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:iconeyygreenbean:EyyGreenBean posted a status
language warning?
A little while back ago I was talking about Greenland crazy right? and I had mentioned about how Greenland was possibly green when the Norwegians got there and stuff like that though I already know it's kinda wrong bc of all of the research I've done and like my grandma wanted to fight me about some of the things I was saying and all I could think was 'I didnt stUDY THIS LITTLE SHIT FOR LIKE A YEAR TO ONLY BE CORRECTED BY YOU LETS MCFREAKINNG GO' but I didn't do anything as usual and was like 'I'd rather you educate me about Scotland but ok' she's Scottish so she knows a thing or two lmfao

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s-aray Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I know that feeling when you say something and your grandma "thinks" she knows it better than you-
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