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How to Eyes !

Thank you for FB page 500+ likes <3
Im very gratefull with you guys xD

Here's some tutorial how to drawing and colouring eye by me to celebrate 500 likes !! >...<

If this helps please share it to help the other beloved peeps ^^

Sorry for bad english >.<
(Next 1k like would be Hair or Skin)

Step :
1. Draw the head !

2. Draw the horizontal and vertical line in the head to know where's the eyes would be placed.

3. Now draw the eye shape.
Usually i draw the left eye first. Doesnt matter, it depends on you

4. Copy the first eye to know where's the other eye would be placed.
(remember distances between left eye and right eye is usually 1 eye shape)

5. Yeay ~ Now we got the other eyes shapes :3

6. Now draw 2 vertical line in left and right eyes to know where's the puppils/point of view should be placed.

7. No-now we got yandere chan >.<

8. Draw the eyes and fix the puppils :3

9. Yeay ! We already finish the eyes ! >.<
Much better than 2 picts before

10. Lineart :3

11. Basic colour.
(i use turqoise color for this cutie ♥)

12. Start the shade ! Dont forget to create new layer and clip it.
(Usually i only use 2 different color to shade the eye)

13. Now we goes for lightning (Not FF XIII)
(This time i only use 1 different lighten colour and 1 white colour. And make 1 luminousity layer and clip it)
Dont know where to put white colour ? Just imagine where is the light source you want to.

14. Yeay ! We almost finish >.<
Now make new layer, clip to lineart and brush it smoothly with skin colour or pink colour :3

15. Fi-Finally .. This still not done, there is still 1 more step >.<
Now merge all the layer (dont forget to copy it first) and blur it slowly and smoothly around the eyes ! >.<

Now we're done ! Yeay ~ !
Thank you for visit ! Sorry for my bad english >.<

For 1/1 Imaga step :…
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Very helpful :D
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thank you ! i thought you isn't an artist :iconconfusedneplz:
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I doodle here and there XD
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Hello ! Long time we didnt chitchat :iconkyutnomplz:
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hello :D
busy for the past 2 weeks :(
Fasting month took a hit on my stamina xD 
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yeah me too ! up until now, im still in exam session :iconyuicraiplz:
Srsly when this will end :iconmisakideskplz:
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i just finished my last paper just now Chiyo Talking Icon Chiyo Flowers Icon 

but i know i only did okay for 1 [Gif #14] Chiyo Sakura 

the other 2 is just...i want to burn it and dont even bother looking at the resultsChiyo Not Impressed Icon 
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lmao, hope you get best results ever :iconohoho-plz:
you want to burn the paper and i want to burn my campus :iconsawakopanicplz:
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Instructions up to step 7 was all I needed thank you :P.
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Glad to hear that >.<
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