


i went through a really hard time in life through my first half of college (2 years ago?) and i felt like i didn't know what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, etc. I was going through bad anxiety, depression and stress.
I ended up dropping out, having my bf move in with me and freelancing art. I'm in a much better place now and recovering steadily and happily!

So now I really want to make OCs for myself BUT I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING. I really want to express myself through art.


and I think I have some attention problem.. It's literally taken me 2 days to type this out lol
..but it's been awhile since I made a long vent-y journal about it..

Thank you guys for reading ♥
- ezpups
500 points or $5 paypal!

Please don't pay via Paypal until I've confirmed your commission!
Note me or use the widget on my page <3
I made an fA cause it's easier to get work there sadly :'>…
(also follow me on twitter: )

I will still post here tho! :D

Also later today i might be taking traditional sketches on my twitter \o/
Been a while since I got to do another one of these journals!

I hope everyone's been doing well! :> I'm currently just working a lot and looking to do online classes via which is an online art school type of thing! Excited to start that soon ;o; <3

But yeah! Hope everyone is well! Keep your heads up!
You've made it this far- you can keep going <3 Whatever it is!

Love all of you guys, thank you for the constant support and giftart! ♥
Will upload more soon~

- Bani/pups C:
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Looking to start being a bit more active on dA again! :o

So I'd like a Core membership again, so I'd need it to be gifted to me c:

(also thank you to those anons who gifted them to me before ;-; )

I'll draw art equal to the cost of however big the core membership is >v< <3
If I started making merchandise, stickers or prints-

What kind of stuff would you like to see from me as stickers? :O

Trying to draw and post more here! Just no idea what to draw </3
Decided to post my NSFW art on err.. a more appropriate place?

FA is for all NSFW drawings, commissions, etc ^^ ♥…
Follow me on Twitter -->

I post stuff and occasionally may take requests :o
Please link me examples of your work + prices!

I would like these two to be drawn, either the Skitty/Mudkip, or Swampert/Delcatty.

Swampert/Delcatty are more preferred though.
I'll either do an art trade of equal value, or pay you through Paypal, because I do not have points at the moment.

I won't respond to all, sorry D:
Sorry it's been so long that I haven't posted guys :<
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Hey guys, I'm doing these little Pixel Art Commissions for $5.00 each!

Paypal and USD only

Voltaire Pixel by ezpups Umbresvee by ezpups PFQ Cranidos by ezpups Pixel Art Zapdos by ezpups Hallow Leafeon by ezpups

Send me a note if you're interested! ♥
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Hiya guys! I'm looking for art of me and my lovely here!
9 months recently <3 eee
Oceanus and Watercolor ~ Ref Sheet by ezpups

For the first time in like.. what- 2 years? c': I'm open for a few art trades!
It'll be a cute sketchy-ish thing! <3

I'm only going to be picking up a FEW of these only!
If you would like an art trade, please just comment below with a reference!

I'll pick a few that I want to do, but I'll be checking this journal later on since I'm going out right now.
Thanks guys! <3 Hope everyone's week is going well :'D
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The next time I need it, I'll offer the chibi thing again, haha

Could anyone give me a Core membership in exchange for me drawing a chibi for them? c:

Please comment below if you can, thanks! <3
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Hey guys, looking to do some experimental commissions inbetween other, bigger commissions irl ^^ <3

Ranges from $5.00 - $20.00
PAYPAL and USD only!

I do upfront payment only, sorry! Looking to buy a plane ticket really really soon before the price goes up!

If you're interested, please note me! I can do a wide range of commissions etc!
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