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dashboard confessional

By eyoshimoto
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the product of math class ...
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I think I favourited this a long time ago but I was looking at it again and I don't think it hit me the first time just how amazing this is :D I <3 Dashboard so much, so this is freaking awesome ;)
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Love it! Hooray for listening to Dashboard on repeat :)
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faved! adorable!
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Mediablitz Photographer
I just have to say, wow! Your handwriting is incredibly nice.
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eep! i love dashboard confessional! they are hands down my favorite band. nice job!
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desperate-scribblerStudent General Artist
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I love them

Colour the coast with your smile it's the most
genuine thing i've ever seen.

My favorite. <3
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hey, who knew math could be good for you????
it's brilliant, love it!!!!
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I agree with asecondtoolate :)
Boring class create THE BEST OF THE BEST ONES stuffs!
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Absolutely love this! I hope you don't mind that I'm going to print this out and put it in my english binder! :D
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<3 xo
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p.s brushes much? lol that would soo awsomee
dashboard makes my life =] i cant wait till i see them in baltimore at the the end of the month
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omg i know how that is. boring classes create the BEST stuff.
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purplecookiecatsStudent General Artist
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ah yes i remember the random doodles that math class provokes. 6 of used to play uno.... yay for lovely drawings :) boo math class :p
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eatin-yellow-flowersProfessional Traditional Artist
Math class brings out the best of you when you don't pay attention... That says something right there... Maths makes everything BAD! i did some of my best ball point pen drawings in math class and i learnt origami :-D
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Ariel888 Photographer
Gosh you have lovely writing!! I saw this on the main page, and it caught my eye instantly! Beautiful, for a classroom doodle :)
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