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Femja the sheep by EyyGreenBean Femja the sheep by EyyGreenBean
So basically if you read my post earlier I had stated that Faroe Islands had a lot of sheep so of course I gave him a pet sheep well I mean he has several but Femja is special basically out of Faroe's herd of Faroese sheep that he owns, Femja's the youngest and smallest out of all and while Faroe won't admit she's probably his favourite sheep and especially when he visits his own island she follows him around like a lost puppy and even has a special room in his house and he even makes sweaters and stuff for her when winter comes around and since Faroese people have special markings on the ears of their sheep instead Faroe ties a ribbon around both of her ears that looks like a Faroese flag also she can talk but she only talks to Faroe and only when he's the only one around but anyways I hope you like her and have a good day/night!
Ayyy Namouah 
Femja & art belongs to :iconeyygreenbean: and Faroe
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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August 13, 2017
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