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Greenland mary-sue test or something

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 21, 2017, 8:45 PM

Idfk why I did this I'm just bored and not in the mood to draw lmfao

Area 1, Name:

[ ]Is the character named after you? [10] *Still counts if it's your nickname*

[x]Is your character's name a name you would like to have? [5] I don't like my name overall so I MEAN-

[ ]Would you name your future child this name? [5]

[ ]Does the name not belong to the nation's culture? [25]

[ ]Is the name unusually long? [5]

[ ]Does the name sound Mary Sueish? [10] * IE does the name mean something like beauty or perfection? *

[ ]Is it an adjective? [3]

[ ]Is the character named after an enemy of the nation? [10] *Such as an Ireland having the last name Cromwell, considering that Oliver Cromwell was one of the most hated people in Ireland. Or even a US State with the surname Arnold, since Benedict Arnold was one of the biggest traitors to the US.*

Area 2, Appearance:

[x]Does the character have a trait that doesn't belong to a majority of their race? [10]
* Some examples include an African nation with blue eyes, a South American nation with light hair, or a Caribbean nation with pale skin. I don't care about minorities so a white Bahamas OC is not acceptable when over 85% of the population is black, and a blonde haired and blue eyed Greenland or Alaska is not acceptable when they have a predominantly/ historically Inuit population.* blESS(Add an additional 10 points for every inaccurate trait) For those who're confused she has rounded eyes which Inuit people don't have

[ ]Is it a whitewash of a predominantly non-white populated nation? [40]

[ ]Is your character described as very beautiful? [5] [ ] Constantly described in the story? [5]
Even nations that hate the character are attracted? [10]

[ ]Is their natural hair colour unusual for their race? [5] [ ] Is it unusual for the universe they're in? [10] *Skip if it's a mix of hair colours that are usually found in their race, or fits the stereotype, like a light redheaded, or strawberry blonde Scotland since many scots have light hair and they do have the largest percentage of redheads in the world which is about 13%.*

[ ]Are certain features of their face described in detail? [3] [ ] * Sparkling *insert obscure colour here * eyes or soft silky perfect hair are some examples * Constantly? [5]

[ ]Are the eyes not the same colour? [1] [ ] Are they a colour unusual in their nation/universe?[5] [?] Can they change colour? [10] they fade from a brown to an even darker brown does that count wha t

[ ]Do they have a mark or scar on their face or birthmark on their body that's heavily noticed by other characters? [2] [ ] But it doesn't downgrade their appearance or have any historical connection? [10]

[ ]Does your character's appearance stay clean and beautiful despite not using makeup, cleaning him/herself, or any sort of maintenance? [4]

[ ]Is your character described as very sexy? [3] [x] If female, are her breasts bigger than the average breast size of the national average, or not fit any stereotype? [4] [?] Are they bigger than Ukraine's? I don't know Ukraine's cup size ripp [5] (Add another 3 if this is a predominantly Muslim nation and one more if governed by sharia law.)

[ ]Does your character still stay in shape despite eating a lot and not working out with no explanation? [3]

[x]Does the character have an ahoge/ Italy curl? [2] [ ] More than one? [3] [ ] Is it in a weird shape that doesn't relate to the country? [5]

Area 3, Relations with others:

[ ]Do they make a canon character easily fall madly in love with them at first sight? [10] (Skip if this is France just flirting.)

[ ]Is the relationship historically inaccurate? [15]

[ ]Do historical enemies even like the character? [10]

[ ]If the character is a girl is Sweden in love with her? *Despite the fact that Sweden has been confirmed as gay.*[50]

[ ]Was this, or will this character be raped by France? *Despite that France has said in one episode of the anime that he feels love shouldn't be forced on others. * [50]

[ ]Do animals from all around just love this character?[3] [ ] Including vicious animals? [5]

[ ]Were they a colony? [1] [ ] Of England or Spain or France?[1] *You may skip if historically correct*

[ ]Do they love their colonizer as family or a lover? [2] [ ] Do they hate their colonizer despite modernizing them and making them more modern than their neighbours? [5] * You may not count points from these two questions if historically correct. *

[ ]Does your OC sleep with a canon character? [5] [ ]Is this a character you want to sleep with? [10] (Add 5 more points if sexual activity is looked down upon in the nation's culture.)

[ ]Does the character get married to a cannon? [3] [ ] Despite the canon character already being in a canon relationship? [10] [ ] Still Historically inaccurate? [15]

[ ]Do others look upon the character as being more awesome than Prussia? [10]

Area 4, Historical Background traits, and personality,

[ ]Do they do activities that are not common in their country for no reason? [5]

[ ]Do they speak other languages aside from their own and English for no reason? [5] [ ] Do they use random Japanese phrases or speak Japanese despite not being part of or Japan? [10]

[ ]Is their religious belief the same as your own? [2] [ ] Is it not the predominant religion? [10] (Remove the points from these questions if it's the most predominant, or you don't even mention the religion it at all.)

[ ]Can they play instruments extremely well that are not usually known in their country for no reason? [5]

[ ]Do they sing songs not from their own nation excellently with little to no practice? [3] [ ] Can they dance foreign dances excellently with no reason? [3]

[ ]Is it the long-lost child of two nations? [1] [x] Lost sibling or friend? [1] [ ] But they have no historic connections? [10] *Add 15 more points if M-preg child. *

[x]Is he/she shy towards nudity or even partial nudity? [1] [x] But is a North American nation? [1] [ ] A European or South American nation? [2] [ ] An African nation with a tropical climate?[3] (Skip if the nation is South East or East Asian, Middle Eastern,containing a predominantly Muslim population, government is ran by Sharia law, or is a Vatican OC.)

[x]If a colony were they ever tortured by their colonizer? [2] [x] Beaten?[1] [x] Abused? [1] [ ] Sexually Harassed? [2] [ ] Raped? [2] (Add 15 more if raped by France or/and if historically inaccurate.)

[ ]Were or are they a hated race for no reason? [4]

[x]Did they ever have a tragic past where they lost somebody important to them? [4] W H O O P S   E D G E

[x]Are they the last surviving person of their clan in a way? [5] if I remember correctly the original people of Greenland died out so I mean

[ ]Are they a lot smarter than most characters for no reason? [4] [ ] Is their intelligence greater than most of their population? [10]

[ ]Are they very strong for no reason? [3]

[ ]Is he/she rich despite not matching up with the nation's economic average GDP? [5]

[ ]Does the character lack their cultural stereotype only to be replaced with something else? [30] *For example, a female Ireland that acts ladylike and girly, even though they're famous for being the 7th manliest nation in the world.*

Area 5, subtract points for flaws. In this area you subtract the number of points given. *This is only if you got points form the previous questions.*

[ ]Does the character have difficulties in certain areas of knowledge? [4]

[x]Does he/she make mistakes that are not seen as cute? [2]

[x]Do they tend to start arguments? [3]

[ ]Does the character contain facial flaws that do take away from their appearance? [4]

[ ]Do they have bipolar moments? [3]

[x]Do they have a short fuse? [3]

[x]Do they have embarrassing moments that make them look bad? [4]

[x]Does the character get dirty easily? [3]

[ ]Can the character get mood swings easily? [2]

[x]Do they have some sort of biological malfunction?[3] *IE: Allergies, wears glasses for sight, can't hear well, wheelchair etc.*she's kinda going blind so I mean

[x]Does their tragic past have any historical facts to back it up? [4]

[x]Does your character express negative emotions or thoughts sometimes? [2]

[x]You actually spent time researching the character? [20] *And I'm talking about actual research that you put your sweat blood and tears into. Not just half-assed research that involved only looking up random facts, and if you answered yes to any of the questions in Areas 3, and 4 that involve historical accuracy, or you answered yes to the first tow questions in Area 2 you obviously didn't do any research.*

Score: 6  rip yo

0-10: Not a sue, but maybe a little spicing up could be used to make him/her more interesting

11-20: An interesting non sue, seems to be an interesting character with some flaws but be careful for anything that might make it a Mary Sue, but as of now he/she is fine.

21-30: This can go in almost any direction but it's leaning a lot towards Sue Vile.

31-40: Marsee, this is basically Mary Sue's baby sister. Try changing or starting over, if you get a score this high, this is just Mary with a bad hair day.

41+: Start over or kill it with fire, you're in Sue Vile my friend.


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