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Universe - Escaping 2010

By ezio
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EDIT: 04 August 2010: changed the big red crocodile planet :D with a like-sun star (based on NASA pics), changed the explosion on the little planet, some other fixes.


A second version of "Oblò ( [link] ), but totally new and recompiled from zero.
See here for universe base: [link]

Download for 3840x2400 (1920x1200 ratio)!!!!!!

If you want psd, please ask (44MB... :D ) ;)
Porthole original texture by NASA site (modded by me), other stuff made by me (only the little planet is from god Nuahs [link] i've added the explosion).

Hope you like it! :)

Not for commercial use.
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wow. these are awesome. good job.
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Thank You very much Bahama! :)
Tx for the fav too :D
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Thanks mate :D
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interesting concept - but u fail in one area - the bevel emboss/shadows/outer glow on the two planets make it look clearly just slapped on and doesn't feel natural - u shud remove these and work on blending better using a mask and soft brush or by using dodge brush
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You are true, the two planets don't appear realistic, i have to work on it.
I appreciate your suggestion a lot, thank you very much! :)
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Changed a lot of things right now XD
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il pianeta dei jeans. o della cotta di ferro. :D
complimenti :D
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Hey my friend ;)

Its a idea and a good picture :)

But in you next Work please down with the special effects :D
They are to Big and for the Reality its better that you reduce it ;)

GOGOGO i will see the next pics :D

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You are right, need to lower special effects and need more training :D

Thank you very much niko!!! ;)
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Very cool...
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Thank you!! :)
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