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*Micromir(🇷🇺) - microcosmos; miniature, small part of Nature; hidden world with its own beauty


the air begins to feel a little thin

:bulletblue:NAME: Eyweena (AKA Marina)

:bulletblue:NATIONALITY: Aldebaranian

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(not the whole list, but most important things)

:bulletblue:ANIMALS - modern and extinct real-life animals artworks

:bulletblue:PLANTS AND FUNGI - flora artworks

:bulletblue:(current)WILDLIFE PROJECT - illustrations with different animals, plants and lichens

:bulletblue:(current)BUGS OF SCIENCE - concept art and illustrations of my book "Step into the Future" about ecology and biomimcry

:bulletblue:CRAFTS - handmade work



Characters from "Bugs of Science" project

:bulletblue:THE SMALL WORLD - photographies of lichens ^^

:bulletblue:ME AND MY FRIENDS - portraits of my friends and illustrations of our journeys

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My Bio

Favourite Visual Artist
Ivan Shishkin, Luk Schuiten, Victor Grebennikov, Theo Jansen
Favourite Movies
Guest from the Future (1984), Ocean (2009), Tomorrowland (2015)
Favourite Books
A lot :) (animals, nature, ecology, sci-fi)
Favourite Writers
Kir Bulychev, Evgeniy Veltistov, Herbert Wells, Strugatsky brothers, Kressida Cowell, Sy Montgomery, Vladimir Bragin, Victor Grebennikov, Janine Benyus, Merlin Sheldrake
Tools of the Trade
Pens, colored and graphite pencils, Wacom IntuosPro, camera, felting needles, 3D-pen, my imagination



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I love Ural Owls
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I love Waxwings
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I Adore Macro Photography
I love Butterflies
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I love Dragonflies
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I love Snails
I love Achatina
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I'm a frog lover
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Kero Kero
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I love Tadpoles
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I love Tortoises
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Keep going!
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bugs are love.
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Новое имя:clap:

мне нравится! Как-то более по-земному звучит :D :earth: remake

Да я тут подумала... Какой я "Птерус", если динозавров и птерозавров уже года полтора не рисую? А "Северный Микромир" - это как раз про меня, букашки и лишайники :D

(вас, наверно, этими лишайниками так завалило, что в следующий раз вы мне через месяц ответите ^^;)

Я в лесу когда бываю, наоборот изза вас стал больше внимания уделять им, присматривамся поближе🤓

Отвечаю к сожалению не равноменро, так, как время и силы нахожу.. На следующей неделе его к сожалению не будет, а там дальше -посмотримSmiley Gif Classic Yellow Equip - 001 8fps 44img

I'm curious to know, what exactly is Biomimicry?

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Biomimicry is a new branch of science which study Nature to make innovations. For example, pigmentless paints were inspired by butterflies and chlorophyll-based solar cells were inspired by photosynthesis. Most of biomimicry inventions are made to build new eco-frienly world, better for every living creature

I love your gallery! You're so well-organized and the educational side makes the characters feel solid and like they actually exist. Earned a watch from me! :nod:

Badge Awards

Thanks very much! ^^