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Hello!  Long time no speak!

I remember you wanted to know what Marianne's armor looks like in my latest Strange Magic fanfic chapter, Chapter 11: WAR!  Well here you go:

Marianne's Battle Armor - SM fanfic tie in by RavenDiablo

Pretty cool, huh?  I like how this turned out.  By far that was my most detailed drawing to date....that is up until I drew my latest OC for my fanfic, also from Chapter 11.   Meet the Spider Queen, Spydera:

Queen Spydera - OC Strange Magic Chapter 11 Tie-in by RavenDiablo

I bet she got a raised eyebrow out of you, huh?  She has quickly become my favorite OC  I have created and she is one of my favorite characters in my fanfic.  I wanted the ultimate warrior in my story:  More agile than Marianne, and stronger than Bog.  Spydera is it!  The information on both drawings is available below each one.
Wow..you really outdid yourself with both of them. Consider me impressed.

 That is probably the most elaborate armor I've ever seen someone do on Marianne. You really put some thought on that one, while there are many details on it its still *light armor*. I'm especially in love with that head piece, it almost looks like very fancy *bug antennae* but in a good way, like camouflage/ royal soldier head piece sort of thing. In other words, it looks like something a fairy would wear to blend in with other bugs but also look regal. Very nice touch there.

I love Spydera.. I already have a weakness to spider characters but shes really something else. I espeacially like her claws, her hind leg thingies and my favorite part of her outfit is that collar (outfit is done very well also) and her face aand and everthing about her really. I gotta say tho, shes a little bit too buff in some places, it kinda takes away from her feminine looks. She looks strong but and all but too buff in most places. But maybe that was your intention, I dont know. 

Love them both, good job, and thank you for sharing this. Really made my day with this :heart:     
Thank you,  I am glad you liked them both.

Yes, it took me a while to put that drawing together of Marianne.  I pretty much worked from her shoulders down and then finished with her head.  I did it that way because I wasn't sure if I was going to give her a helmet or not.  But after watching Strange Magic again and paying attention to the soldier's armor, most of them had some kind of protective headgear.  So it would make sense that Marianne had a helmet.  I thought of her armor more medium as it is mostly leather.  The 'leaves' are actually made of leather and are not actual leaves.  But you might know more about armor than I do and I did take liberties at having some areas of her body exposed and this is basically for writer's license at making her look more attractive and sexy for Bog.  I wanted her arm details to show, so that is the main reason why she doesn't have upper arm coverings.   Also there is a hint of her abdomen showing on the sides.   The 'six pack' on the front is obviously faux, but it was a popular style on men's armor.   As for her helmet, those are horns and not antennae.   It was Maleficent that gave me the idea for the helmet (since her horns curve that way)  in addition to seeing something similar on line.  I just reworked it to fit Marianne's head and made it a bit more elaborate.  Did you read the description below the drawing?  I put much information there that explains my inspirations as well as the drawing processes.

Thank you again.  I have to say that I love the way Spydera turned out myself.  For one, she turned out FAR more attractive than I thought.   Especially her face / head.   Yes, her hands are awesome.  I saw someone do gloves with fingernails like that and I went nuts over it.   Her outfit is her armor as well, and yes, in her case it is a light armor, but it is very strong.  Made from tightly woven spider silk, it is a very comfortable armor.  It is more flexible than Marianne's armor too.   On top of that she can self heal (which is mentioned later on in my story), so it is for the most part just added protection.  In my description I mention that she is not only very strong but also very fast and agile.  So she could stop just about anything that comes her way.   For her collar, I wanted to create a 'spider web' like look and it came out pretty good.   I am surprised that you seemed to be put off by her build.  But yes, I made her look that way intentionally. (Did you read the descripton?)   In my story she is almost a head taller than Bog.  Let's say his head scales come up to her nose.   Given that she is about two heads taller than Marianne.  So she is a BIG woman.  There is a scene in my story in which she has an altercation with Bog and quickly disarms him.  Given how strong Bog is, for her to overpower him she would need great strength.  So I wanted to show that and so I made her upper body very buff.  Her upper body is about the same build as Roland's.  But because she is larger than him physically, proportionately she is also far stronger than him.  I initially was going to give Spydera a less attractive look, but since she does end up getting a love interest in my story and she turned out better than I thought, I went with this look.  Despite her masculine looking mid section and elongated drawn face.   She still is beautiful.   Unlike her look, she does come off as feminine and not masculine.   So she walks and sits like a lady does.  She very much acts as the queen she is.  I don't want to give too much away as I am not sure if you want to read my fanfic or not.

Thank you again for the kind comments.  I was hoping that you would like them.

BTW, I have a surprise for you.  I don't want to really tell you though since you have not read the story, but l am going to say that I am borrowing an idea from you.  It is Bog with butterfly wings.   You are probably wondering why, but again,  I don't want to give away my story.   And no, I didn't copy your wing style for him, I came up with my own...but I did get the idea from you and I will mention that in the description for my next chapter.  I am definitely going to be doing a drawing...at least of Bog's backside with these new wings.  I just finished the preliminary wing design last night.  How do they look?  Well, let's just say they are pretty fitting for the Bog King. 
Horns, yes I was gonna say that too, mustve forgotten. Either way its my favorite part of her outfit. And yes I did read the descriptions afterwards. Btw, have you seen Elise from League of Legends? Spydera kinda looks like her so I thought you mightve got inspired from that particular character. Nothing wrong with that ofcourse, even if they have some similarities they are still very different characters. I like Spydera's elfish/ fairy look more, makes her more unique.

Oooohh, that piques my interest. People have borrowed my idea in the past but always going for a similar look and never expanding on it. You seem to have come with something interesting tho, cant wait to see it  
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Hello! Thank you very much for watching my gallery, I appreciate it :3
Thanks for the watch :)
thanks for the llama!