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I have finished my chemo rounds and have returned to the call center where I work.  There has been a side effect though, my fingers and feet have an comfortable numbess. I can still draw though sublte details have become harder. I have been assured that it will pass, but it is a matter of time. Fortunately the walcom tablet does not argue with the numbess much. In time I intend to return to Tales of Obscuro as well as crafting new pictures.

Chemo was a trial and no party. But in the end it seems for now all is well.

Thanks to all that were concerned and like my art. I am not done for yet and I am harder than a cock roach to kill. =)

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I'm sorry to hear about all this. I recently found your page and all your artwork (and it's amazing). I hope you get better. I'm glad things seem to be picking up some for you. I look forward to enjoying more of your art.