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Book Binding Tutorial

Hi everyone. I've had some demand to make a tutorial about how I put together my self-published book, Fervourography. So I have bowed to public demand and rotted away at my computer desk for a few days to present these two tutorials:

Eyespiral's Book Printing Tutorial, and
Eyespiral's Book Binding Tutorial

Be warned, before you commit to downloading them or clicking to see them full-view - they are enormous, i.e. 8.6Mb and 6Mb respectively, and long-winded. They do, however, present a comprehensive explanation of how to create you own A6 hardcover book. And, if you're curious, the cost I calculated for Fervourography turned out to be about $6 per book. Of course, this changes according to your materials and so on, but that's just a guide for you.

I hope you find these tutorials interesting and helpful, and not too huge on your internet connection.

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Thanks for sharing this great tutorial, it's super helpful! It has been featured here :)
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Thank you! :)

My results: [link]
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Hello! You have been added to the first part of the Artisan Crafts ABC, as one extraordinary example of all the wonderful artisan crafts there is :) This article is part of the Artisan Crafts week at #projecteducate, please don't forget to check out the activities and the contest we have planned for this event! Have a nice week!
i'vealways loved the idea of hand making books! it's really cool that you would take the time to put up a tutorial for it!
just out of curiousoty, would parchment paper work on this as well for the pages?
Super Awesome Tutorial, thanks.
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Hey you have my first name how long is your book?
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This tutorial is brilliant! exactly what i was looking for :)
thank you so much ^__^
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Thank you so much!
I've been looking for a tut to help me bind my custom River Song journal, and the way my pages are, I needed a sewn one versus a glue one! Thanks!
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Thank you so much! I was wanted to do this.
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Oh my goodness.... I wish I'd found this sooner when I was making a butt ton of books for school projects *_* <3 you are awesome
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I don't know when or why, but I will be using this soon. :D
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Ohmygod, I think I'm in love with you. I've been breaking my head open trying to figure out how to bind a journal. Your solution is simple and I can totally afford to do this. Thank you!
haha-ur-dead-XD's avatar
Wow. This is really helpful. My friends and I are doing a creative project for school and this totally helps. :)
But...just one question, around how long does this take to make?
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wow that is soo cooool!!! thanks so much!! :D
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That f**kin' ROCKS!!!
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I have tried downloading this, saving it, printing it but it just does not come out right.
What am I doing wrong? When I printed it, I can barely read it. The background color is overpowering.
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Am I the only dope here? I can't figure out how to download this big enough to read. I have tried right clicking and saving it that way but it is so small and it doesn't seem to enlarge right. I feel so dumb because I'm usually very good with computer stuff. I must be having a fibro fog moment!
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Thanks! This is great!
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This may seem like a stupid question, but did you use Photoshop to make this?
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Phew. I just finished sewing in my pages. Followed this tutorial, but I didn't thoroughly understand how to sew in all the signatures. Is it all at once? Is it one at a time? I did one at a time, and it came out alright for my first attempt. I think maybe I was just having problems because my pages were makeshift from old paper lunch bags and were really uneven.

Anyway! This tutorial is fantastic and was otherwise wonderfully helpful. My book was for a much needed extra credit project, so you're a life saver!
I can't wait to make more books. :w00t:
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Awesome tutorial, very helpful ^^ But one question... What do you do if the cover of your book has a picture on it?
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Thanks for the tutorial! This is what I made :D
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