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Faroe Islands (+bio) *OLD* by EyyGreenBean Faroe Islands (+bio) *OLD* by EyyGreenBean
Holy macaroni I'm actually alive jfc jk but I finally got his (picture) reference done and oml  also like I stated in my status thing that his written bio would take a little longer than Green's due to school and stuff but the weekend is coming up so yay lmao but on to Faroe!the border is white but Deviantart keeps messing it up ripironi


This is to be scrapped so please do not use this reference to draw Erik I'm currently redoing him

(NOTE: This Bio is Still a Work in Progress and will be Updated in Time)

Any questions or anything I missed? please note me! and please read carefully

If you want to give a critique please use the widget thing under the bio please! 

his info will be different compared to Green since I've had her for way longer than him

Also I put Irish instead of Irish/Uk influences and I meant to put ahoge instead of nantucket ripironi


Country's Name: 
Faroe Islands (Føroyar)


Parliamentary democracy within a constitutional monarchy

Faroese,English, and Danish

 The 1th of April 

Human Name:
Maria Rúni

Age Appearance: 20

Hair Color: 

Eye Color:
a light blue that fades into a light purple

6'7(due to a lot of Danes living there and being a pretty healthy and happy country)

126lbs Green's heavier than him due to her being way more muscular than him

Body Parts/Etc. Representing Part of Country? If so, List Them: 
Ahoge  represents Cape Enniburg,Hair flicks represents how rocky and rugged the islands are,Thicck eyebrows represent Danish and some Irish/UK influences

Despite being near countries like Norway and Iceland Green doesn't count since she was pretty cheery when she was younger when growing up Faroe's turned out to be quite a sweet,friendly, and rather charming young man.Despite how damn tall he is, he's a pretty small country.Even though he's the tallest out of all the Nordics Denmark constantly forgets him and when he actually does remember Faroe he talks relatively bad about him but Faroe always does his best to ignore that and prove him wrong.Though he can be ambitious,determined,and rather headstrong at times he can be quite the pushover.If he isn't shedding his sheep or walking with Femja or basically doing something on his islands he's probably hanging out with Iceland and Greenland trying to help them out anyway possible speaking of Greenland Faroe tries to hunt as much as possible due to when he was younger and found out that Vikings leave the sickly or weak children out in the cold (even though he was far too old for that to happen to him) after a little while of begging Green she eventually taught him how to properly hunt so now he tries to hunt as much as he can so in a sense he can say 'thank you for teaching me' .Unlike Greenland Faroe can stand Denmark but has a fairly short temper with him 

 Sheep,Greenland,Iceland,Knitting(such as making Faroese shawls,Faroese sweaters,sweaters for his sheep,and occasionally scarves),Fishing,Whale hunting,Diving,Birdwatching,Sightseeing,Climbing his many mountains/rocky areas,Bicycling,Taking an occasional helicopter tour,His traditions,Resting by the seaside while probably reading a book,Sea kayaking,Hiking,Talking with the local people and hearing about their stories,Skiing,Being noticed/mentioned,Walking through the tunnel in Klaksvik,walking to the lighthouse at Kollur(he does it a lot despite the walk being pretty rugged),He actually owns his own schooner and sometimes sails to Nólsoy,And while he loves his sheep he does eat Faroese lamb once in a while,One odd thing about him is even though he's known as a 'drinking island' rarely drinks and when he does it doesn't take a lot for him to get drunk 

Denmark,Being ignored/forgotten,Being called Denmark,Being called Danish,People mistaking him for a girl(he used to crossdress when he was younger but he didn't know any better due to being so young and looking/acting/sounding like a girl),Maps/people that make it look like/say that he's apart of the UK,The rumours that Denmark spreads/says about him,Denmark annoying him and,or Greenland,When Denmark doesn't allow him to hunt whales,While he voted to stay with Denmark he's slowly starting to regret it(wait would that be a dislike wha t)

The only thing he's truly afraid of is being completely forgotten

While some may think 'oh he's probably related to Norway,Iceland, and maybe Denmark' well actually due to people thinking that 
The first settlers may have been Irish monks he's related to of course Ireland (yes I do have an Ireland OC but he's barely presentable and this information may change in the future)  

Friends:Greenland,Norway,Iceland,Sweden,UK,ScotlandIk Scotland is in the UK but I think they deserve their own little area,Ireland,USA,(the next are some of his trade partners pfft)Germany,China,Italy brothers,France

Potential Love Interest:

he has several Faroese sheep but the most notable one is 

Past Caretakers:


Now you're probably wondering "what about his history?" well I'm lazy planning to release and write his history later on since it's kinda long in my opinion but I might write it out in a journal or something but anyways I hope he's at least semi accurate!

and if you want to know I wouldn't mind to rp with him or anything just note me if you want to

Greenland OC belongs to
Artwork belongs to :iconeyygreenbean:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

lol yes I copied this from my Greenland ref anD I GOT THIS DONE IN ONE DAY HAA

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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Ren-The-MMD-God Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you mispelled Faroe lol. Also Nantucket is an Island in America. I Think you Meant 'Ahoge'
EyyGreenBean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Student Artist
I'm gonna scream I forgot to reread my entire post I'm so dumb XD
but thanks for telling me omg
Ren-The-MMD-God Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Np Lol.

I Actually Believe that Nantucket is an Island in Masschettes. (?) Because America's Ahoge represents Nantucket. It's Just a Heads up lol
EyyGreenBean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Student Artist
Ah ok I didn't really know what to call it since I forgot the word ahoge exists rip but I'll change that rn 
Ren-The-MMD-God Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Okee Also Why'd you Give me 8 Points?
EyyGreenBean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Student Artist
Oh I really don't know I just had some extra points on me so I decided to give them to you sorry ^^'
Ren-The-MMD-God Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I Have 83 now lol. 

Also I Noticed you Coded Your Page. MY GOD Is it adorable. I Love it so Much. Especially the Nekotalia Nordics.
EyyGreenBean Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017  Student Artist
Aw thanks it took forever and was kinda hard somethings would glitch or not show up at all but later on I plan to update it more lmao I remember finding the Nekotalia Nordics and I was so excited but didn't realize how small Fin-cat and Den-cat were rip but oh well 
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