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ALL Digimon: Evolution Lines v4.2

(っ◕‿◕)っ What if all the Digimon have their own unique evolution lines?
These are unofficial evolution lines that are solely based on my preference, but I still try to follow the canon and taking into account their profiles in Digimon Reference Book.

Some rules that I set are:

1) No Digimon duplication in other lines.
2) Armor levels are treated as either Adult or Perfect. A few levels are changed for convenient (e.g Lucemon, BigAxeSkullKnightmon, etc.).
3) Suffixes in Digimon names are put in the front for the sake of consistency (e.g BlackWarGreymon vs MetalGarurumon Black).
4) All members in a Digimon Group (Demon Lords, Olympos XII, Dark Masters, etc.) must have a different Child (except Royal Knights).
5) Digimon with no good artworks may or may not be included (e.g RampageGreymon, Generamon, etc.).
6) Some Attributes are changed from their profile to make them constant in their evolution lines and/or to make recolored Digimon distinct from their counterparts. Free, Variable and Unknown Attribute are not included. Digimon that have more than one attributes indicates that it will evolve differently based on its attribute (e.g Vaccine Agumon will evolve into Greymon while Data Agumon will evolve into Tyranomon).
7) Appmon and X-Antibody Digimon are not included and are in a separate chart:
    - App-Gattai Line Compilations
    - ALL X-Antibody Digimon Evolution Lines
    (borrowed Copipemon artwork to represent Copymon)

Made in Microsoft Excel
All official images are by Bandai/Toei, fan images by Pencilduck and dragonrod342.

v4.2 [12/5/2021] Added Kaminarimon, updated images for GreatKingScumon, Trailmon, Minidekachimon, Atamadekachimon, Kodokugumon, Yoxtu!Yoxtu!mon, Gladimon, and X4K Shoutmon.
v4.1 [19/4/2021] Added Frozomon and FrosVelgrmon, updated images for BlackSeraphimon, Shroudmon, Divemon, Climbmon and RareRaremon, removed BlackV-mon (apparently not canon) and replaced with regular V-mon, adjusted line for Blucomon, Vorvomon and Trailmon.
v4.0 [13/3/2021] Added over 30 new Digimon, updated images for Burgamon, MutantBelphemon, Coronamon, Lunamon and Shortmon line, and adjusted a lot of lines and attributes. The attributes of recolored Digimon are now consistent to their color, if possible (White/Gold = Vaccine, Red/Orange/Yellow = Data, Black/Purple/Blue = Virus).
v3.5 [24/11/2020] Minor changes to Attributes.
v3.4 [21/11/2020] Added DoneDevimon, UndeadVenomVamdemon, GigaWaruMonzaemon, BlastXrosBeelzebumon, EnhancementAbsorbentIceDevimon and DonBlossomon, updated image for SuperDarkKnightmon, fixed name of ClearAgumon and AssistantTerriermon, reduced level of Ten Legendary Warriors to Ultimate, added Attributes to all the remaining Digimon (Digimon that have more than one attribute indicates that it will evolve differently based on its attribute. E.g Vaccine Agumon will evolve into Greymon while Data Agumon will evolve into Tyranomon.).
v3.3 [06/11/2020] Added BattleArmamentTrailmon, BlackSeraphimon, BagraKnightmon, PawnGaossmon, KoteGumdramon, RevolBallistamon and MC Ballistamon, updated image of SagittariusWereGarurumon and AtamaDekachimon, removed X2 Shoutmon (Incomplete), added Attributes for first half of Digimon; more in progress (many are changed from their official Attributes to make them constant in their evolution lines and to make recolored Digimon distinct from their counterparts).
v3.2 [28/10/2020] Added Mutant Digimon, AlterousMetalGreymon, DarkMaildramon, MachLeomon and XrosPlesiomon, changed Chaos Digimon from Alternate Form to Ultimate level and X4/X5 Shoutmon down a level, changed name of GoldKudamon to regular Kudamon and original Kudamon to ViceKudamon, and updated artwork for Baluchimon, Mimicmon, Manticoremon, C'monDeathmon and AwakenCielSistermon.
v3.1 [21/10/2020] Added GiganticNumemon, updated artwork for HustleNanimon and GolemJijiKamemon, removed UnleashedFuximon, reverted name for SaversFalcomon to BlackFalcomon.
v3.0 [20/10/2020] Added the new Pendulum Z II Digimon, Xros Loader recolor Digimon, and more Xros Wars fusions and obscure Digimon, changed the level of Xros Wars Digimon based on the Reference Book update, updated some artworks, fixed some names, and changed several lines.
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Wow, this amazing

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I think they've just leaked a new Digimon Anime called Digimon Ghost Game.... we're never getting that update are we?

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You should probably add a disclaimer that some Digimon, like Lucemon, Cupimon, and Puttimon or the Shoutmon X-series, have had their levels changed for this, to avoid confusion. Other than that, it looks really solid.

EzMystery's avatar

Sure, I'll add it in the next update, which will come after all Pulsemon's perfect & ultimate level is revealed.

But I believe all the Shoutmon's evo that have an official level are according to their profile.

My mistake! You are right, Shoutmon is correct! It’s just Puttimon=>Cupimon=>Lucemon that gave all been moved up one level!

Wizbenorno's avatar

They just revealed Lovelyangewomon among the many others. I think I understand what's taking the updatse so long. Digimon additions are like if Pokemon had a pipe leakage. You think you gotta catch 'em all, but even if you do, there's always more. I'm not complaining though, the more the merrier as they say.

EzMystery's avatar

Haha thanks for the heads up! But I think I want to wait for the whole Pulsemon evolutions to be revealed before I update the chart.

Wizbenorno's avatar

Yeah...but what if there's more Digimon after that?

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There's some new Digimon from that Vital Bracelet thing.

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This is incredible! I really appreciate that you went out to make something as big as this and also try to keep almost everyone's evolution line distinct. I do have a suggestion for an addition though for the Vamdemon line. It would be Venom Vamdemon Undead who looks like a creepier version of Venom Vamdemon. He appeared in a live stage play companion to Digimon Adventure Tri that was called Super Evolution Stage "Digimon Adventure tri. ~Adventure of August 1~". Here are a couple links for you to look over:

EzMystery's avatar

I've been wanting to add VenomVamdemonUndead but Vamdemon already has too many evolutions that I couldn't fit him.

Maybe I'll add him as a fusion with the Black Digitron like Omegamon Zwart D, what do you think?

ZathoLord's avatar

I guess that could work since you don't have enough room.

Wizbenorno's avatar
How about the many Blast Modes from the Digimon Axcel Digivice?
EzMystery's avatar

I haven't add any Blast Modes, since they don't have an artwork.

Wizbenorno's avatar
Okay, there's a new Digimon line released BTW
EzMystery's avatar

Yes, I'm working on them ^^

Might have to wait until they specify all their levels first though.

Wizbenorno's avatar
And now that the Fusion Digimon have levels now, now what?
EzMystery's avatar

I meant the new Pendulum Z Digimons, only the Wind Guardians have their levels revealed, Metal Empire and Virus Busters have not yet.

Wizbenorno's avatar
Yeah, okay. Do you plan on including Bun and Deathmon from C'mon Digimon?
EzMystery's avatar

No plan for them at the moment.

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Information for you to share on…
Armadillomon is based on the Glyptodont which is an extinct subfamily of large, heavily armored relatives of armadillos, members of the mostly South American mammalian superorder Xenarthra. One very specific Glyptodont called Doedicurus which possessed a large mace-like spiked tail that it would have used to defend itself against predators and, possibly, other Doedicurus. Which makes him Digivolving into Ankylomon even more sense. It's even stated that in physical appearance, glyptodonts superficially resembled the much earlier dinosaurian, Ankylosaurus.
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Did you know that there is a Black version of Shoutmon?
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