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Lightning Cosplay (Final Fantasy XIII) by a4th
Ami's Mistress"You have ten minutes remaining." The teacher's voice called out to the students, alerting them of the time left to finish their testsMany in the room scrambled with their pens as they wrote and jotted down answers on the blank spaces as for the past hour they had been undertaking the test.All but one though, who had finished much early than the rest. Having accomplished it.Ami Mizuno was shown, The blue haired Sailor Scout of Mercury having finished it over twenty minutes ago. Easily finding the answers to the problems as she figured it out, the genius was most certainly going to get an A+ for it. After finishing it and double checking her work before she handed it in. She had went about reading a chemistry book for her science exam that she had next week.She paid no attention to the dirty looks some of the jealous classmates gave her, over how easily and fast she had finished it as she waited for the end of the period.Finally, the bell rung signalfying that school was over. Putting her books in her bag, she then went to leave the school building."At last the day is over." She said with a smile as she stepped outside as the school week was over and she was off till Monday. "Now what to do? Unfortunately the other girls have plans this week and are going elsewhere so I can't hang out with them. I'll guess I'll spend my free time studying and reading." She said as she walked down the steps.While most would've gone to the arcade, the movies or the beach for their free time, Ami preferred cozying up on the couch with a nice book and warm cup of tea as her way of relaxing."Things seem to be quiet for a change, that's a relief." Ami said to herself as she walked down the street. There hadn't been any incidents or monster attacks for almost two weeks, nothing that required her to run off and transform. It was a welcome change of pace to not have to worry about being attacked."Hmm? What's going on over there?" Ami said as something caught her attention. A crowd of people had gathered around on the sidewalk nearby. Curious as to what all the hubbub was about, she decided to go over and look for herself as she went over to the large group."Excuse me," She said trying to get a good look at what was causing the scene as she managed to finally wriggle her way through the crowd. "Huh?"Standing there in front of the crowd of onlookers was a woman. A gorgeous looking woman, she had long chocolate brown hair that she had done up in a ponytail. She had smooth white skin and appeared to be of European descent via her appearance. She had a full hourglass figure over her flawless body. She possessed brown eyes that matched her hair colorThe woman was wearing a yellow strapless dress that seemed like it was made of the finest materials. The outfit hugged against her body, highlighting her curves and figure and pressed up against her impressive bosom. Across her arms she wore long opera gloves that were yellow in color. Across her legs she wore white stockings and on her feet she wore yellow heeled shoes.Noticable, in her left hand she had a cigarette attached to a holder, while in her right hand she carried a golden fan."Who's she?" Ami asked as she had never seen this woman before. The woman stood there a smile on her face as she looked on at the group of admirers who had gathered around her, both men and women alike. She let out a giggle as she looked on at them.While she was no doubt very pretty, looking like someone who would be on the cover of a fashion magazine or a movie star. It seemed to Ami too easy for her to have gathered a crowd around her. This woman was an unknown, yet she had them all eating out of her hands right now.The mysterious woman turned her gaze and her eyes met Ami's. When they made contact, Ami than briefly felt something, a dark feeling coming from the woman just now that caused her to frown. The woman then turned and walk away going past the crowd who parted for her.Ami frowned as she looked on at the departing woman. "There's something suspicious about her." She said as she had a feeling in the back of her mind that she was hiding something. "So much for having a quiet afternoon." Ami said to herself looking on at the back of her as the woman walked down the street.Ami than began to follow after her, following after the woman but doing so at a slow pace so that it didn't seem suspicious and not attract any attention to herself. The woman didn't appear to suspect that Ami was following her as she went.Ami continued to follow her, occasionally stopping to look at something else so not to appear that she was following her on purpose. After five minutes, Ami saw her going down the street and going into a building. She stood outside the building looking on as she made sure that no one was allowed. "Alright then, time to become Sailor Mercury." Ami said as she pulled out her transformation pen and held it up."Mercury Power, Make Up!"Her attire than began to transform as her school outfit disappeared. In place of it was a Fuku outfit consisting of a white short sleeved outfit covered by a ribbon. Her arms became covered up to her elbows with white gloves with blue at the end of them. A blue skirt appeared over her waist as she wore long blue boots. Across her neck was a light blue collar and a tiara appeared across her forehead as she successfully transformed into The Sailor Scout."Alright, time to go." Sailor Mercury said before she went inside the building after them.Ami went inside and looked around as she didn't see anyone around. "They maybe hiding, time to activate my computer." She said as she touched her earring and a blue visor appeared over her eyes which served as a scanner. "This will pick up any traces and readings of energy that they are giving off." Mercury said as she went on.The Sailor Scout went on through the building which was dimly lit and the inside looked like an old fashion manor. Mercury kept on her guard as she looked around for any sign. "Huh, what's that?" She said as something caught her eye just now. Emitting from the floor near a room just now were pink wisps of smoke, smoke that gathered around the place. "This isn't ordinary smoke." Ami said with a frown as she could tell that something was off as she went to detect it with her scanner.As she started to scan it and decipher what it was, suddenly her visor went blank. "Huh?" She said in confusion at what just happened as it seemed to have shut off just now right before it could tell her anything. She tapped her hand against it trying to turn it back on but to no avail. "What's going on here?" She said in confusion as it wasn't working.Suddenly, the doors of the room before her opened causing Ami to gasp in surprise as there standing in the doorway of it was the woman she had seen before."Hmph, it seems as though there's a little mouse that has scurried into my home." The woman said with a frown looking on. In her hand she carried her fan and cigarette and the cigarette was now lit and was emitting the pink smoke in the room. "It's rude to intrude don't you know?" She told Sailor Mercury who went into a fighting stance."Maybe so but the jig is up for you!" Ami declared as she struck a pose. "I'm Sailor Mercury and in the name of Mercury I will stop you!" She said pointing a finger at her.The woman said nothing as she brought her cigarette up to her lips and took a puff of it, as though savoring the taste of it as she blew out smoke. "Really? Going all theatric on me?" The woman said in an unconcerned tone. "You don't even have a right to accuse me of anything.""Don't try to play innocent! I saw you earlier and felt something coming from you." Mercury accused her."Hmm," The woman said with a smirk. "I suppose there are some people here who aren't fools I guess, but surely you realize my Little Scout that back there I wanted you to follow me?" She said to Ami."Huh?" Ami said in confusion. "What do you mean?""My dear, it takes more to fool people than just putting on a different outfit especially when you don't change your appearance or style. You're the same girl from before back there. Frankly I'm surprised no one else put together the idea that you are one and the same." She chastised her. Ami gritted her teeth as she did see her point. "As for me, you may call me Barb-e." The woman said announcing herself."Alright then, go ahead and reveal yourself! Show me your true form!" Sailor Mercury shouted at her. "You can't hide yourself any longer." She ordered her"True form?" Barb-e repeated a look of confusion appearing on her face."Uh, you know, your real self." Ami said to her. "I know you look pretty, but in truth you are really nasty and ugly looking and you use that as a disguise as that's how this usually goes." Ami said to her. "Like you have jagged teeth and have green skin and are covered in warts."An offended look appeared on Barb-e's face at what she just said. "I'll have you know, that this is MY true form. I don't have any disguises or masquerades you dimwit!" She snapped angrily at her."Uh...oops!" Ami said nervously smiling as a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead. "Sorry, it's just that every other time I face a monster they are actually really ugly underneath." She apologized feeling embarrassed just now that she had insulted her but returned to her fighting stance. "Whatever you are planning, I will stop you!" She proclaimed.Barb-e seemed amused at her as she took another puff of her cigarette and blew out the smoke. Some of it came near Mercury's face and she waved it away in annoyance. "Hey, cut that out." She told her as she batted her hand at it. The smoke may have had a sweet smell to it unlike others but that didn't mean she wanted it to be all over her. Barb-e only let out a laugh as she continued to blow more smoke and used her fan to spread it across her."Alright, that's enough! Mercury Aqua Mirage!" Mercury shouted as she launched an attack. A wave of water emerged from behind her and she directed it to attack Barb-e. But to her surprise when it left her hands it dispersed and coming off as little more than a squirt of water that fell to the floor. "Huh?" Ami said in surprise as her attack hadn't worked just now. But she thought nothing of it and wasn't deterred as she prepared another attack."Bubble Spray!" She shouted conjuring up several bubbles. But like before with her other attack, they dispersed as they popped as soon as they appeared. "What on earth?" She said in confusion as none of her attacks were working just now. She tried to use them only for them to just be ineffective.Barb-e let out a laugh. "I suppose you aren't as smart as you thought you were." She taunted The Sailor Scout. "You should've realized automatically that this was more than just regular smoke.""What do you mean?" Ami asked a bit worried right now."My smoke from my cigarette is a special blend, it nullifies any attack you might do or make." Barb-e said to her. "Meaning you can't use any of your skills or powers." She told Sailor Mercury as alarm appeared in her eyes at what she was told. "Of course, there's also a special power that it also has I enjoy using."Barb-e then blew out pink smoke towards Ami. The Scout coughed as it got her right in the face and she felt her eyes starting to water and sting from it making contact. "Ah! Stop that!" She shouted as she covered her mouth as she coughed."Just relax and enjoy its pleasant favor." Barb-e informed her. "Forget your worries and problems my dear."Ami shook her head trying to clear her mind. She was feeling dizzy headed just now. "Uhh, cut that out!" She said as she felt the smoke against her face and it pressing against her skin. She tried to run away but she found that her feet weighed a thousand pounds each it felt like as she struggled to move. Her whole body felt sluggish and weak.Barb-e blew out more smoke towards Sailor Mercury. The pink smoke seemingly having a will of its own as it covered her entire body." to do something." Ami said as she felt herself weakening. Becoming more light headed with each second that passed. She feebly waved her arms about trying to bat the smoke away but to no availBarb-e walked towards her a smile on her face, advancing towards her like a predator would a helpless prey. Ami wasn't able to do anything to try and stop her as Barb-e walked towards her before pushing her back across the room.Barb-e pinned Mercury against the wall, pressing her back to it. As well as grasping her arms by the wrists with her hands so that she couldn't try to push her off of her. A smirk was on the brunette's face as she stared at her captive."Let me go..." Ami said weakly as she tried to resist."Now why would I want to do that?" Barb-e asked her with a mocking laugh as she pressed her bosom against Ami. "Just imagine all that I could do to you." She told her. "Let me give you a sample."Barb-e then leaned forward and began to place her lips across Sailor Mercury's face. Kissing her across the cheek and forehead. Ami blushed in embarassament as she was being kissed by the woman and she was unable to fight back against her. She squinted her eyes as Barb-e leaned down and began to kiss her neck as well as Ami's face was turning so red, a tomato would be envious.Barb-e let out a chuckle as she continued to plant her lips across Ami's face, enjoying seeing that red blush across her pretty face. She left no trace of her face unchecked as she kissed her. The Sailor Scout helpless to try and resist her as she let out an embarrassed moan as she felt Barb-e kiss her forehead.The smoke from Barb-e's cigarette continued to make her feel dizzy and lopsided, barely able to stand on her own two feet as she stared helplessly at Barb-e. She was forgetting everything as her will to fight had been sapped from her, as part of her was wanting more.Barb-e smirked as she looked at the one spot on Ami's face that she hadn't touched yet as she leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Ami weakly let out a muffled cry but was not able to protest as she was kissed there. After a few seconds, Barb-e pulled away before taking another puff of her cigarette."Love Token." Barb-e commanded and she then blue out a heart shaped cloud of smoke right into Mercury's face. The smoke cloud hit her right in the face and Ami let out a moan as she fell unconscious, her eyes rolling up into the back of her head as she then fell into a deep sleep.Barb-e as she held the fainted Sailor Scout in her arms smiled as she looked on at her captive. Bringing a gloved hand up to stroke her blue hair. The only sound coming from Ami was that of her faint breathing. "You're all mine my dear." Barb-e told the fallen Ami as she stroked her head. The hypnotized Sailor Scout under her controlShe then shifted herself slightly before scooping Mercury up off the floor. Easily carrying Ami in her arms. Smiling as she held her, Barb-e then turned and walked back to the room, the only sound was that of her shoes against the ground as she carried her captive.She went inside the room and the doors shut on their own granting them privacy.A short while later, Barb-e was shown seated on a couch in her main room in the manor. Her legs crossed and smoking a new cigarette that she had lit, savoring the intoxicating flavor.Seated on the floor by her legs was Ami, now wearing a new outfit. Her fuku clothes had been removed as instead she was wearing a light blue version of Barb-e's dress. She sat there on the floor leaning herself against her Mistress's body who reached over and ran her hand through Ami's short hair."Feeling better now my dear?" Barb-e asked her after having dressed Ami in it."Yes Mistress," Ami obediently replied with a smile leaning into her touch. She was fully under her command now, having been hypnotized by her smoke."I'll make good use of you." Barb-e told her. "Your friends will also be wonderful to have as well." She said with a laugh thinking of getting the other Sailor Scouts as well."As you wish Mistress." Ami responded to her.

Mature Content

Mature Content

FFxGG | Squall vs Sol by Pisces3Ferver
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[C] Crayon Chibi Couple by Airybearu
Final Fantasy XIV - Yukari by Nico--Neko
FFVII Moments Project
NEW GAME FFVII by Narikusha

Mature Content

Rat Love~ by TheBigBlackCod


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