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Twilight Tattoo-jacob black

My Tattoo based off of Twilight :)
its a quote from Jacob Black it says
"There are No Rules That Can Bind You when You Find Your Other Half"
those are wolf claw marks around it :)

Credit to Chip of Artifex
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LG Electronics
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Oct 29, 2008, 8:58:00 PM
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Sweet totes taxin this piece.
Thank you for the idea x
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I was about to go balistic when I saw the words Twilight and tattoo in one sentence but actually seeing what you got, it actually is quite(sp?) nice :)
I love the added claw marks to it
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Lol well thanks :)
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so cute that is also an awesome tattoo
I'm not fond of Twilight, but I do like the quote. I also really adore the style it's written in. The marks look interesting, and I like the effect. I'm not sure if I'm fond of the combination of both, though. At first glance I assume the inside quote is going to be something macabre and maybe angsty, but it's emotional and loving. Then again that one chick (read Twilight years ago, can't quite remember all the names) did get attacked by her mate so the claw marks make sense when you consider the whole werewolf thing. I dunno, when I see the claw marks I imagine lost love or betrayal for some reason. Probably over thinking it though. My overall opinion, but what matters is that you enjoy and find meaning in it.

I keep looking at it and I have to reiterate how much I really adore the text. Is that a particular font type, or just something the artist came up with?
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I appreciate your politeness, the fact that you didn't belittle my intelligence or any other aspect over a simple tattoo. I understand the two together don't have much symbolism with one another, other than the fact that it was a quote by a werewolf. I must admit, I hadn't thought it out completely when I first came up with the idea, but nonetheless I still love the tattoo.

And the text is a font, it's called Sleepy Hallow 3.0 :) You can get it on any of the free font websites I believe :D
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I hate to burst your bubble, but wolves only use their claws to dig. This is cool,though.
/I don't really read Twilight. Do the werewolves attack with their claws?/
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It looks like bacon :3
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Well, I'm glad you spoke your mind to others who have posted on here. I personally love the Jacob quote, but not the wolf marks. That being said tattoos on things you love are awesome and I would bet that quote means something to you personally. You didn't just put it there because it's from Twilight, right?
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LOL that is so cool!!!!!!!!!
I wanna be claw marked >:D
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Wow. All over a crappy book series.
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Congratulations, you have an opinion :3
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._. ..1. If you don't like it why comment.. That goes to Clocks-Are-Round. And also D: THAT SH^T LOOKS PAINFUL! but I love it :3
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Exactly, but of course everyone has to post their opinions, because they feel it's needed. Whatever. Thanks :) it actually didn't hurt much, but when I went to get the words touched up, it hurt a bit haha.
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:3 You still looks adorable, Im sure.
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<333 ^3^ I wubbers chu~ :tighthug:
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