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I usually don't do critiques and I am not a huge fan of anime styled artwork but your piece could win me over. First off I want to tell...


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 8:30 AM

I must confess that coming back from cancer and chemotherapy was a hard road, one that I am still on, but now at least I feel life flooding back in.  In March it will be one year of being cancer free.  In this past year I faced a lot of hardships, financial troubles and the loss of friends. Yet, I learned to find a deeper faith, deeper strength, become more resourceful and the friendships that remained grew deeper.

One thing that was a consistent thread throughout my life and the thread that also gave me release through this ordeal was drawing.

I am not nearly the artist I want to be nor am I the artist that I need to be, I am still growing, learning and striving. 

Those of you that have liked and commented on my work I really want to thank you. Much of what Deviant thrives on is community. Some in the community really moved me with some of their comments and their fav's.

I know it is tough to get noticed on Deviant. We are flooded with so much work done by so many talented people. It is hard to be distinctive or simply get noticed.

When I was a kid I was drawn to many artists, Barry Windsor Smith, Michael Kaluta and of course the Master, Frank Frazetta. I knew I could never aspire to be a Frazetta so I sought to develop a style of my own often inspired by people like Windsor Smith but also with the wit and the Macabre humor of an Edward Gorey or a Charles Addams.

I don't know if I succeeded, but that is where my heart lays. 

For those of you who "get me"...thank you. Sometimes my art does take on a serious bent but often I can't resist falling into dry wit with some pieces. I don't know if I should label myself as a cartoonist or an artist, maybe they are both in the same.

I wish I would have spent more time in my youth developing my skills and being more dedicated to my craft but you cannot spend your remaining days in a perpetual state of "what if".

I am really not out for my art to be taken seriously...but to entertain or move. If anything I am a Dark Gothic Fantasist.   Sometimes humorously, sometimes poignantly. I really cannot aspire to anything greater than that.

Although much of my work deals with the Reaper, I do not worship Death, I see him as an intricate part of life, in celebrating him one also celebrates life so to speak. 

I always had a love for mystery, the spiritual as well as the dark. I suppose I am an oddity in this day an age, a throw back if you will to the days of Gorey and Addams. 

All the comments on my work mean a lot, it has motivated me to do more. In a sense I suppose I am a niche...though there are many other artists out there like me, we are unique I suppose in the day of the digital age where Super Heroes and Modern Technology seems to be the predominate thing.

If anything I suppose I would call my art a craft, though I am not adverse to using digital means to obtain my goal, I think craftsman would more apply to me than really being an artist.

I simply love to draw and I could not stop anymore than I could force myself to stop has been a blessing and curse. But I suppose I wouldn't want to have it any other way...   


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what is a tag line?
United States
Ezekiel Crowe is an eccentric hermit that has a drawing obsession. He also dwells in a modest hovel with three black cats.

He does color poorly so he always wears black and it gets him into funerals quite easily. He is often found feeding stray cats or in book stores. He is quite approachable but be prepared if you do because he may offer a perplexed gaze in return.

He has a deep respect for traditional artists of old such as Albrect Durer and current artists like Barry Windsor-Smith, Alan Lee, Ian Miller and others.

He is not wanted in any states.




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