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This wallpaper is a traditional warped energy spiral like many of my older works, but this is far more well-orchestrated with a bit more complexity and subtle use of layers. The biggest difference here is the appearance of lightning. The name "Wardenclyffe" is what I call my now Quad-core machine, and it also is a reference to Wardenclyffe tower that Nikola Tesla was working on (unfinished) to provide wireless power and communication in the very early 1900s.

If anybody wants the original version with the text (that was up before) you can get it here:



Just got a Quad-core and the latest Photoshop, made this. I'm still around.. heh

Anyway you can probably expect new things.
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As for the Wardenclyffe Tower itself, I have only one thign to say.



2 million dollars I think was the modern estimate for finishing it.
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I love the image, but I hate the text, or rather I should say the font and presentation of the text. How about applying a custom overlay on the text and choosing a nice font? I'm sure a metal overlay with a custom blue-gray or something and the right weight on the font (crisp, bold, etc) and you can make the text work much nicer so it compliments the image yet still pops just enough.
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I made this wallpaper for myself, and initially didn't intend to release it, which is why the font may seem out of place. It matches my desktop configuration nicely, however - lol.

I'll upload a version without the text - I just wanted to make sure people were interested before I bothered.
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The version without the text is now up as the deviation itself, and I moved the version with text into a link in the description.