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Abisso 2014 (dark theme Windows 8.1 Update1) Upd11

By ezio
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Here's a completely new version of Abisso for Windows 8.1 Update1!

No more white ribbon and white backgrounds, windows explorer style like in win7 (with the useful bottom details bar), cleaner interface with a lot of fixed stuff.
A great thanks to, and guys for their support/tools!


Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic



22 July 2014
- ONE updated to v1.1.0 20.07.2014 (Improved injection mechanisms).

14 May 2014
- no changes and no update to download, just an IMPORTANT info:
On some configs, the theme switches to default after shutting down Windows. It's due to the fast startup option, just disable it (see "TO-DO (disable) if the theme switches to default at boot.jpg" in this package).

01 May 2014
- fix: no white borders in the tiles context menu (to update, just copy the new .msstyles, other files are unchanged)

29 Apr 2014:
- NO changes but an IMPORTANT info: in "ONE" please don't use "Enable glass on navigation bar", to avoid glitches in the "This PC" window.

12 Apr 2014:
- Win8.1 Update 1 compatibility fix, with the new tiles context menu (right click on a tile in the Start to show it).
The theme will not support Windows 8 and 8.1 anymore, Update 1 is mandatory according to Microsoft (otherwise you will not receive Windows Update patches).
- latest version of ONE
- if you use stylish in your browser, check these new dark styles for web pages:

20 Feb 2014:
- fixed some edit boxes that became light blue with invisible white fonts (e.g. in firefox) - NOTE: just update your .msstyles, other files are unchanged.

05 Feb 2014:
- updated "ONE", now it works much better. No changes for the theme.

04 Jan 2014:
*only .msstyles are updated* *load Aero theme, update modded theme files, reboot, select the modded theme*
- added a persistent-scrollbars version of the theme
- fixed some glitches on scrollbars highlighting blue

17 Dec 2013:
- fixed a little glitch for buttons in the Organize bar (there was a vertical gray line for the mouseover blue effect) - to update, just overwrite the .msstyles

15 Dec 2013:
- now visible text in some white popups in Chrome and other apps;
- added a no bottom details panel version of the theme (good for low-resolution systems)

12 Dec 2013:
- some white lines are now blue e.g. the box in the Personalization window
- dark gray background (it was white) for the hard disk free space bar
- blue copy progress bar (it was green)
- got rid of the white box in the copy window

11 Dec 2013 - NO Changes but very IMPORTANT INFO:
- after running Windows Update, load the standard AERO theme before restarting the system to avoid black screen at boot. After the boot, you can chose Gray2014 or other modded themes.

09 Dec 2013:
- removed lines in the file properties window (lol sorry for these three updates in a day, now all should be good :D )
- now the bottom details bar is not in a box but there's only e little adaptive separator!
- darker separator for the tree view panel



NB: Windows sometimes marks downloaded zip files from Internet as unsafe and this can cause issues.
So, don't forget to unblock the zip before extracting it: right click, then go to "Properties" and  select "Unblock" in the bottom box.

After running Windows Update (specially if there are Internet Explorer protection patches - they usually change uxtheme files), please load the standard "Windows" theme (aero.theme) before restarting the system to avoid black screen at boot. After the boot, you can chose Abisso2014 or other modded themes.

On some configs, the theme switch to default after shutting down Windows. It's due to the fast startup option, just disable it (see "TO-DO (disable) if the theme switch to default at boot.jpg" in this package).

1) You need to patch uxtheme services, use the one in the "uxtheme" folder of this package.
Avoid other system files patching tools (the boot of Windows can be broken when updating the system with Windows update).

2) After patching uxtheme, install and set OldNewExplorer as described in the "OnE" folder of this package.
(please don't use "Enable glass on navigation bar", to avoid glitches in the "This PC" window).

3) Then place theme files in "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes", you should have this structure:
- "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes|Abisso2014.theme"
- "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes|Abisso2014"
- "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes|Abisso2014|Abisso2014.msstyles"
- "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes|Abisso2014|Wall"
- "C:|Windows|Resources|Themes|Abisso2014|shell"

4) On the desktop, right mouse click --> Personalize, and choose "Abisso2014" under "Installed themes".

5) In the pack there's a registry fix to avoid white elements instead of dark ones after blocking the user, or sending a sleep/hybernate command to the system. Just apply it.

6) Install and set the included transparency tool as described in the "transparency" folder of this package.
PLEASE NOTE: some antivirus could find a malware in that folder, it's a false positive (due to the set-at-boot.reg behaviour).



There are some barely visibile fonts in few programs but it usually depends from the program itself (if it applies visual style colors for some parts, and hardcoded colors for other parts).

To set transparency in windows and popup frames use the tool included in this pack.

With Firefox, let web pages load their own colors (you can change behavior in FF settings). With Chrome all is good at default.

If you want to change the white background of some web pages like youtube, facebook, google, install STYLISH in your browser and check these css:

For WMP background:…
Or, better, apply wmploc.dll from this pack:…
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Is this only for Windows 8.1 available?

ezio's avatar

Yes, i'm not making Windows themes anymore since some time, mostly because 10 has its own dark theme now and i like it eheh

very nice theme i like

I start download this theme because very nicceeeeeee

Great awesome job thanx!

ErranteSolitario's avatar

thank You very much. It is very magnifique!

Looks brilliant! Thanks

how do i get it to work?

This theme is so nice

Everything is just fine put the only problem is on the minimise, maxmize and close buttons. they are invisible

how do you uninstall this ?

Please point at the download link

Can't find it! °•.°•.

Download button is not working wtf ?

I want to change the shade of the explorer colors since it's slighty darker than my Taskbar and Start Menu Options. I like the color of my taskbar and Start Menu options. How do I go about changing the colors of the explorer?


i followed your instructions exactly but i still get this


I have the same problem...

WOW... just like me

did you fix it?

CPBA's avatar
Thank you for the theme
Somebody please help me? I got problem while start up my windows 7. It became black screen. What only appear on the black screen is just the mouse pointer, I can’t do nothing instead opening the task manager using alt-ctrl-del. what can i do to undo all of this? I have tried to fix it by choose “repair your computer” in advance boot options, it doesn’t working it say i need a disk to repair. I try “last known good configuration(advance) it also not working.i try “directory services restore mode” it still not working. It all began after i try to install this Abisso 2014 theme by rebooting the windows soon after I configured the 3rd party option locate at this Abisso 2014 folder. I forgot to apply the aero.themes before reboot to avoid black screen at boot as been told by the text note. As a result the screen is black soon after i login my administrator password. This is all about the 3rd party theme issues. Help me how can i fix this? Is there any other way to fix this beside using a disk or software? Help me please i don’t recommend to sent my laptop at the computer store. I know it will cause me a price which is not worth to spent it while i can fix it by myself. I know this is a simple problem. Help me by tutorial on how to fix this. I hope I’m not loosing my files too on local disk c. For the your info I’m using ACER INTEL CORE i5 with windows 7 32bit. Help me please my beloved friends from the comment section. Pur favor
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