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I thought I'd write a new journal entry in case people thought my old one was defunct after all those years. But yup, I'm still doing plushie commissions, as you may be able to deduce by my occasional deviation addition! You may find information about how to commission me on my website: , as well as plushies that are immediately buyable and prices and older works. But expect to wait quite a long time for a commission to be completed, because I've got a pile of them to go through and I can never keep up. As per usual, please don't contact me through Deviantart notes or PMs on the forums I frequent. Email is my preferred method of communication. Address all inquiries and concerns to metroidhat (AT) hotmail (DOT) com.
Do you like what you see on my Deviantart? Did you ever wish I would do a plushie or drawing to your specifications? Well, I'm accepting requests for commissions now! Take a look around my website, here:… for information. There's also a gallery of immediately purchasable items and other things.

If you are interested, please email me at metroidhat(at)hotmail(dot)com; please don't use Deviantart notes or comments to contact me.
It's been a while since I updated anything. But I haven't stopped drawing; I've been engrossed in a project in It's called Storytime of Epicness… check it out if you like.

Oh, and I now have a website! It has scanlations of the Metroid manga, how to make a metroid plushie and other things that might be of interest.
For those of you who somehow stumbled upon here and are wondering what I have to offer, let me summarize the contents of my deviantart site. Most of it is fanart, offerings to the numerous fandoms I associate with. My media include pen and pencil, various paints, photoshop, and sculpey.

Metroid: 10 Deviations and 2 scraps

Earthbound: 8 Deviations and a 10 page comic in scraps

Pikmin: 5 Deviations

Zelda: 3 Deviations and 1 scrap

Baten Kaitos: 3 Deviations

Tales of Symphonia: 3 Deviations

Pokemon: 1 Deviantion

Reboot: 1 Deviation

Mario: 2 Deviations

Other or combined Nintendo things: 4 Deviations

Original: 2 Deviantions and an 11 page comic

Some of you have been asking about my Metroid fanfic, Hatchling, which can be found on at… have not updated it in a while, but no, I am not dead, thank you for your concern and flowers. It's just that my inspiriation for Metroid is expressed more in my fanart these days. I do intend to continue eventually, although that might not be for some time. I would also like to write some more of my Zelda fanfic, Ocean Eternal, before I continue with Hatchling.