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Gotland and Greenland by EyyGreenBean Gotland and Greenland by EyyGreenBean
Ok so currently I'm working on a bio sheet for Greenland it's going kinda slow but I'll still try to post something as much  as possible like for now I'm just posting this since I had it stored on my computer and thought "why not post it?" so here we are Italy (Globe Dance) [V2]  but anyways you might be wondering "bean who's the girl on the left touching Green's face?" well that's actually one of my friend's OCs Gotland she was originally created as a girl but my friend decided to change Got into a male she has a few more OCs and they're adorableLove  but I don't have any pictures of them rip I also have another picture of Got with Green and Faroe but anyways since I didn't have my drawing tablet or knew how to work it I just traced off of a Draw The Squad pictureSweating a little... but it's only on extremely rare cases that I even consider it but anyways this is getting pretty long and it's just a small update I guess and I'll try to hurry up my process with Green's bio sheet and stuff but bye and have a great day/night!Italy (Epic Waving) [V1] 

Greenland OC belongs to :icongreenbeandoesathing:
Gotland OC belongs to :icongotlandthebuttgod:
Art work belongs to :icongreenbeandoesathing:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

I love how the eyes are transparent also I'm changing her look a little so she'll look a bit different from the picture
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July 13, 2017
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