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I feel full of enthusiasm for writing and photography right now. The sun glows gloriously long into the evening and I have so much to see and do in every moment.
  • Listening to: the wind in the trees
  • Reading: Sacred Ecology
  • Watching: dragonflies and demonds float past my window
  • Eating: fried pasture-raised eggs
  • Drinking: ice cold fresh spring water
I am alive, well, and inspired.  I will post more art soon.
Was I randomly subscribed by a glitch in DA, or did someone subscribe me?  Thank you so much whoever did.  Show yourself, or else you shall be called Glitch for the rest of your life!  
          Deviantart has been really whack lately, so I apologize if you see the same deviation many times.  Submitting is a pain.  
          Other than Deviantart being mean, life has been good to me.  As always, I would love to design an icon for any of you - just drop me a note.  
I now make custom animated deviantart icons.  Message me for details.