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Book Printing Tutorial

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Hi everyone. I've had some demand to make a tutorial about how I put together my self-published book, Fervourography. So I have bowed to public demand and rotted away at my computer desk for a few days to present these two tutorials:

Eyespiral's Book Printing Tutorial, and
Eyespiral's Book Binding Tutorial

Be warned, before you commit to downloading them or clicking to see them full-view - they are enormous, i.e. 8.6Mb and 6Mb respectively, and long-winded. They do, however, present a comprehensive explanation of how to create you own A6 hardcover book. And, if you're curious, the cost I calculated for Fervourography turned out to be about $6 per book. Of course, this changes according to your materials and so on, but that's just a guide for you.

CutePDF can be downloaded here.

I hope you find these tutorials interesting and helpful, and not too huge on your internet connection.

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Nice. It is great you can use MS Word to set this up. I guess you would have different specifications if you decided to get a commercial printer to print it. Many of them have their own templates with margins already set for their printing press.
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I am trying to print scale 1:12 mini book pages any help with the settings?
BooCharm's avatar
thank you so much for this
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i have word for windows 8, But I can't seem to get the pages to be two on screen like a book like yours, is that just the print preview of it? I can't get it like that D:!
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For soo long I have been fiddling round with MS Word trying to do this and I ended up with a pile of mess. Thank you sooooo much for making this. And the book binding tutorial too. They're FAB!
starsinmyteacup's avatar
Thankyou for the great tutorial
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Okay, I just skimmed over both tuts and you are official awesome to me <3333 Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge <333
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I love this tutorial :) Can I use the same process to A5 pages instead of A6 pages?
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This was really helpful, but I have one tiny problem. I can't print PDFs! I spent a good hour trying to make the stupid thing work, but nothing did it. It was so frustrating! Any ideas?
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Thank you very much for making both the printing and the binding tutorial. =) These are just what I need for a couple of gift ideas.
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I must say; God bless you for making this absolutely wonderful and greatly informative tutorial!

Ah, but I do have a slight question...for you see, I'm currently working on a doujin (self-publishing comic book fan work.) project and was wondering how you would set up full-page images for printing? (I am in possession of Word 2003.)

The pages themselves look much like this [link] (though I assure, the art has been improved from this stage.) and I wish to print them with little to no borders at all so that I'm able to visibly flesh out the drawings as much as possible but at the same time leaving enough room for binding.

What size and formatting options would you recommend for such a feat?
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I'm honestly baffled that your deviation doesn't have more views! It's extremely helpful and unique.
I plan on publishing two sister books, and this tutorial along with the book binding one, will prove their worth really soon, so I must thank you for your help.
One question though: after you have your first book draft, do you edit it yourself or do you let someone else edit it for you?
Because I did so with my first draft, and it almost turned out to be a different book!
Any advice?
(You're a superhero in my eyes)
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This is just what I needed, thank you so much!! I had some problems with the Header part >.< it wouldn't let me do it right, but I found a different way to do it.
Again, thank you SO much :D!
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Love love love this tutorial!
You mention Publisher for people wanting to make an A5 book - Do you have a tutorial, or any advise, to someone trying to use Publisher and print an A5 book for the first time?
I'm publishing the biography for my late grandmothers older brother, so I can surprise him this christmas :-)
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I perfer to publish with FastPencil. All you have to do it write youe book (or upload a PDF if you already have a complete manuscript), go through the publishing wizard, and they will all the printing and binding for you. Plus they have an online store you can sell your book at.
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This will (hopefully) help me so much. Thank you! I have struggled for so long with methods on how to print a book. Thank you.
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thank you so much for making this! :heart: do you thin it works on 2010/2011?
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This will come in sooo handy once I've got my draft polished! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! <3
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YES! This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for :la: There's enough about book binding, but this is the only good one I've found about printing the book out ^^

But I have to ask you a silly question; can I do the same, except instead of A6, I use A5? There isn't much that change, or what?
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This is really, really interesting and resourceful! It will definitely come in handy when I finish an original story.
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Very useful, thankyou :)
jillstrawberry's avatar
I can´t download it :( it says the file contains errors :(
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What can't you download? I suggest you just click on the thumbnail to enlarge the tutorial, and then if you want to save it right click and select 'save image as'. I didn't have any problems when I tested it just now, but let me know if you have any further issues.
xgreenxapplexangelx's avatar
Holy crap.
This is! I will admit, I got frustrated a few times when I couldn't get something right simply because Microsoft 2oo7 felt like being mean. It is a rather hard program to work with, no? Anywho, I'm not at the printing stage yet, but this has been rather useful so far!
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